6.99 @ Kroger

Struck again at Kroger..

Filled with all my favorites…. for a spring bouquet


They look  lovely inside my hand painted thrifty deal

And all I went in for was a can of tuna fish and a diet pepsi.. chuckles….   I gotta stay away from there.. or I’ll have a florist in my house if this keeps up…  but for now – they’ll brighten my hump day tommorrow…  Hope the pretty flowers brighten your day

7 thoughts on “6.99 @ Kroger

  1. See….I TOLD you: You DESERVE a fresh bouquet! That’s why these were there at Kroger just patiently waiting for you to come in before they started calling your name! SO pretty!!! Enjoy!

  2. I love fresh flowers the smell is wonderful. I would love to be able to grow hydrangeas but I can not seem to do that. Starting in the early spring I pick the flowers that are in bloom in our yard. Right now the Azalias and the Wisteria are about to bloom. Your flowers look great in that vase.

  3. Oh, how lovely. Hydrangeas, now? I wonder if flower sales go up this time of year because everyone is dying for flowers. I once lived in an apartment over a florist’s. The apartment smelled wonderful all year.

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