The Victorian Charm – Pt2


Hey Guys! Woohoo – it’s Friday and I’m sooooo looking forward to the weekend.  I know you may think I have forgotten all about the continuation of the Victorian Charm – but I haven’t.  I’ve just a bit behind on things and am finally catching up with myself (well actually trying to catch up.. sometimes I feel like a hampster on the wheel – always running but going nowhere).   If you recall, I gave a partial tour of the home of my dear friend Jan.  She and her husband, Terry, have the most darling “Painted Lady” completely decorated to reflect the Victorian charm of the home.  If you’re new here or just want to recap the previous tour, you can do so here:  So without further adieu, grab your morning java and snack let’s finish the fabulous tour.  We’re headed upstairs to the guest bedrooms and bath to take a peek around and see all the eye candy in store: I’m not going to do a lot of writing because it’s going to be a picture overload.. I’ll let the ooooos and ahhhhhs do the speaking. In bedroom number one, the color of robin’s egg blue on the walls set a cottage romantic atmosphere in this room.  The custom-made drapery and bedspread along with the tufted headboard were created by  Jan, but it was her husband who picked the fabric (dynamic duo).  The rest of the room is decorated with thrift store, auctions, and yard sale finds.


I immediately fell in love with the tufted bed.  It belonged to her parents and has been with her ever since their passing.



In keeping with the era of the home, each bedroom has a vanity


Across from this bedroom is guestroom #2  (Green Envy)  She scoured countless thrift stores, antique shops, yard sales and auctions finding the right decorative pieces to fill each room.



I love these antique hand painted bedside tables.







Behind the door at the top of the stairs is the guest bath



We’ll head downstairs to tour the master suite and kitchen:


Each bedroom she created custom window treatments with coordinating bedding.



Connecting master bath


her dressing room


Up next is the kitchen


Isn’t this a beautiful chandelier



janhouse21Well this completes the final tour inside the Victorian Charm aka “The Painted Lady”


and on my way out the door Sydney -the cat- was waiting there to get his picture taken


I hope you enjoyed the tour of these ever-so lovely charming Victorian Home.  Thank you Jan and Terry for sharing your home with us.  This home is another fine example of how thrifting your house into a home can be fun and fabulous!  As always, happy hunting!  Until next time –









Being Thankful


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A Special Package


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Friday Finds

Happy Friday folks!!! It’s been an exhausting week for me so I’m truly embracing this weekend.. I hope you all are doing well.  Last week I tagged along on another golf trip with my husband and you know what guys… It was another fantastic trip of me finding great deals out there.  If you recall my last tag-along trip I found my beautiful Culver glass barware (still jumping for joy over that!), well this time I found some more goodies.. the only problem was I couldn’t fit them all in the truck.  Let me start by saying on my first stop I spotted this brass etagere.. That’s when I felt really, really and literally sick to my stomach when I realized I couldn’t get this home with me.  Talk about meditating on an object.. I was trying hard to figure a way I could take this apart and get it home with me.  For $39.98 I was hot mad.. Grrrrrrrr….It’s truly another piece that will haunt me.  It was a good solid structure and very heavy. The glass shelves were thick and the brass was sturdy.  It did need some cleaning..but nothing Barkeepers Friend can’t handle..  It’s times like this that I realize I need to travel in a U-Haul…lol


Found a pair of barstools for $30.00/pr (and they swivel)


This here was a perfectly good chair and the fabric was in great condition.  I liked the faint chevron pattern, but I wasn’t too big on the legs, however, for $14.00 I could learn to like them.


Came across this picture for $5.00


Here’s another ottoman for $18.00.  I did like this one but had no place for it..


This chair & ottoman set was very comfortable, although it could use some cleaning.  All in all the fabric was good condition and for $45.00 ( it’s workable)


I totally loved this screen!  If only I had a place for it – it would have made it in the truck


This pair of contemporary lamps did make it home. They’re perfect for my son’s home and they were only $30.00 for the pair..


and lastly.. this wasn’t a bad looking chair and for $29.00 – well worth the price


I’m totally astonished what I find out here at such great prices.  Even though I couldn’t bring them with me, I just chalked it up that it’ll be someone else’s blessing.  Not everyone can afford new, but it’s great to see people can find good furniture to decorate their home on a dime.   I hope you liked my thrift finds and wishing you all a wonderful weekend. Until next… Happy hunting while you thrift your house into a home !!




Indoor Romantic Picnic

     This post has been sponsored by NewAir. While this is a sponsored post, all content and opinions expressed here are my own


The INDOOR ROMANTIC PICNIC with the Perfectly Chilled Wine

Since we’ve become empty nesters and as the onset of Autumn begins, I try to think of creative ways for my husband and I to spend quality time together.  We don’t go out as often in Autumn and Winter as we do during Spring and Summer, and there are fewer indoor activities to partake in.   A few weeks ago while out on a usual thrifting escapade, I came across this vintage picnic basket and thought – hmmmm…  we could do indoor picnics (sounds romantic right!?)…it’s something we’ve never done and it would be a new exciting adventure, especially since we’ve started trying different wines.   I personalized the basket by adding a monogram, lined the basket for warmth and replaced the plastic dinnerware with gold rimmed dinnerware, confetti glasses and gold flatware found at a thriftstore.



Why use plastic when china is nicer.  I always want to impress




Plan a menu of a few favorite finger foods and lastly, keep the wine chilling in our NewAir wine cooler unit.


Now let me tell you about our fancy wine cooler from NewAir.    It’s an upscale new appliance with a sleek modern appearance that matches the kitchen and accents the look.


With dual temperature controls it’s the perfect way to ensure all our wines and champagnes, stay at optimal temperatures. The unit is totally easy to regulate with one touch of a button and it runs quiet as mouse.  Because of its compact size and smooth base, the unit has mobility to be transferred to other rooms or it can also be mounted under a counter.


Although it’s compact in size, take a peek inside to see that it holds up to 19 bottles


The blue light gleams a soothing effect (especially at night) and we can dim the light to soften the glow or we can simply turn it

The sleek modern structure doesn’t take up any additional space in the kitchen.   Another great feature is just in case you have children/teenagers around, you can lock the unit and it comes with 2 keys .  When I’m no longer using the picnic basket, I can swap it out and use it as a stand in the kitchen for a wine glass/coffee cup station.  I used my favorite DIY antler tray and it sits perfectly on top.


Occasionally after work I like to wine down (chuckles.. yes.. wine down..) from a long day and these flutes are the right size for me to have a perfectly chilled glass to start my evening.



Now that you’ve seen our swanky NewAir wine area and know how to create that romantic indoor picnic – I’ve got a surprise to announce…drumroll please….. NewAir is giving one lucky reader a chance to win a NewAir Wine/Beverage Cooler of their own. Isn’t that exciting news!!!!   Starting today thru November 30th at 11:59pm PST you can participate in this amazing GIVEAWAY!  

NewAir Fall Fun Giveaway!

Here is where our fun begins!  Imagine how many cozy nights we will share sipping our favorite chardonnays, merlots, proseccos, moscatos, etc.. now that we have the best wine chilling system.



Tonight it’ll be just us, soft music, chilled wine, a few munchies and a deck of cards.  We’ve created our indoor fun – who knew having a wine bar could help create so much fun..


It all started with our NewAir wine cooling unit and a picnic basket


Hubby says let’s pop the cork and get ready!  So  CIAO everyone!


Until next time – Happy hunting while you thrift your house into a home!









There’s Been A Change


Change – make or become different   or   take or use another instead of  –  That’s what took place about a week  ago.   If you remember back in July when I had the opportunity to attend the BLU2016 Conference, I was excited learning more about blogging, how to make it grow and how to monetize it.  The first step I had to take was purchase my domain, which ultimately was my birthday gift to me (a little late but it’s cool).. chuckles..   That, my friends, was scary as hell to me.. I couldn’t sleep the night before and was worried what if I’d made a mistake…


Some people can take “change” as if it doesn’t phase them.. (I envy that) but me.. I’m one of those who shivers inside about it while talking a good game to myself.  It is one of my weaknesses but I’m work on it.   But the good news.. the change happened and I’m ready to push ahead with this “BLOG STUFF” lol  (insert BIG SMILE).. I really enjoy having it and I love, love, love the interaction and the concept of meeting new people.  Through the transfer process, I’ve lost some followers and would love to have you back…. So friends, family and followers.. Please take a quick moment to re-follow me – same name  just no (wordpress) on the end  ..  here’s the link to follow.  I’ll be kicking it off with wonderful give-away to a lucky reader so stay tuned..!  Thank you again for all your encouragement, reading and being a part of my blogworld!





When I posted the Antler Tray, blogger/friend Ginene at Fox & Finch antiques made a comment about working with gold leaf.  She had never used it before and had been wanting to give it a try.  I suggested we should have some fun and do it together.  Hence, came our “HandCrafted Home” blog hop series.  I invited a couple other bloggers to join the fun and they loved idea . Each of us chose our own project to add a touch of gold and hope to inspire you to “Glam” things up.  So let’s get started with seeing  my object of desire.  I’ve been eyeing these designer agate gold coasters and as you clearly see the price tag is a bit steep (for me that is).




I knew they would look fabulous on my antler tray when serving drinks but they are simply not in the budget.  Last week during my mountain trip we popped into a Gem store.  Low and behold – guess what was sitting on counter in a box –  a bunch of agate slices.  I’m sure you can imagine how happy I was!!  Yayyyyyyy.. and to make it even better….they were $4.00 ea.  (insert heel click).


Aren’t they pretty!   On our journey back home – we stopped at Michael’s to get the rest of the supplies to give these babies their glam appeal

Here is the small list of supplies:

  • Gold leaf flakes (or you can use liquid gold paint)
  • a small paint brush
  • gold leaf adhesive
  • tweezers
  • sealant
  • rubber bottoms (optional but best)


Step 1 – using the paint brush, coat the edge of the slice.  Wait about 2 minutes (until the glue has a bit of a sticky feel)

Step 2 – using tweezers grab small portions of the flakes and adhere to the edge.  After I did my first one, I actually rolled the edge small sections at a time across the flakes and they clung right to it. I used a brush to take off the loose edges.

Step 3 – allow time to dry


Step 4 – brush edge with sealant and allow more time to dry

See how beautiful they look now!


Of course you know I was thrilled!


They look perfect on the tray to be served with drinks



Elegant enough for my Culver glassware


For the $31.00 I was able to accomplish the designer look for a fraction of the prices




The total cost of my coasters is $31.00 and I can’t be happier with the finished product.  I hope this has inspired you to give gold leafing a try to go Glam things up!   For more inspiration visit the other ladies who joined the Blog-Hop!

Fox and Finch Antiques






Lost in Space Mountain



I know you’re probably saying “huh?” to the blog title…. Well I wasn’t actually lost but I felt like it .. Last week I had the opportunity to spend the weekend in the mountains.  My friend Jan and her husband, Terry, invited me, my mom, aunt and another friend to spend a quiet weekend in the small town of Spruce Pine, NC.  I was excited because I’d never gone to the mountains but I would pass through the mountain scenery in Virginia while traveling back home (NJ).   The landscape, especially in the Fall was completely beautiful and so picturesque.  I’d often look and say “wow” nature sure has a way of painting a beautiful picture.


This was the beautiful view from the porch.  It’s so funny because when we arrived it was extremely dark and all I could think of was the scary movies where the killer is lurking in the forest and a group of innocent people are out there having a quiet time in a home nestled in the woods..  lol.. I told Terry, if I hear a chainsaw.. I’m Yikes.. But all joking aside.. it really was a splendid weekend, just connecting with nature, chatting, laughing and just enjoying each other’s company.  We had no telephone, television or internet, but I was glad I took my music.


The home belonged to Terry’s grandparents and was filled with family history and he shared several memories with us.  They have been carefully restoring the house while maintaining the country charm history.



After breakfast, we took some time to shop in the town at the local antique shops and boutiques.



Then after lunch we took in a tour of Pisgah National Forest


As we drove up the forest to take in the fascinating view, I had to snap a picture of the the Fall foliage that hugs the winding path.


Mom wasn’t up for a long walk but she did manage to strike a pose for me


This is the view from the top of the mountain in the forest


I was able to brace myself (I’m totally scared of heights) to take a picture by the cliff here.. And could you believe, there was a guy who was going to camp out here on this ledge.. Good grief.. I asked him “WHY??!!!” His only answer was he like to be adventurous.. smh.. He’s lucky I wasn’t his mother – I’d spank the living daylights out of him.. and his adventure would be how to sit down from the a$$whooping he’d get.  I mean really… what if a snake came up – where is he going to go.. or what if he was a wild sleeper and fell off or got up to go to the bathroom.. all kinds of scenarios popped in my head and I feared for his life.. (a total stranger to me, and I got pissed off at him .. I had to get a grip)


Yes this was a beautiful view but he didn’t have to sleep here on the ledge.. – so if you’re reading this – please don’t do something that adventurously stupid as to sleep close to the edge of a cliff..


You can sleep on safer grounds and still enjoy the hilltop view ..



We made our way back down, went home and had dinner and capped the evening sipping wine and more idle chatting and laughter until the wine kicked in and yawns started and that was our clue it was time to hit the hay.  Morning came, and we lingered around taking in the view while sipping coffee, eating croissants and omelets and simply being thankful for life.


I can truly say it was a well spent weekend and I needed a quick get-away.  I thank Jan and Terry for inviting us and I look forward to coming again.  So until next time, I’ll be thinking of these rooms where I spent my time in the mountains.



I’ll leave you with this thought.. Richness is not only a matter of what you have in the bank, but it also can be in the many blessings that God provides.   Life is a blessing and we must take time to enjoy even the simplest of pleasures.  Until next time my loves..  Enjoy life, live freely, smile often and be thankful!









Thrifty Gifting

As I was helping my sons decorate their homes, a thought came across my mind.. and that was HouseWarming.. I remember back when we were young and we all moved into our new places (especially for the first time) it was standard there’d be a housewarming party to attend. When I mentioned it to them, they had no clue about them and then said.. nawwww.. people don’t do that ..(and besides it seems like they’re asking for handouts)… That floored me.. I was like….  Hmmmmm.. am I missing something because I thought that’s what friends do… (warm your house).

They thought I was kidding and I said to them.. “Well I don’t see anything wrong with it”.  House-warmings helped in many ways and I could clearly see now how beneficial they could be.   Housewarming gifts don’t have to be expensive or decorative.  Let’s face it..everyone has their own style and taste and trying to buy something for someone can be very difficult.  When your pal moves into their new dwelling, it’s more about helping them warm their homes with essentials.  The decorative stuff will come.  Besides, you may be upset if you bought a decorative object thinking they’d like it only to find out, when you come to visit – it’s no where in sight.   You shouldn’t be stressed or feel obligated  to bring a gift, but if you did,  be practical  and have fun.  So, to help with ideas, I put together a practical list of standard housewarming gifts that every home would need and the best part… you can find most of them at your local thrift stores, Goodwill, yard sales and (especially) estate sales.

  • Bakeware –  I can’t count how many times I’ve seen Pyrex glass baking dishes – all shapes and sizes.  From the round pie dish to the rectangular baking dish to the bread dish.. There’s a plethera of them out there.  They generally range from $1.00 – $3.00.  For the price of a brand new one – you can buy a whole set and the difference other than price.. is the plastic wrapping.  (truth be told – every single one of my baking dishes came from second hand stores/estate sales – I personally have several.




  • Glasses (and mugs) – Just like the Pyrex bakeware – there are more glasses out there.  Glasses usually run from $0.25-0.75 ea  Most often you’ll find at least 4 of a kind sometimes 2 or sometimes 6… either way it’s all good as long as they’re pretty and hold liquid.  Wine glasses, juice glasses, soda glasses, shot glasses.. you name it -you’ll find it ALWAYS!  Again, these prices are cheaper than the Dollar Store (for real, for real!)



  • Cookbooks – If you’re just branching out on your own – you gotta eat.. and eventually – you gotta cook.  Let’s face it – basic cooking isn’t hard, but being creative can rack your brain.  So it’s always good to have a few good cookbooks to inspire the new homeowner to cook a few things, you might even can grab a book stand while you’re out there to place on the counter.
  • Spices –  Pick up a basket from the thrift store.. they’re about $0.50, hop over to your grocery store and fill it with different spices.  This will be much appreciated when it’s time to cook – trust me.
  • Measuring cups and spoons – These are key essentials to cooking and baking.  You can definitely find the Pyrex measuring glass at any given time.  Again, expensive when you buy them new but second-hand very cheap.. as little as $1.00
  • Pots and pans – Lots of times you’ll find these at estate sales and Goodwill.  Stainless steel is your best bet to get.  Stay away from the non-stick pans unless they look brand new.   I bought these at Goodwill for $6.00 (for both)
  • pans
  • Incense and holders – Who doesn’t like a good smelling home.  Me personally I love the smell of incense burning.  I do love candles, but they can be very expensive (2 good candles can cost as much as $40.00) but you can buy packs of incense for 3 for $5.00 (with 10 sticks in them) plus a nice incense holder for about $5.00.  So imagine how many you can get for the price of just one candle.


  • Bath essentials – Buy a basket – fill it up with bath tissue, shower gels, bath sponges.
  • Home Cleansers – Gotta have a clean home.. You can almost always find those plastic crate baskets anywhere.  Fill it with Windex, Pledge, Comet/Ajaz, Cleaning sponge, bag of rags (Goodwill always have bag-of-rags for $1.00) get them.. you always need rags to clean with.

Tidbit information – when buying the glassware items, simply take them home, soak them in hot water with about 1/4 cup of bleach and some dish detergent for about 10-15 mins to sanitize.  Then wash or drop them them in the dishwasher.  They’re as good as new and completely sanitized!


So, there you have it, my  Essential Thrifty-Gifty list.  I hope this provided some great tidbit information and as always – Happy hunting while you thrift your house into a home!


A Room With A View


Leaving Newark and coming to the quaint southern town has been a rewarding decision for Bernie.  Ever since we finished her boudoir, we’ve been busying ourselves getting her warm humble abode ready before the holidays approach and I have to admit this has been one fun project.  It’s time for another reveal at her new southern home.   In a collaborated effort we accomplished the look she was desiring to sit back, relax and enjoy the view while watching TV, reading a book or just watering her plants.  This room offered plenty of sunlight so we took advantage of it to give her green babies a wonderful glow.  The room started with bland wood paneled walls but it did have great hardwood flooring.  To alleviate taking down the panels, she decided to paint over it using a warm navy blue which was a excellent choice of color.  From there we let our decorative minds flow.  Of course we scoured estate sales, thrift stores, auctions and we hit a furniture outlet (only for the sectional)to decorate the space.  Let’s take a look where we started (excluding the items left by the previous owner):



This is the new look of her sunny room with a view:



By using pieces she already had along with new and thrifted items this room looks absolutely wonderful.


I love working with different fabrics and so I chose custom drapery and pillows to pull the look together.


This chair received a new look by painting it metallic silver and giving it a new seat cushion to match the pillows




Her hand-carved wooden man has been with her for over 20+years and stands in a corner watching over items while catching sun-rays  (isn’t he just the coolest?!)


The custom framed pair of HighPoint pineapple prints were Goodwill finds for $12.00 (they still had the tag on them marked $99 – great score) to match her pineapple theme around the room



She’s a collector of piggy banks and this “when pigs fly” is perfect to sit by the doorway corner.


All around the room you’ll see little hints of collectibles mixed in with her green babies.


And resting on the table is her book of remembrance of home




We can officially check this room off the “to-do” list and move on to the next.. which is the big Kitchen reveal..I hope you enjoyed this room makeover and if so, let us know – We love hearing your feedback.  Remember, if you’re wanting a new look – and need some advice – I’d love to help.  Until next time – happy hunting while you thrift your house into a home!





Inspired by DIY: Lauren Renfrow Antler Tray


By now you know I’m a bit of a thrifty person. I love having beautiful things in my home, without breaking the budget.  By being inspired by other bloggers to create their version of a designer style, I decided to give it a try. You know I’ve done a few tray makeovers, (see here ), but I’ve had my eye on this designer tray by Lauren Renfrow being sold on Layla Grayce for Times Two Designs.   The cost of these trays range from $400-650.00.  Yes.. I know what you’re saying — crazy right?!!  For a tray????? Not Me- not in nooooooo lifetime.. but that doesn’t stop me from liking it and wanting it, but I also knew I had to make it.  It took me some time to scour different thrift stores to find the right size tray, and I found one at Goodwill for $1.75.


I didn’t have any luck finding more antlers, so I used the ones from this project.


I spray painted the tray using Krylon White Gloss, but for some reason there were cracked lines that came through even though I sprayed three coats.  Needless to say I was a bit annoyed.


So to cover this flaw, I used faux marble contact paper (I love this stuff).


It’s a bit of a variance from the designer version, but hey, consider it my designer version.  For the antlers, instead of using gold leaf – I used Krylon Maxx metallic gold – it gave them the brilliant metallic gold shine I needed to accomplish the look.


Next up was assembling them.  I found these 2-hole pipe strap clamps made of galvanized steel at Lowe’s and painted them gold as well.


Used a couple of screws and screwed them to the tray and this is the finished look.



For a cost of $10.00 I have the look of a $600.00 tray



One more look at the designer’s vs mine,


So what do you think of my tray, I’d love to hear your comments.


For more inspirations, don’t forget to follow this blog and liking it on Facebook.  Until next time and as always, happy hunting while you thrift your house into a home!



When house music meets house designs.. It’s no ordinary tray.  If you enjoy my video, do me a favor – click the “thumbs up” and follow my YouTube channel for more videos.