Chocolates Anyone??

It’s the big weekend for lovers and chocolates..  I posted this song because its a mixture of both my favorites.. But let me take you on my chocolate high..

Accenting with chocolate is always a tasty treat for the home… you can start with an area rug (such as this) with a bold pattern


I blended the turquoise blue walls with a deep chocolate sofa

or you can blend it with green walls

    or add green elements to accentuate the chocolate  

It’s always good to have a soft cozy chocolate fur blanket nearby if you catch a chill


How about having chocolate as your side treat  – like a chair

or maybe as a mirror

You can also dine with chocolate  in a room featured here like the jewel of my sister’s home.. her dining room is the perfect blend of Chocolate and Mint ( like unwrapping a Andes Creme de Mint)  (you can see more of her beautiful home here)


Or if you care for the milky way kind of chocolate bar.. how about this media room nice dark chocolate with creamy caramel

You can also light a room up with chocolate lighting

Imagine the sweet dreams you’ll have in a chocolate bedroom


While smelling the gentle aroma of a chocolate candle

I hope you enjoyed my chocolate high and India’s song…   time to feed my addiction and go have chocolate cake…  sweet dreams

and sweet treats..

4 thoughts on “Chocolates Anyone??

  1. I love to use chocolate in my home, too!!! Chocolate brown leather is a favorite here. I don’t care to actually eat chocolate, but I love the color and the fragrance! You gave some great examples, especially in your sister’s house with the mint green. LOVE the chocolate and pink bedroom with that dreamy headboard!!!!!!!!

  2. You nail it each and every time! Love this! It’s nice that you refer to “accenting with chocolate” it has a much better appeal. Love the song too! My sofa is also chocolate with green pillows. 🙂 Thinking about doing my bedroom with an accent wall in green. Love this post!!

I enjoy reading your comments