Simple Change

Just taking advantage of the simple things to make changes around the house.  I visited Lowes and came across these plants on clearance.. so I scooped up two.. not bad for $6.00..

I placed them on the dining table using my candle holders as the stand for them.. added a small white saucer to keep them balanced..(I’ll probably paint them later)

A simple thrift store vase became a planter for another clearance plant I picked up as well for $2.49.   Sure, I could have kept it clear –  but why –  ??   So, with paint on hand, I’ll make use of it..

Besides the pastel green/silver matches the wall and blinds (which I painted silver years ago)

I spruced up the kitchen table by changing the tablecloth.. Made a new one with fabric leftover from the  pillow cushions for the chill-out spot.  I’m extremely fond of leopard print and floral fabrics.  The kitchen chairs are all different but to synchronize them I added chair scarves (which were made from a curtain sheer).  The leopard tablecloth made a nice simple change.

Sometimes, it doesn’t take a lot of effort just to make a few little changes to break up the norm.   Using items around the house is always the first start..and if you’re like me.. I’m sure you’ve got quite a few things to re-create a look.  So go look around to see what you find and share your look with me.

11 thoughts on “Simple Change

  1. I will spray paint just about anything that sit stills to long. Have you ever tried decoupage? I did some of these sames vases with modge podge and tissue paper. I am pretty sure I pinned it on my pinterest account. I actually did this with our granddaughter we wanted something different to do and we had fun.

  2. That’s a great idea painting the vases. I actually have three sitting in my basement. You inspired me to do something with mine. I’m jealous of your chill out spot…..I want one! What a great space to get away to. I can just picture it at night with the candles.

  3. This is great. Don’t you just love Lowes. They really do have great deals on plants. Love the idea of a table top plant stand using your candle holders. Your kitchen looks so warm and inviting and love the chair scarves and leopard print. Glad to “feel” you smiling.

  4. I’ve been making little changes here and there throughout the house since removing all the Christmas decor. It’s fun to shop my own house for stuff. Lord knows I have more stuff in here from which to choose than the law should allow!!! 🙂 I had the absolute nerve to go shopping at Hobby Lobby this morning after physical therapy (despite the fact I was hurting really bad…isn’t that crazy?!?!!). Found some REALLY great stuff in the 66% off aisle. Thought of you and how you would scold me for paying too much! 🙂 Then thought of my husband and how much trouble I’d be in if he knew I was at Hobby Lobby. Needless to say, I cut my shopping excursion short and got the heck out of there…with 4 bags of stuff! 🙂

    I really admire the way you’re able to take a vase and make something completely different of its composition. You really know how to wield a can of spray paint!!!

    • Alycia, you’re too funny.. I’m going to have to hit the Hobby Lobby store. I can imagine the goodies you found.. I hope I get lucky like you.. and yes! spray paint is my best non-human friend.. chuckles..

  5. I always put a small lamp in my kitchen like you do because it casts such a cozy light. Your kitchen must be the heart of your home.
    I just saw your Chill Out spot. Oh, that looks wonderful. You must be somewhere in the South. I could see stretching out there with the Sunday paper. Very nice. Love your landscaping along the side,too.

    • Hey Ginene, thanks.. you’re right about the lamp.. it does cozy up the kitchen – which seems like I spend most of my time in..:-) but it’s all good. Yes – I do live in the south.. and the chill-out spot is truly my favorite place to be in during the summer – it’s my GirlCave 🙂

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