50cent Sunday

Today was a beautiful fall Sunday, so I figured I’d do some yard work..raking… no doubt. But when I got outside and saw this..I quickly changed my mind…Ugghhh…


Hard to believe summer is over and all my hard work looks like that…  Oh well, I’ll get back to the dreaded raking..  Then I remembered some overdue painting projects I needed to care of.  I used the can of paint purchased from a yard sale for $0.50 back in the summer to complete the overdue projects.

50 cents item

Time to pull out the items in dire need of a new look.

Item #1   – A badly rusted vintage iron ashtray, bought from a yard sale for $3.00

A rusted ashtray

Item #2  –   A rusty iron light fixture bought for $2.00 (the clay tray was bought a few years ago, but needed a new look also)

Rusty light fixture

Item #3  –  A vintage picture frame bought for $5.00

Vintage Frame

After gently sanding off the loose rust, brushing off the dirt and spider webs and removing the electrical wiring from the light fixture, I grabbed the rubber gloves and began painting.  The one can covered all the items perfectly and they really look great.

The ash tray became a much needed plant stand for a plant being brought in for the winter.  I used it in a corner in the foyer, after all the space could use a little something there.

The light fixture (flipped upside down) became a plant stand for another plant in the dining room… Nice huh?

The picture frame hasn’t found a home yet, but trust and know a place will be found.  It came too nice not to use.. (I’m thinking as a mirror – or part of a frame collage for a blank wall – will keep you posted)

I can’t believe the one can covered all this.. I even had enough for this old pepsi bottle carrier..


Now, it’s time to get some vintage pepsi bottles to go with it to use as a centerpiece  ( I have 2 – need 4 more)  then I’ll show you the centerpiece.

All in all, it’s been a productive Sunday (for 50 cents)…..  I’ll get to those leaves another time… after all – more are still falling..  sigh….




A Pink Surprise

I’m going to stray off the beaten path with this post, because I generally I post about home decor and thrifty finds. This post is about a thrifty find but not about home decor. My other half (meaning twin), was attending a yard sale and came across some sweaters being sold. She called to tell me all about it, sounding so excited, because she couldn’t believe they were being sold for $3.00.. that’s right… $3.00. They were pink angora sweaters with a fur(fake but feels real) shawl collar.. Naturally, I’m thinking it was only one, but she stated the lady had several, so she’s getting me one too (great!!!).   She was wanting to buy them all, but who else could fit a small.. so no need to get them all… oh well, I was happy just to be getting mine, so I’m thanking God, she had two… chuckles.. Well, she mailed me the sweater and it came just in time for my birthday (even though she said it wasn’t a b-day gift) .. it was to me (it’s not the cost that counts – it’s the thought that counts)..and BOY WAS I SHOCKED when I opened the box.. I was just tickled PINK so I just had to share this with you… here is the $3.00 sweater I received..

It’s sooooo soft..   I can’t wait to wear it… ..  THANK YOU MINA!!!!!!

This is why this little statue sits where I can always be reminded…

Ain't nothin like a sista!

Feeling Bluesy

The blues are back! And I’m feeling it…When I think of blue and the wide range of colors there are to use in decorating .. the possibilities are endless.  Blue has always been a striking color for me (considering I have a house full of men- I had to add blue to the decor.   My personal preference is more on the gentler side of, however, I’ve seen some striking colors that yell “BLUE!!!”  and yet, I’m not so afraid of it…

Let’s look at a few of the ideas I’m pondering in my mind.    Here’s a bedroom that’s oh-so softly blue.  Doesn’t look so painful – does it?

Then I saw this one which still has the softer side and a diferent blend of blue & white.  Stripes are wonderful and I’ve been contemplating at trying my luck with them..(maybe I’ll start on a small project to see how it goes.. to be on the safe side  🙂

As you see, so far so good and like I said, they’re back.. so let’s step it up a notch and see how it goes.  Here the tone changes but it’s still just as soft and gentle.  Accenting with a pale beige really gives the walls a pleasant hue.

And the silvery accents in this room makes you feel simply tranquil, in fact, I would say “Peaceful” ..

This room has a deeper tone that really kicks it up for those that say “Give me more” blue.. This says it all

But there’s always other room options for the Blues to be in.. This living room is traditional with a contemporary feel:


Or go glam with a hollywood flare like this room


The decor of this room has strong yet bold accent pieces in the deep rich turquoise shade of blue.


The walls set the tone of this room, but whatever your preference on how you want to treat this fearless color.. go grand and make yourstatement.


Or keep it soft with accents to set the tone.. Either way don’t let blue be your color of pain.


I guess you’re wondering how blue can I be.. take a look at these blues and you’ll see for yourself why BLUE is back~

This firey cobalt blue vase will make its own statement as a simple accent piece in your room

Or a simple arrangement such as this will delicately balance a room with a hint of color

Or you can use pillows to make the blue pop – this peacock pillow is just simply fantastic

Now that you see how blue I am, are you singing the blues too?


Make Me Over Monday – Pt 3

I was visiting an antique dealer friend one day, just browsing her shop to see what she had.  Just as I was leaving, two gentleman came in asking her if she needed a sofa.. (my interest was peeked) …. She stated “No, because she didn’t have any room for it in her shop”.  Of course they were wanting her to take it off their hands and she said no.. so I said.. “What does it look like..”  Thinking… I could use another sofa.  You see, I had a contemporary sofa at the time, and just wasn’t feeling it anymore.. Reason being #1  it was in a bunch of newspaper advertisements and I got sick of looking at it.. (which is why I don’t like funiture shopping at chain stores..).  The gentlemen continued to warn me stating – it’s not perfect but it’s sturdy.. I said I understand…let me see it.. So they unloaded it from the truck and this is what I saw..

I know.. go ahead and laugh at it.. because I sure did.  They were amused with my jokingly attitude, but happy when I said I’ll take it off their hands.  Now, their asking price was $40.00…. the right eyebrow went up and I gave him that “are you serious” look (I thought it was going to be more because of the wood carving).  So he said, Ok, ok,… give me $35.00… I smiled and said OK…

So by now you know, where this piece is going and this why my upholsterer loved me.. I brought him business.   The more I used him, the better his prices became.   I immediately sold my old sofa set and used the money to buy the fabric and pay for the reupholstery work to be done (and had enough to do a few other things as well).   The work was done about 15 years ago and here it is in my new home and it was a “Mission” accomplished!!  And he only charged me $150.00 …   Yes.. for real….

Didn’t he do a fantastic job!


The wood carving on the top of the sofa is what really caught my eye..  One thing for sure.. I won’t see this sofa in any newspaper advertisement….. ever.. 🙂

A closer view of the bird carvings…..

Aren’t makeovers just great!  and the best part is they are customized to your liking..

A Special Pillow

Yesterday was October 4, my wonderful Grandmother’s birthday.  “Mar” short for Margie is what we all called her.  Although she was a short lady, her personality made her stand tall as a tree.  It’s been over twenty years since she left us, but I remember her clearly in my mind – as if it were just yesterday.  You see – it was Mar who I think- played a role in developing my love of antiques from.  I remember as a young teenager looking at her furniture and admiring it.  Although I never really spoke about it with her, I just noticed she had good taste in furniture.  It was in her house I saw the first “real wood” vanity and just love sitting in front of it.  In fact, the day we were moving her to a new house, me and my sister found our first roadside find and it was a vanity.  We were excited when we brought it home.  My father said – why are you bringing that junk in this house.. needless to say – I gave him the evil eye when he turned his back.  We painted it white and loved it ever since.  My sister-friend just recently sent me an old picture of it.  It was taken on my wedding day, in front of the vanity.  See the shape of the mirror.  It was a really nice vanity and my father was shocked when he saw the finished product.

But anyway,  let me move on to the special pillow.  You see, Mar loved costume jewelry and had a big collection.  Boy did we love playing dress up using her jewels.  Well, when she passed, I was able to get a special broach of hers.  It didn’t have a pin on the back so I just saved it as a keepsake in my vanity.

Back in my pillow making days, I decided to make a purple pillow (I love the rich color of deep velvet purple) and used Mar’s pin as an embellishment.  I made this pillow about 15 years ago and although I’ve gone through several colors of comforters in my room, this pillow always sits in the middle.  Because that’s Mar and I hold her dear to my heart.  So happy birthday  Mar, may she always rest in peace wearing jewels around her.



My Shining Star “Mar”