Copper Craze

Yes, I’m on this copper craze.. ever since I painted the vase, I really liked how the copper looks.  I decided to spruce this up

and this up

I made the pot tri-color..  ivory, white & copper..  Looks pretty darn good!

I even like the copper cage

I’m glad I gave them a new look

4 thoughts on “Copper Craze

  1. Stop it! You’re killin’ me!!! That copper color really wakes those items up, especially the vase! I saw a tri-color vase similar to that at either Z Gallerie…or maybe it was that store next door to it…I don’t know. Anyway, I remember it cost something like $80. By doing the work yourself…and doing a very good job of it, I might add!…you have just saved yourself a ton of the green stuff! I vote you treat yourself out to dinner! 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh, the cage is wonderful. It looks like it has a crown on the top. That is the best one I’ve seen and the copper finish is perfect. I am a big fan of these new metallic finishes.

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