The Rose Bed

I call this bed my Memorial Garden, because I began planting a flower in it each time I lost a loved one.  I bought this knockout rose bush about 3 years ago.  I was told it’ll bloom and grow quickly.  I didn’t have much luck with roses but I decided to give it a try since it was on sale.  Well I’ve been very happy with the blooms on the rose bush, and it keeps growing strong.  I hadn’t really paid too much attention to it because it just kept blooming without needing lots of  much attention.  This year I decided to tend to this large bed along side the house.    Didn’t realize how big the bed had gotten and how much the flowers had grown.  The rose bush grew out of control (which is a wonderful thing).  I needed a trellis to train it to grow up – because its growing wide and covering up the other plants around it.  I honestly didn’t think this bush would have grown so much.   You can see it in this picure peeking behind the A/C unit.

Garden trellises can be expensive – especially for a big one to hold this size bush.  I had an old wrought iron bed I bought at an auction a few years back and never got to use it.  I loved the rusty-aged look of the bed.


Well I decided to finally tame the wild rose bush and put her in the  bed.


No need to go buy a new trellis – I think the bed will do her well neatly tucked in the bed.



2 thoughts on “The Rose Bed

  1. Ahh, I love it! You did her well!! Like you said, the wrought iron bed is perfect. We have one rose bush, my husband planted it last year, and this year it seems to be doing ok. Can’t wait and hope it will blossom like yours. Kudos to you!!

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