Tah-Tah 2013

2013 has been a very good year for me.  Of course I’m ending this year with one more great deal…My last deal of the year was bought at an estate sale conducted by Pieces of Time ( It’s something I’ve been wanting for quite some time and refused to buy one brand new because they’re so expensive .. well if you consider $100.00 is then you’re like me.  But here is my DEAL OF THE YEAR!!!!!

Isn’t this a cute cover?????  sooooo Vintage…. but this is what’s under it..

BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Can you tell  I’m screaming happy  🙂


It’s my creme de’la creme Deal…$20.00  that’s right.. $20.00

This baby is in perfect condition –  with two mixing bowls and a cover.. I’m just skipping – doing a happy dance HAPPY!! about this…

I even thought they’d be cheaper after the holiday but nope..A new one is priced at $99.00 with one glass bowl and no cover… smh… 


so it pays to be patient..

Looking back  at 2013 and see how it’s been a fantastic thrifty good year for me, it’s great to see how the $2.00 Tuesdays paid off and helped make a few good changes for less that $12.00 in my home  (you can click on each picture to read the story behind each item



So going into the new year I look forward to sharing more thrifty ideas with you to decorate your home.

I’d like to thank all my readers for following along with me on my Vintage journey and decorating stories.   Here’s wishing you a happy, healthy, blessed and thrifty new year!!

Love Your Vintage Girl!


Costco with a Cause

Today was a day spent at Costco with hubby.. while perusing the many isles of shoppers delights I came across this stand with these beautiful baskets.. OMG!  I had not seen them before.  So, naturally I begin looking at them.. I’m studying the many design patterns salivating over their beauty and wondering which one of these babies is coming home with me.  Then I happen to pay attention to the little card/tag on it and saw they were hand-crafted by women in Africa.  The cause.. ALL ACROSS AFRICA – helping to serve the poor and impoverished.


All Across Africa is dedicated to improving the lives of the poor and marginalized with economic opportunity through job creation and educational programs.  They  work with more than 3000 weavers on a regular basis. Each basket made and sold means food and medicine, education, community, and security for their weavers— and each basket means new life.  Read more about this vital organization here.   By now the Hubs is rolling his eyes, waiting patiently for me to make my choice…Here I am trying to read all the cards and decide which one .. I just said “go ahead”  I’ll catch up.. and his reply “nah, nah – you’ll be here forever”.. Oh boy – darnnit..    now you tell me.. how can I choose one so quickly when they’re all so beautiful.. take a look at some of these.. basket      basket1     basket2

Do you see what I see… decisions, decisions…    I mean look at those patterns and colors…

basket4 basket6       basket8

Oh my, my, my.. I just can’t make up my mind… by now I’m hearing “WILL YOU COME On!!!!” and then I say  Uggghhhh… “Will you wait!!” .  You know how we women are.. we have to think first .. ok…..where is it going to go, what room, the colors in that room and the size & shape.. what are you going to do with it.. .

baskets9 baskets10 baskets13

Is your head spinning like mine with excitement????  chuckles…

In addition to these beauties.. they also had jewelry – get this – made out of recycled magazine paper..


They also had handbags too!!


This was too much… ok,  now I’m realizing… I need to hurry up and make a decision..  

 This is the one that landed in my cart and came home

With this note from Jeanne:

I haven’t decided where or what I’m going to do with it.. but in the mean time, it’ll hang here reminding me that instead of shopping just “because” ……  I shopped with a “CAUSE”


So instead of me getting my 4 bags of brownie brittle and a few other goodies I normally get, I exchanged them for something more viable.. and knowing my purchase could help the Rwandans gives me a rewarding feeling.  If you’re not a Costco member, you can still make a purchase through their website.

Here are some of the pictures decorating using baskets from their website:


Are you just as excited as I am???  now – go get your basket  🙂

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The Other Women

I wasn’t blessed with a daughter to share the house with, but that doesn’t mean I don’t share my home with other little ladies.  I’d like to introduce you to the the women I share my home with.     These ladies were created by fashion designer Byron Lars.. Let’s start with meeting Tatu.  I chose her to enter my home because of style and grace.. she’s the 3rd doll created in the  Treasures of Africa Series.  Her beautiful golden skin tone and natural hair exemplifies just how beautiful women of color can be.


Next meet Nne         The 2nd doll created in the Treasures in Africa series.. I love this doll because she reminded me of my very own doll baby , beautiful niece  Nadiyah

who love, love, loved  wearing her hair in the afro puffs..(so you know I had to get this and one for her)

Isn’t she a doll.. All decked out in her winter gear rockin’ her Afro puffs…..

Another doll in the Treasures of Africa series is Tano  –   “Fierce” isn’t she?  With her silky dark chocolate skin..


And then there’s “Moja” –  she stands at the nightstand greeting guests


While “Indigo”, who is part of the runway series, adorns the dresser


The lady in lavendar appeased the Vintage style –  Her style of dress is perfect for an afternoon tea with the girls


While this sexy little lady has the perfect attire for an intimate night with Mr.  (oolala)


Meet another selection of ladies that are in our home.  They are part of the Daddy’s Long Legs collection:  The lady in red is Babe Bouchard straight from N’Orleans”

And playing little Ms. Dress-up is “Meagan”

And to appease the Mr & Mrs  as we grow old are Oma & Ezra sitting together enjoying each other’s company

Last but not least is my fairy Godmother – equipped with her magic wand… 🙂


It was something about her that reminds me of my dear sweet grandmother-in-law, Sarah, (do you see the resemblance)

So you see.. I have no girls but that didn’t stop me from collecting my dolls.  Each one these beauties reflect an inner soul part of my personality.  Be it bold, be it old, be it lovely or be it vintage.. I am me, with four women in one body.. And  I am Peaches.

Thrifting the Day Away

I’ll take 70 degree weather for the first day of winter – any day.  It was the last day for me to catch any deal I could find at the local thrift store called the Lighthouse, because they’re not normally open on Saturdays.  Let me take a few minutes to describe this thrift store.  It’s no where near fancy but the volunteers who work there really do their best to make everything as presentable as possible and I applaud them and their efforts.  The items in the store are donated and they sell the items really cheap (sometimes too cheap).  They operate on a shoestring budget but somehow they manage to stay afloat to maintain the only thrift store in town.  Many people benefit from the items they sell (especially the clothes), but for people like me who look for home stuff – I really luck up..  just today I found these glasses there and see the price.. yes .10 cents

and these were only .50 cents –  so you know they came home with me.. and they cleaned up quite  nicely..

Well I found a vase and this plant stand… the two together were .75 cents.. (I said are you sure..?? and she said yes.. – I’m like “Wow”..)  I feel like I’m stealing the stuff for real.. but these are the two items..

The plant stand had a bit of chipping going on and the leg was a bit loose..

   nothing that hot glue won’t fix to tighten it up..The vase (which was an average vase you find all over the place.. Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture of it before I did my “thang” with it.

I taped it up and began to give it a new look.. (spray paint to the rescue!)

       tape came off and this is the new look   

not bad huh??

Time to put it to use.. but first I grabbed a pine tree stem and some small rocks to fill the glass

Sprayed the plant stand and added it to the display

oh .. and I got this barely used candle from there for 10 cents and decided to spruce it up ..   the paper flower came from a bag of popourri and the ribbon was a salvaged piece from the holly jolly job being thrown away – a dab of hot glue and it’s spruced up

sat2       sat14     

So you see how lucky I get at the lighthouse!  I hope they add Saturday to a normal open day real soon –  🙁

My Lighthouse deal

$2.00 Tuesday #7

Is it me or is it that these $2.00 items are just making themselves be there for me.. lol.. because I declare..  they’re popping up all over the place.. (it’s like they’re saying – here she come- oooo -pick me, pick me..)… Unbelievable.. but it’s true and here I was thinking it was’t going to last long because there aren’t a lot of things worth blogging about for $2.00.  Well, I’ll ride it as long as I can…  I just hope you enjoy the ride with me.. and if you don’t, feel free to say “Hey Kim no more..”.. until then.. here’s the next $2.00  post..

Ok.. Goodwill is the source.. I know you’ve seen these vases all over.. well.. it’s $0.50, the candle (still wrapped) $0.50 that only equals $1.00.  But I did pick something else up for $2.00 which I’ll show you in a few..But first I want to show you what I did with these two items, because the other item is a no-brainer.

Keep in mind that I’m making use of the items and not spending  anymore money to  use it.  I sprayed painted some leaves for the silverleaf effect (my attempt at a little pun)

I inserted the candle into the vase.. Using a pair of stacking trays I already had, I flipped the larger one upside down and placed the smaller one on top,  added some live pine stems .. then made a seasonal arrangement with feathers (which I love) pine cones and this is my $1.00 finished product. …


It looks pretty good on top of the little cute cabinet I refinished back in the summer

Ok that was my first dollar spent .. ..  moving along..  This is what I bought for $2.00

not bad right???   I could use it as the typical book stand for when I’m cooking to hold the book..

But it’s more useful for me as my charging station

now all my electronics are in one place without having them at different areas charging..  See… like I said, a no-brainer…

Have you had any luck with finding a $2.00 item and would like for me to post it.. let me know.. I’d love to hear about it.