Stand for your Cake

It’s been a while since I’ve posted.. but I have a very good reason for my hiatus.. two words.. Family Reunion. This year was my turn to host and I must say we had a wonderful time (phewww).. It was four fun-filled days and after all the planning and seeing these was well worth it.

.       the group

September has approached and this is a special month for me because it’s my birthday month. I’m not sure what my plans are yet,, but whatever it is.. there’s always a cake for the celebration.  For me, the cake makes it a much sweeter day.. even if there isn’t a gift… but as long as there is a cake – I’m happy (it doesn’t take much to make me happy… Needless to say, that’s my reason for this blogpost. The importance of the Cake Stand.  Important??? hmmmmm, maybe that’s a strong word but after seeing my point, you may not think so.. After looking at these beautiful cakes, putting it on a stand only seems appropriate.       

I paid a visit to the local antique store to find one that would really make the cake have a grand stand. Here are the ones that caught my eye.. I loved the pretty blue shade of this depression era glass stand.  The unique look was quite fascinating.. It is suited for a round cake yet it had a square base.   Very different and  it was made in America

           Moving along I found this one:   The clear crystal with the ruby red trim was absolutely lovely.. Hmmm..  perfect for a Red Velvet Valentine’s Day cake.

I also saw this little cutey pie which was just darling.. Nice and petite.. Just the right size for a small cake.

Just thought I’d  visit to my favorite store Home Goods to see what they have and came across these little darlings.. They’re really nice, but I truly prefer the vintage style


Now that I’ve narrowed down my search, I’ve got 27 more days to figure it out.  So after seeing the lovely cake stands and the beautiful cakes,  Isn’t it important to have it stand higher than  table level..  Like this