Won’t Let Go

For years I’ve had this arrangement of dried roses.  I always like drying out roses when get them.   I’ve had this bunch for so may years (I would say about 8 or 9 years.. )  I know, I know.. that’s a long time to hold on to dried flowers..but this bunch is just a mixture of roses I’ve gotten over the years  and being a sentimental nut.. I just kept them..

But it’s time for them to be either tossed or spruced up..of course I chose the latter.. SPRUCE  THESE UP!

I had more dried hydrangeas left over so I added them to give a pop of color

Looking better already!!

Then, I remembered I bought a big bunch of turkey feathers (I love using feathers) and decided to add them..


They don’t look so dried up after all!   And I’m glad I didn’t have to ditch them

4 thoughts on “Won’t Let Go

  1. does look nice. I understand about saving roses for evah and evah. (don’t give Jerry a bad time, okay? not everyone likes the same stuff we do, and it’s a legit question. Yes, Jerry, a hair dryer would work – if the mood should strike to dust them at all.)

  2. Thanks Linda, I just couldn’t part with it yet..I’m one to have dried dusty flowers than fake flowers..chuckles.. I guess kinda reminds me of life.. Once had life.. Then get old and dried up, and wouldn’t want to be thrown away, just spruce it up.. And Jerry, I guess you live in a glass bubble, hope it doesn’t break and let dust get in.. Chuckles..

  3. Hey, that looks Great. Love the feathers, The vase and mirror. The whole vignette looks great!! Oh, and Jerry…everything in all homes regardless of what it is gathers dust. You dust it just as you would anything else. with tender loving care.

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