Three = One

I know you’re probably wondering where on earth did I get the name of this post.. well it’s a simple reason.. I had these three items on hand… and decided to put them to use…It was a simple little project that took…oooohhh maybe 15 minutes.. and yet it became one useful item for my guestroom. The best part of this project was great use of found and unused items that would have wound up either in the trash or the next yard sale.

Let’s start with item #1 – an old wrought iron picture frame. I love the shape but couldn’t find a picture I thought would look nice inside of it.

Next, is item #2 A piece of door screen used from another project. Although the project had been finished a while ago, the packrat in me just couldn’t throw away the remaining piece, so needless to say, its been lying around waiting for some use for it to come to mind.

Last, but not least – Item #3 A can of spray paint I bought from a garage sale for 50cents. When I bought the paint, I had no idea what to use it for, but I liked the color and figured it would come in handy – one day. Besides 50cents for a full can – is a steal.

My handy-dandy hot glue gun put the pieces together…

My handy glue gun

My handy glue gun


These three pieces have become a nifty dresser item for guest to use as a earring holder for easy access.

It’s a big coincience that the color of the spray paint matches the guest room perfectly!

Green Thumb Gene

It’s been such a pleasue sharing my garden pictures and stories with you, not to mention, sharing a neighbor’s yard in one of my posts, as well.  This post is my dedication to a few other gardens I admire.   I’m starting to believe that gardening is in my genes.  I remember my grandmothers having beautiful plants and often wondered “how” come her plants always look healthy. My aunts have green thumbs and are so creative in their gardens.  In this post I’d like to pay tribute to “The Green Thumb Gene” that flows in my blood.

This garden belongs my aunt “Pookie”.  I’ve always admired her yard and house plants.  Come take this tour with me threw her lovely garden oasis that’s filled with bunches of eye candy.

As you enter, you are greeted with the bird bath and her creative use for the vintage step ladder.

          The frog holding the flower arrangement is another little cutey   that sits nearby.  The mailman won’t deliver to this mailbox planter that’s neatly tucked in a flower bed.     

Mr. Bunny is on stand-by looking to watch..      Traveling around the path  brings you to another creative rocky sight ,  The hungry Aligator was made from an assortment of rocks she found.      And lastly, as you go further across the yard,    you’ll see the best creative idea…The Outdoor Fireplace planter.  Taking advantage of the old saying “One man’s junk”… she saved this from heading to the dumpster.. another great find.  Here she has it in the garden.

Now how creative was that????  I say, it’s two thumbs up for Pookie’s Paradise Garden…


Next up is my aunt “Bernie’s” yard.  Her yard, though small, packs a big punch of excitement.  The first burst of garden glory your eyes will see once  upon entering her sanctuary, is this life-size mural she drew on the garage wall.  With a love for sunflowers, her vision came from basking in the joy of having a field sunflowers.  The bed of hostas that bloomed underneath are so large and healthy, they just add to the mural giving it a 3D effect.

As you proceed into her yard, you hear the enchanting,

trickling sound of her wonderful fountain

Which leads to another of her creations… She became inspired by this mural with a vision of how her grandfather was in his garden

I just love how the Black-eyed Susans are surrounding the mural, making it appear that Granddad is actually sowing his garden.  So here you have it, after seeing the creativity flowing in these two ladies, I can’t help but believe – it’s in the genes,  I hope you enjoyed the journey through two of my favorite gardens.  I’ll be posting a few more “Garden Delites” before the beauty of summer ends

The Chill Out Spot Addition

Just when I thought my little Chill Out – Garden spot was complete, ..  It was a rainy day and it had been a while since I visited this little consignment shop near my job, so I figure I’d give them a visit.  And came across these two carts…


The thought of having a Bar Cart to accommodate long days of sitting in the garden sanctuary would really be nice.  They were both really cute but I had to decide which one I like the best.. The vintage cart came home with me at a steal of a deal for $38.00   (and to think I was happy because the sticker said $45.00) but the dealer said he’ll take $38.00 ( WOW! even better)

Along the way out the door, my eyes caught another little addition (why couldn’t I just stop looking- and keep going).. but this little sign came home too… for $5.00… oh well.. it was a perfect addition for the Chill Out Spot..   Don’t you think so too???  🙂   I’m so glad I took the seat cushions from this to look like they do here..


The first time use of the bar cart was Wine & Watermelon..mmmmm….and the rest was haven (or shall I say heaven)


Oh,  the little candle holders were given a new look too..  the black was a tad bit dull so I painted them.. I may change the color again.. (maybe yellow…not sure..gotta see if the turquois suits me..)

DSCF1562 DSCF1563

One more change took place.  Had to change the netting because a few feathered friends enjoyed picking at it..  so it went from this:


To this…  Luckily I bought a replacement net last year when JC Penny had a season-end clearance on the nets.. $20.00 – as a just in case. My husband couldn’t understand why get one .. now he does.. (cause you never know)…

Even though it’s not beige, it does just fine..  Now back to my watermelon and wine.. .. Tah-Tah.. until next time…. Ahhhhhh…..

Perked-up Porch

I hemmed and hawed about my front porch.   The cement is so badly stained and I just haven’t decided what to do.  Should I paint or should I clean it with some type of harsh chemical to get it looking new.   In any event, my hopes were to get it to look as pleasing as the ones I posted in my  “Porch Dreaming” post.  But that’s later to decide, because summer is here and I need to spend some time on it, in the meantime I decided to perk it up.  FIrst, I needed to wash the siding.. so 2 hours later with a bucket of bleach & water I washed it.. and suprisingly it came pretty good.  I started with the Off My Rocker chairs.

I had this vintage trunk that I decided to paint and use it on the porch.   I painted it white and used a leftover purple-ish color for some stripes ..  DSCF1324and used it as a plant stand DSCF1438 DSCF1439

I found this chalkboard frame and decided to use it as a “Welcome Sign”

Next came time to dress it up with plants.    I had this vintage crate and decided to use it as a planter, so I outlined it with plastic bags to protect the wood.   Placed it on top of a folding seat and it becomes a pretty little showpiece for the plants.

        Found a piece of caribbean art to hang

Used a thrift store find table ($3.00) for some additional plants


The sedum planted in the chair added some additional color.  Since I had so many in the garden, I just dug some up and placed them in the pot last year,


I picked up this vintage wrought iron candle holder for $5.00 at a flea market and it became a planter instead

So, in the meantime, until I decide to paint, I think my little “perks” made a big diffence to the look of the porch.  So, if you’re ever in my area just know that guests are always