The Other Women

I wasn’t blessed with a daughter to share the house with, but that doesn’t mean I don’t share my home with other little ladies.  I’d like to introduce you to the the women I share my home with.     These ladies were created by fashion designer Byron Lars.. Let’s start with meeting Tatu.  I chose her to enter my home because of style and grace.. she’s the 3rd doll created in the  Treasures of Africa Series.  Her beautiful golden skin tone and natural hair exemplifies just how beautiful women of color can be.


Next meet Nne         The 2nd doll created in the Treasures in Africa series.. I love this doll because she reminded me of my very own doll baby , beautiful niece  Nadiyah

who love, love, loved  wearing her hair in the afro puffs..(so you know I had to get this and one for her)

Isn’t she a doll.. All decked out in her winter gear rockin’ her Afro puffs…..

Another doll in the Treasures of Africa series is Tano  –   “Fierce” isn’t she?  With her silky dark chocolate skin..


And then there’s “Moja” –  she stands at the nightstand greeting guests


While “Indigo”, who is part of the runway series, adorns the dresser


The lady in lavendar appeased the Vintage style –  Her style of dress is perfect for an afternoon tea with the girls


While this sexy little lady has the perfect attire for an intimate night with Mr.  (oolala)


Meet another selection of ladies that are in our home.  They are part of the Daddy’s Long Legs collection:  The lady in red is Babe Bouchard straight from N’Orleans”

And playing little Ms. Dress-up is “Meagan”

And to appease the Mr & Mrs  as we grow old are Oma & Ezra sitting together enjoying each other’s company

Last but not least is my fairy Godmother – equipped with her magic wand… 🙂


It was something about her that reminds me of my dear sweet grandmother-in-law, Sarah, (do you see the resemblance)

So you see.. I have no girls but that didn’t stop me from collecting my dolls.  Each one these beauties reflect an inner soul part of my personality.  Be it bold, be it old, be it lovely or be it vintage.. I am me, with four women in one body.. And  I am Peaches.

4 thoughts on “The Other Women

  1. This is a really fun way to give you that feel of a little more estrogen around the house! 🙂

    I have a close friend in the Kansas City area who just LOVES dolls like you do. She’s a Barbie fanatic, and she loves the different styles. I’m going to forward this link to her so that she can see she has a kindred spirit out there!

    I’m probably more like the vintage 50s/60s lady in lavender! I was just talking the other day about how women used to dress while watching an old Danny Kaye movie! Indigo looks a LOT like my cousin!!!!!!!!!

    Hey…I mentioned and linked to you in a post I have ready to put up tomorrow! 🙂

    • Thanks Alycia, I appreciate you sharing it. yes, those little ladies hold my alter ego.. chuckles..but i’m feeling more like the ma&pa kettle.. lol.. but yes, they are fun for me to look at and I tried to incorporate them into the decor instead of tucked away in the box ..I hope your friend hits me up.. i look forward to hearing her Barbie story. And thank for the shout-out..

  2. OMG….Ok I’m on my blog site finishing up a post…took a break, ran in the kitchen, came back and … Booya!! My, my, my…this is too sweet! You know “Tano” is my alter ego, but “Moja” is me all over!! And my girl….Nina Simone…I’m feeling good….This is great! 🙂

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