$2.00 Tuesday #4

For a moment I was worried about not finding something for my fun post.  This $2.00 Tuesday is really pretty cool.  The main objective is that I do not to go crazy looking for things and also make sure I need or could use it.  Well, so far so good..  If you’re just joining me..Welcome… you can see my other $2.00 posts here, here, and here.   Today’s goodie came from the thrift store here in Whitmire, again.  I remember seeing it when I was there getting the plant hangers.  So, I decided to go back to inquire about it…. and sure enough.. it was $2.00…LOL.. I know you’re probably thinking.. “Is she for real – how could it be -that she’s finding this stuff“,  but I kid you not.. it sure was $2.00 (and no haggling..)..

A HAT RACK….. How Cool is That!!!     It was hanging on the wall with some baskets on it…  I simply asked.. is that for sale and she replied – looking over her glasses with her hand on her hip…. “Honey, everything in here is for sale 🙂  …and it was $2.00 (with the baskets.. which I did’t take – but something tells me I should have – because you never know when you’ll need a basket..)  oh well…


Well, it was was in perfect condition (except for the dust) which is a easy fix.  But I just didn’t want to keep it in the natural state.  I had a tiny bit of paint left over and decided to spruce it up.. Besides it was going to hang in the laundry area so the color would blend with the curtains.  I used the Avocado left over from this project

That’s what it needed for a new look

Well let’s get it inside to put it to use..  Every time I have to walk Ms. Koko, it never fails, I forget where I left her leash and have to go looking for it and my cap… well no more.. they have their place..


I do believe I scored on this one too!!!!

As always…IT’S VivaLaVintage – Baby!  Like I said.. this is getting kind of fun…  See you next Tuesday..(I hope)

A Gourd-geous Sunday

Here it is – Thanksgiving already,  and I still haven’t created a tablescape for Fall..  So today was a perfect day to do something.  The weather was pretty crisp so I decided to decorate these gourds I got from a  neighbor.  He generously gave me 6.. which I was truly happy and thankful for.  As I reflect on this holiday, I realize there is so much to be thankful for.   Even something so simple as getting these gourds for free.   I created this simple tablescape with items that were found around the house and cost zero dollars.  What a blessing it was to be able to do that.   These are the gourds I started with:

After I washed and dried them I used leftover spray paint I had from previous projects to give them color.   Then it was time to get creative.  I had a mirror put inside a frame a few months back and decided to use that as my platform.  I found a bag of popourri I purchased from a yard sale back in summer for $0.50 cents.   This is the tablescape I created for fall.

I used some of the small pine cones from the popourri to outline the candle base  

    Twine left over was used around the neck of this gourd.

The gold paint on this one has a gentle glow…     

I still think it needed something else, so I went outside and plucked a few of these dried berry leaves  to add to the arrangement.    This is the finished look for my Fall tablescape.


Like I said…. I have much to be thankful for.. Being able to have a home to create this lovely centerpiece for..  Is truly a blessing.. Amen…..

I really like the table centerpiece  glow by candlelight……  Simply Fall … 

Have a wonderfully blessed and safe Thanksgiving

It’s my Bloggerversary!!!!!

It was a year ago that I launched “VivaLaVintage” Blog and I’m just so excited about it..  I started VivaLaVintage as a platform to showcase my love of antiques and thrifty finds that I used to decorate my home and also in hopes to inspire the readers.  I just read my stats and the blog has had almost 5000 hits.. and over 400 followers…WOW!! That was pretty impressive to me (as new beginner to the blogging world).   It’s a good feeling knowing people have taken interest in what I’m doing and what I blog about .. I want to Thank All my supporters and followers!!!  Let’s take a look back at my productive year and some of my favorite posts…  (click on the picture to see the blogstory about each post)



In all, I must say it’s been a fantastic year and I love doing this.  I never knew blogging could be so much fun.  I hope you all continue to read, follow and share it with your friends.  Once again – I thank you!!!    

$2.00 Tuesday #3

Ok.. I wasn’t as successful with this week’s post, but I did manage to get a few items for $2.00.  I ventured into Hwy 121 Indoor Yard Sale here in Whitmire.  The lady there was very pleasant.  I found a whole bunch of items in that store for $2.00  –  I was like “WOW” ,  I could really stretch my buck here.. chuckles… But I couldn’t use a lot of the items I saw..(but, if I ever need any more glasses, I know where to go – they all were roughly $0.10-0.20 cents a piece)..     These are the items I came home with.   All for $2.00    —   not bad – again..


Even though I’m a dog person, I couldn’t resist the little kitty cat eyes on the little planter (not to mention the price)..   🙂   Although I don’t decorate for Christmas, I do like the decorations and the colors of the ornaments.  I’ll use them another way to add color around the house.    I cleaned the kitty and found her a place on the windowsill  for a coleus plant I’m rooting for next year..

She looks pretty cute perched  on the widow with the other plants..  🙂

As for the tree bulbs.. I like putting things inside my potted plats  (rocks are always the norm) but I thought I’d give them a try in this plant.. something to hide the big roots because they’re big and round.

I added the balls for some color in the pot..  and here is what it looks like..

not bad for some color in the pot- and unlike rocks – they don’t add extra weight (because it’s very heavy – every summer it goes outside for nature to take care of it) and I get the dreaded sigh from my son when he has to lift it to take it out..

And for the crystals.. I’m going to use those on a crafts project..   Will get back to you on that note..

So you see shopping with $2.00 is  not impossible.. practical but definitely not impossible..

Besides….This is getting kind of fun too!

$2.00 Tuesday #2

Hey there, last week I started a $2.00 Tuesday post.. I’m going to continue with them as long as I can find $2.00 items.. and you know something.. I think it’s kind of fun, too,… knowing I can actually get something so cheap that I could really make use of.    I found this week’s item at the thrift store here in town.   I usually don’t get to visit it because they’re closed on Saturdays ( not good).. but I lucked up because they’ll be open on Saturdays until Christmas  (GREAT!)

Well, here’s what I found tucked in the back…. chuckles…. I know what you’re thinking… “Good Lord – I haven’t seen those in years” LOL…  but guess what… they’re sturdy and I know could use them.    Here’s the clincher .. all three for $2.00.  Last week I was happy with the one plant hanger… so you know this week I’m freaking ecstatic  🙂   YIPPEEE!!!!      (don’t mind the leaves in the backdrop.. they’re everywhere..sooo tired of raking leaves..sigh)  🙁

The solid beige one was .50 cents and the other two.. .75 cents (chuckles..)   can’t beat it… RIGHT!  I’m not too fond of the colors or the big fuzzy ball at the end

but  since it’s Fall.. and they are Fall colors – it’ll work for now.    I’ll decide later whether to change the colors (of course spray paint would do the job) or not.    I gave them a try and put a couple of plants inside them.. (just to show for the post – but tomorrow I’m headed to the nursery to get a few plants to put in them..   Here’s how they look with a plant inside..

They are absolutely perfect for outside hangers.. the cording is extremely durable..



After seeing them… I think I really LUCKED UP!