Feeling Bluesy

The blues are back! And I’m feeling it…When I think of blue and the wide range of colors there are to use in decorating .. the possibilities are endless.  Blue has always been a striking color for me (considering I have a house full of men- I had to add blue to the decor.   My personal preference is more on the gentler side of, however, I’ve seen some striking colors that yell “BLUE!!!”  and yet, I’m not so afraid of it…

Let’s look at a few of the ideas I’m pondering in my mind.    Here’s a bedroom that’s oh-so softly blue.  Doesn’t look so painful – does it?

Then I saw this one which still has the softer side and a diferent blend of blue & white.  Stripes are wonderful and I’ve been contemplating at trying my luck with them..(maybe I’ll start on a small project to see how it goes.. to be on the safe side  🙂

As you see, so far so good and like I said, they’re back.. so let’s step it up a notch and see how it goes.  Here the tone changes but it’s still just as soft and gentle.  Accenting with a pale beige really gives the walls a pleasant hue.

And the silvery accents in this room makes you feel simply tranquil, in fact, I would say “Peaceful” ..

This room has a deeper tone that really kicks it up for those that say “Give me more” blue.. This says it all

But there’s always other room options for the Blues to be in.. This living room is traditional with a contemporary feel:


Or go glam with a hollywood flare like this room


The decor of this room has strong yet bold accent pieces in the deep rich turquoise shade of blue.


The walls set the tone of this room, but whatever your preference on how you want to treat this fearless color.. go grand and make yourstatement.


Or keep it soft with accents to set the tone.. Either way don’t let blue be your color of pain.


I guess you’re wondering how blue can I be.. take a look at these blues and you’ll see for yourself why BLUE is back~

This firey cobalt blue vase will make its own statement as a simple accent piece in your room

Or a simple arrangement such as this will delicately balance a room with a hint of color

Or you can use pillows to make the blue pop – this peacock pillow is just simply fantastic

Now that you see how blue I am, are you singing the blues too?


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  1. Your blogs really sets in the mood to get you up and “do” something!! I love the accents of blue. That vase and pillow are awesome. Thanks for the inspiration.

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