Copper Craze

Yes, I’m on this copper craze.. ever since I painted the vase, I really liked how the copper looks.  I decided to spruce this up

and this up

I made the pot tri-color..  ivory, white & copper..  Looks pretty darn good!

I even like the copper cage

I’m glad I gave them a new look

Re-purpose Shadow Box





Call me crazy but I bought this candle/soap box set  (oh my God.. talking about your smell good, the candle was soooo awesome).   Well anyway, moving right along, the box was really nice and I just couldn’t part with it – yet..  It was covered in one of my favorites.. gold foil.  So after I removed the soap and candle, I took the box apart.  It favored a shadow box … so I figured I’d use it – why not?? 


Used a few elements from my potpourri (for texture)


not bad for  a bit of  texture to the wall.. and when I get bored with it- I’ll just toss it..

I Copied!

I saw a post from Home for Now featuring Gold Dipped Wine Glasses.  So your “girl gone crazy with paint” decided to give it a try.  Guess what?? I did it and liked it.. I used some $0.50 cents  glasses – just in case I goofed – I would’t feel so bad..  But I actually scored because they turned out great…They actually match the ice bucket I’ve had for years …..

It was quite simple.. I taped them.. sprayed two coats of metallic gold paint..(let dry between coats) and sprayed with a clear polyurethane.. let dry and hand washed them..


Here are my pair gold dipped glasses

I decided to use a 3rd one to create a glitter glass candle holder    

This was my first time working with glitter spray .. I think I started something.. because I like it  🙂


They all look pretty elegant – so much so, that I think it’s time to open the bar and show you my family heirloom – a vintage “Creme de la creme” wine cabinet.   This wine cabinet is a rare find.  I have to pay homage to my dear sweet grandmother, we lovingly referred to her as “Mother Dear”.   Mother Dear had this cabinet covered with a tablecloth for years.  I never knew what was underneath because she had plants sitting on top.  After she passed, we cleared her belongings, I removed the cloth and found the hidden jewel she had been hiding for many years.  I asked my father if I could have it.. and he said “yes – of course”.. I was so happy to have gotten something of hers.  I brought it home, had it professionally refinished (it had some type of paint on it) to restore it to its natural beauty and it’s been a cherished item ever since.

See the beautiful wood grain

I’ll show you what makes this unique… It’s how it opens and closes..  The top lifts up and the inside moves up and the top lays flat

To create a serving area

The top stores the glasses

The bottom stores the liqueur

The gold-dipped stemware and the glitter-glass candle holder looks fab here

Mother Dear picked a beautiful time piece.. because this baby will never go out of style.. (In fact, I bet there will be a replica made of this someday)..

So I thank  you Mother Dear – Every time I look at this – I smile and reflect on the fond memories of her and how much I love her.

Not So Square Vase

I spotted this vase during a thrift store visit for $3.99.  Just a plain, simple vase.. back in the day when something was plain it was considered a “square”.   I thought it was cute..I didn’t have a square vase so I figured why not..

Being cooped up inside because of the weather has made your thrifty girl go a little paint crazy and decided to snazz it up a bit..  First let’s tape it up…

It’s going in my dining room so I chose a copper paint… Paint is all done and it’s dry..  and  I added some crystals and fresh flowers and “VOILA!!!!”

A closer look….

The copper blends well with the artwork above it…

Now this vase isn’t so square after all….  (and to think I had it for sale at the yard sale.. I’m so glad it didn’t sell because I wouldn’t have this lovely vase)

Chocolates Anyone??

It’s the big weekend for lovers and chocolates..  I posted this song because its a mixture of both my favorites.. But let me take you on my chocolate high..

Accenting with chocolate is always a tasty treat for the home… you can start with an area rug (such as this) with a bold pattern


I blended the turquoise blue walls with a deep chocolate sofa

or you can blend it with green walls

    or add green elements to accentuate the chocolate  

It’s always good to have a soft cozy chocolate fur blanket nearby if you catch a chill


How about having chocolate as your side treat  – like a chair

or maybe as a mirror

You can also dine with chocolate  in a room featured here like the jewel of my sister’s home.. her dining room is the perfect blend of Chocolate and Mint ( like unwrapping a Andes Creme de Mint)  (you can see more of her beautiful home here)


Or if you care for the milky way kind of chocolate bar.. how about this media room nice dark chocolate with creamy caramel

You can also light a room up with chocolate lighting

Imagine the sweet dreams you’ll have in a chocolate bedroom


While smelling the gentle aroma of a chocolate candle

I hope you enjoyed my chocolate high and India’s song…   time to feed my addiction and go have chocolate cake…  sweet dreams

and sweet treats..