The Rose Bed

I call this bed my Memorial Garden, because I began planting a flower in it each time I lost a loved one.  I bought this knockout rose bush about 3 years ago.  I was told it’ll bloom and grow quickly.  I didn’t have much luck with roses but I decided to give it a try since it was on sale.  Well I’ve been very happy with the blooms on the rose bush, and it keeps growing strong.  I hadn’t really paid too much attention to it because it just kept blooming without needing lots of  much attention.  This year I decided to tend to this large bed along side the house.    Didn’t realize how big the bed had gotten and how much the flowers had grown.  The rose bush grew out of control (which is a wonderful thing).  I needed a trellis to train it to grow up – because its growing wide and covering up the other plants around it.  I honestly didn’t think this bush would have grown so much.   You can see it in this picure peeking behind the A/C unit.

Garden trellises can be expensive – especially for a big one to hold this size bush.  I had an old wrought iron bed I bought at an auction a few years back and never got to use it.  I loved the rusty-aged look of the bed.


Well I decided to finally tame the wild rose bush and put her in the  bed.


No need to go buy a new trellis – I think the bed will do her well neatly tucked in the bed.



Off my Rocker

Now that the garden beds have tamed and things are mellowing down, now its time to sit back on the porch and sip my lemonade.  I didn’t have rockers for the porch and decided to go hunting for some.  Here  is one I found at Lowe’s for $99.00 and needless to say.. nope..

So, next stop, Home Depot and I found one quite similar which was this one for $119.00:

Neither of these fit my budget.  Remember, I’m the frugal shopper.  I came across some rockers that were in need of repair.  They had no seats and the wood was drab, but for $5.00 each I figure I can work with them.  The structure was sturdy, which was the main reason I decided to bring them home.  I painted them white and scraped some of the paint to “shabby” them up a bit


Then I bought some burlap strap and this mesh strap( wasn’t sure which one would hold up the longest so I figure I’d try them both)..  I did a basket weave on each seat and stapled them to the wood.  The key to this is to pull them tight for a firm seating.



I found a pair of colorful seat cushions from my favorite store Marshalls for $14.99 each that really made the rockers look cheerful.

DSCF1183 DSCF1182

These babies are finished and I’m a happy rocker..   🙂  total cost of this was $40.00 – I saved $160.00 from buying new ones.


Rain made me grow

There’s something magical about the rain water for plants. I can water and feed them to grow, but there’s something in the rain that gives them that complete burst of growth. We’ve had lots of rain the past two weeks and even though I was tired of it, after looking at the significant growth in my flower beds, I had to smile and thank God for his magic water (not to mention what I saved on my water bill). In just two weeks my beds went from this :

Sedum Plants

Sedum Plants

To this:       I also saved some money because I was able to use pine straw for a bed running along the house. I took advantage of my cousin’s pine tree droppings. Having wood mulch near the house worries me about termites so I was happy to use the free straw to cover this large bed. The confederate jasmine is in full bloom and smells so sweet.

DSCF1121 DSCF1120          DSCF1119 DSCF1118       

the daffodils have bloomed

the daffodils have bloomed


Garden Diva Chick

Today I finally decided to go to the nursery with this wire bodice I’ve had for few years.  She sat in my flower bed naked but nice.  I just had a good idea to cover her up with some plants.

I went to Wingard’s Nursey in Lexington because they had a complete potting area and very friendly staff to help with any questions I may have.   The first step was to put coconut fiber all around to hold the dirt.  I added the cordyline plant as the head topper

Next was time to be creative with plants.  I chose succulents and mostly hens&chicks plants because they’re easy to grow and require the least maintenance.

Once the plants were all in, I covered the fiber with spanish moss to complete the look.

This is the finished product of my Diva Chic (named from the hens&chic plants she’s filled with)

Can’t wait to see how she really looks when all the plants begin to really grow..let’s hope her hips don’t spread too much  🙂

Nursery Visit

The past few days we’ve had so much rain.  I was happy about it because the perennials hadn’t blossomed yet and are now bursting out the ground.  Being happy to finally have a sunny afternoon, I spent my lunch hour visiting the local nursery to browse for something to add to the flower bed.  I came across the yard art section and took the time to admire the local artistry available.  Too much to chose from at this point, but one thing for sure ” I’ll be back”.


The Frog Family was really cute for a whimsical garden theme

I continue to the plant section and came across these “easy to grow” items.  Naturally, I wanted to take them all but I had to narrow down my purchase.  I decided to bring one of each home with me.


I’m still pondering a decision about a fence for the backyard.  I’ve been pricing some in Lowe’s and Home Depot but they’re costly, and if you’ve been a blog follower, you know I’m the queen of thrift.   As I was leaving the nursery I looked across the parking lot and saw a pile of pallets.

Pallet Stack

Pallet Stack

I said to myself “Hmmmm, I wonder if a fence can be made with them”.   So I googled fences made with pallets and found these inspiration photos

Photo courtesy of Camelot Art Creation

Photo courtesy of Camelot Art Creation

I called the nursery to inquire about them and was told they were FREE!  I can take as many as I want.  Needless to say, I headed back to begin my stock pile of pallet fencing.  What a great deal ( for the queen of thrift).  On my way home, I stopped again at another nursery to see if they had any sale items and saw this table of “50% off” plants and decided to bring these home with me.

These little darlings will join me when I get ready to make my succulet pots

As I was leaving, this big potted Agave arrangement caught my eye.  I love it, especially because all the plants are succulents.   I have a potted agave so I think I’ll make this arrangement.   Having inspiration photos really make things easier 🙂

All in all …. I think this was a good day … now comes the planting fun.  Stay tuned for the potting pictures… See ya!