She’s A Broken Elf

Happy Friday – hello weekend!  Remember I told you I have been busy hunting and digging for items to put in the new space.. Well I came across this broken elf lamp.  I remember the day I laid eyes on her and was very intrigued.. I had never seen anything like her.  Well she’s been pushed back and tucked away so long I forgot about her.  I brought her out again and just looked at her and said.. “what shall I do with you??”  I refuse to put it away again.. I need to do something.  She’s so delicate and can’t be moved too much.  The lamp isn’t working, her arms are off but her face and legs are in tact.. So I’m reaching out to you – what would you do with her.  Also, if anyone knows anything about her please fill me in.  Here’s the broken elf lamp.

Her arm is broken off  (but I have some of the pieces inside the bag that’s wrapped around her neck)


Her legs are in perfect condition

and just look at that adorable face (perfect condition)

So you see why I just can’t seem to let her go

Help!   🙂

3 thoughts on “She’s A Broken Elf

  1. First, she’s beautiful. I don’t blame you for keeping her. Can you use some sort of epoxy-resin? On YouTube they have videos on repairing broken clay, pottery, glass, porcelain. Good luck, she’s a keeper.

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