Simple Change

Just taking advantage of the simple things to make changes around the house.  I visited Lowes and came across these plants on clearance.. so I scooped up two.. not bad for $6.00..

I placed them on the dining table using my candle holders as the stand for them.. added a small white saucer to keep them balanced..(I’ll probably paint them later)

A simple thrift store vase became a planter for another clearance plant I picked up as well for $2.49.   Sure, I could have kept it clear –  but why –  ??   So, with paint on hand, I’ll make use of it..

Besides the pastel green/silver matches the wall and blinds (which I painted silver years ago)

I spruced up the kitchen table by changing the tablecloth.. Made a new one with fabric leftover from the  pillow cushions for the chill-out spot.  I’m extremely fond of leopard print and floral fabrics.  The kitchen chairs are all different but to synchronize them I added chair scarves (which were made from a curtain sheer).  The leopard tablecloth made a nice simple change.

Sometimes, it doesn’t take a lot of effort just to make a few little changes to break up the norm.   Using items around the house is always the first start..and if you’re like me.. I’m sure you’ve got quite a few things to re-create a look.  So go look around to see what you find and share your look with me.

It’s My Blog and I Can Cry If I Want To

This is a post completely straying away from the norm.   So, I hope you don’t mind the interruption, but bare with me through the sniffles.

You may view me as a wimpy mom, but I feel compelled to speak on it.  My husband don’t get my emotions, so he’s not a good listener.  I’m actually writing about my youngest son, Amir.  I’ll take you through a quick journey, but his life was one carved out to be a chef.


By the time he was 7 and making it known I geared him for that.  Well, culinary school was  a real awakening…. OMG the cost was outrageous.. pretty grim, so he decided to join the military.  The Air Force- which is great – yes he’s doing something positive with his life.. and I’m truly proud of him..but the fact of the matter is.. I miss him..sometimes I find myself just looking at his pictures wondering what’s he doing.  He’s been overseas for months and it’s just been hard at times to deal with.. so I’m taking this moment to reflect my feelings by writing about it.  Attending his graduation was an experience I’ll never forget.. seeing all those young men transformed into strong, discipline soldiers devoting their lives for our country gave me chills because knowing my son doesn’t belong to me anymore, but to the U.S very hard to take.

Being able to visit him for his birthday made me more happy than him.


His first visit home was a true blessing just having him around the house and cooking all his favorite meals..but the time went so fast.. and that’s when he told me he’s heading out of the country on deployment..  Oh God..Is all I remember saying.. So off he went…  Boarding a plane to another side of the world – leaving the familiar land of U.S.  As mother all I can do is pray..


Everyday wondering what’s he seeing, what’s he doing, is he eating ok (because you know only we mothers know how to feed our children.. chuckles..)…


Modern technology has made it a bit easier by being able to instant message and Facetime from time to time.  I won’t linger too much about this .. but I just needed to vent a bit.  So while waiting patiently for him to board the plane to return home, images of him will always linger in my mind while my heart will always be missing him.

I love you son,

$2.00 Tuesday #8

Hey all!!!   If you’re just joining me.. I scored this week’s $2.00 item last week during my Goodwill Hunting.   It was the Martha Stewart wastebasket.  Yes, it had some bruises on it – but that’s ok.. it’s been transformed.. and I’m pleased with the finished product.  Remember it’s going in my office – so I wasn’t too meticulous about it.

Here’s the wastebasket before:           I know…  pretty bland.. right..(Martha Stewart huh???)


Well here’s your Vintage Girl’s version

Much better right!!!!   ( Please say yes, please say yes…    🙂    )

The teeny-tiny little bubbles occurred when I removed the tape..but again – it’s ok…  (besides they add texture )

Here it is inside my office…   It’s the perfect size…  and price   $2.00


It’s not Vintage – but it’s definitely Thrifty  –

I think even Martha would be pleased…  –

And as for the rest of the goodwill items.. here are some around the house..

Batteries added to the candles..  not bad for $2.50;  Pillows are washed and fluffed back up…$4.00


This pair of frames looks perfect with the print scarf draped across the wine cabinet

And my lovely ballerina niece looks adorable in this frame

Like I said.. it was a very good Goodwill Hunting  –  Well I’m off .. see you again real soon….

4poster Box Bed

Well today I set out to finish up Ms.  Koko’s bedroom bed..  Thank God the weather was beautiful because I really wanted to get these projects done…. So here we go.. gathering up all the items needed.. (not that it was alot) and we’re headed outside..  Here’s the box we started with

KoKo  is nearby probably wondering what’s going on….

If she guessed a new bed…. SHE’S RIGHT!!

Remember this one will go in our bedroom so I’m have to make it match the room… (don’t want a sore thumb sticking out).. I painted the box and started thinking what else.. hmmm, tap,tap,tap, hmmmm ahhhha I got it!  When you have a yard full of these why not use a few..


So I got four and a couple of sticks to decorate the box with – first let’s do something with the color..  a touch of gold paint did the trick..I used the sticks to create the letter “K”


The box is all dry – now it’s time to decorate.. I added more bling to the box with the crystals I got previously and from Cassie…   I’m very pleased with her 4poster box bed    🙂

It matches the color of the chair it sits next to… “you can see that rags to riches story about the lovely chair here.”


But the real test is to see if KoKo approves… let’s go get her…  “Ooohh KoKo – come here girl..”

Yes!!!  I think she definitely likes it!!

I guess all this hard work has made her sleepy….. time for her nap

Box to Bed

It’s your Thrifty Girl here again to share with you a freebie re-purpose….Remember my visit to Costco a couple weeks ago..   You know the big boxes they provide to pack your items in.. well I’ve been saving the two I brought home… (can you say “hoarder”- because that’s what my son said when I told him to keep them)  chuckles…

I had a re-purpose in mind… Little Ms. KoKo needs a bed..  She’s been sleeping on a pillow on the floor (with covers of course)   but I figure I’d give her her very own bed….

Here’s the box before…(excuse the paint swatch.. just testing to see if paint would adhere to the box)

I chose a color that would match the family room sofa (since it’s going to be in that room)..  It’s a bronze hammered spray paint.  So..let the spraying begin!  Then I added a few little crystals (given to me from my neighbor/friend Cassie) for a touch of bling.  Afterwards,  I covered her pillow in a hot pink fleece fabric (scraps given to me from my one of my besties – Sylvia  – our local seamstress).     Here is my finished product of KoKo’s bed.

Pretty Cool – huh?

The paint on the box almost has a suede effect

Here comes Ms. Koko to check out her new crib..


By George – I think she likes it!!!


Her box looks pretty cool here in the family room..


A freebie upscale  to satisfy the little lady


Freebies are so much better….   now I’ve got to get busy with the other box… which is going in my bedroom.. So – in my Terminator voice – “I’ll be back ”    🙂