Weekend: Music and Projects

Hello everyone, it’s been a few days and yes, your thrifty girl took a break from posting. But unfortunately not a break from home-work. Chores, chores, and more chores..  but it’s all good.  The hubby was away at a golf tournament for the weekend and that meant I got to play my music all day and as long as I like..yipppeee.. (he’s a TV person so I always respect him and either turn it  down or off when he comes in to relax) because I tend to turn the volume up when the music’s getting good.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous here – I couldn’t decide whether to do indoor or outdoor projects.. So.. I did a little of both.  I got up and chose the music for the weekend and Lou Rawls was first to go in the carousel (and I chose 4 more that consists of compilations of all old school r&b)  but I’ll stop there because I could go on & on about music.  Lady Love was one of those treasured songs between me & hubby and it stuck with me.  Of course over the years many more have touched our hearts but this was on my mind this weekend.   Besides there are so many good songs on this entire cd – I love it.

First on the list… laundry and the Laundry area.. Pet hair – everywhere.   Time for Diamond to keep her big butt outside.. diamod

Got that area swept and cleaned up and it’s back to normal


Next on the list – Front Porch – sweep the winter away along with the pollen and cob webs.. and begin prepping it for pretty.  Took time to paint these items to give them a fresh look.  The sedum in this pot grows so nicely.  The little black table became copper and the flower pot has a pink/copper new look



It’s fresher look is most welcoming


Old man winter did it’s damage to my Agave plants.. I’m really upset over losing them.. I’ve had them for quite a few years, but I guess they couldn’t hang in there.   Well have to say good-bye to them – sniff sniff.  🙁


I did a quick look around at the flower beds and everything else is coming back beautifully – so it didn’t too much damage.  Weeding the beds are my next week projects.. but they are looking quite good for me to not have done anything to them.  Thank God for perennials.

Next on the list was to finish potting more of my herbs.  I bought a variety of them and need to get them potted.  The herbal cart turned out very well and I needed another stand for some more pots.  I found this inside my storage area

And decided to revamp it with some spray paint as well, along with more flower pots.  I’ve got more herbs to have cooking fun with

Last but not least, my  back door needed a fresh coat of paint real bad.. The scuff marks were “not” coming off.  So, I gave up scrubbing and pulled out the paint brush.   I’m so glad I did it because it looks much better.


Well (in the mere words of Bugs Bunny) that’s all folks!   I hope you had a wonderful and productive weekend too!  Feel free to share your story with me.. I’d love to hear about it.  I also hope you enjoyed listening to Lou.




Herbal Cart

It’s Spring and time to tend to the garden.  The perennials that have been resting all winter has finally awakened and ready to come alive.  Your thrifty gal has been waiting to work on a simple project.  Fresh garden herbs are just wonderful to cook with and I love growing them (if you’ve never used them – trust me- make it a point to do it this year).  I caught Home Depot’s Spring Black Friday sale and bought several starter plants.   I spotted a utility cart at the yard sale I went to a few weeks back (when I bought all the seashells).  That day, not only did I hit the seashell jackpot, but I also hit the flower pot jackpot!  I bought the cart for $5.00 and the flower pots were $4.00 (for all of them – total count- 45), I know, I know, I’ve got a lot of planting to do   🙂 .   That particular yard sale landed me some great deals.


Well I figured this cart will make the perfect “go to” stand for my herbal garden which will be right outside my kitchen door on the deck.  Now of course it needs a major new look.. something that will be bright and cheery to make my herbs grow healthy.   I’ve been stock piling all the pretty spring colors of spray paint to work on projects this summer. I decided on the colors and went to work… first I cleaned the cart and the painted it a pretty turquoise.  Then I painted a few of the clay pots to plant my herbs in.  Here is my the new look of my Herbal Cart

This simple project took 2 hours to complete and I’m so happy about the new look

I colorful tape was a perfect accent to the colors I chose.


These herbs are going to give my summer meals a bold new flavor.. mmmmmm and the delightful fragrance smells so pretty when I walk past them






A Goodwill Week

This past week I had been lucky at Goodwill.  I just thought I’d share some of the things I came across.  You know I don’t need a blankety blank thang, but I’m actually addicted to the thrill of the hunt.. ( I need therapy – seriously) – someone please introduce me to Will Power… chuckles.

Well here we go with what I saw… This dusty little cooler bag was the perfect size for my son to take with him out fishing.  Judging by the dust on the outside, I knew it was going to be dirty inside…

But I was totally surprised  –  how wrong I was!  (and btw.. it was $2.75)

Then I came across these office chairs.. Yes they were a bit outdated, but nothing that some new fabric and spray paint can’t fix – the wheels work perfect (I scooted around for a test drive).  They were $2.75 each  (what a steal)

Up next – these chairs… I really dig the modern shape and yes, they were comfortable and sturdy.  The wood was in perfect condition.  Just update the fabric and they’d be a great pair of vintage inspired sitting chairs.  The best part – their bargain price $5.75 each

This slipper chair was just $4.87 (let’s ditch the outdated orange velvet fabric – blah- with some new up-to date fabric and you’ll have  fantastic slipper chair.  This also was a comfortable chair..the springs were in tact

I really wanted this two-seater sofa, but someone plucked the tag (beat me to the punch).  I just imagined a nice metallic paint and new fabric would make this a fabulous piece.  The price??  a mere $42.75

Lucked up with another macrame plant holder for $1.75 (I couldn’t leave this behind)

So you see why I enjoy the thrill of the hunt.  So I guess you’re wondering what I came home with..well..truth is… none of them (except the plant holder).  Will Power almost came to the rescure, but as I was walking out the door, I glanced over at the shoe section.. (WHY??? I’ll never know – I never-ever look at their shoes.. and I mean never)  but for some reason the shoes didn’t look “beat up”.  I spotted these sandals – never worn in mint condition.  I tried them on – perfect fit!  Hmmm… I really like them for my jeans.. so home they came…. and guess what.. they were $2.87 – LOL!!!  I had to smh and say “Kim (my alter ego) GO HOME”

So … you feel where I’m coming from…. I love the thrill of the hunt.  What about you??    Someone please tell me I’m not alone..LOL!


Introducing Peggy


Hey Yall! (in my southern slang) remember I told you I would introduce you to Peggy Brickles, the local artist who did the fantastic artistry on my headboards.  Well today is that day.  Peggy is a sweet lady who developed her love of art by working with her daughter.  She’s been doing this  for about 5 years and simply enjoys her pasttime of dabbling in paint.  She has a boutique located on Church Street in the charming, small town of Whitmire, SC to showcase her designs.   I had the opportunity to sit and chat with Peggy and also take pictures of her fabulous work to expose to all my viewers.  So, sit back relax and enjoy the tour of her shop.

These are the lovely Palmetto tree glasses that caught my eye at the auction.  They are part of a service set for 8 with matching plates, water goblets, cups and saucers.    I really like the Palmetto tree “Welcome” sign painted on ceramic tile..


She also had a simple serving of pansies in grass painted on the wine glasses with matching plates

This technique of the black and white candle holders were painted using rubber bands (how nifty of an idea was that!)


This is window display with small glasses of spring flowers painted on them (gets me ready for that summer garden party).  She even painted the lampshade

If your serving drinks on the deck, southern iced tea would taste so refreshing in these purple palmetto  tree glasses.

Here’s another lovely spring painting done on slate  (and she’ll even paint your family name -or whatever wording you prefer- on it)

Featured here is another painted design she created

The darling flower pots are perfect for the mother-daughter gardeners

Or if you like to have kitchen signs to showcase your love of the “Java”.. she painted these palette pleasers to display in your kitchen..


Or if roosters are your thang for that country kitchen.. check out this cool cock that she painted..  (I love it!)

along with all these other country kitchen items to complete your kitchen decor… oh and a nice little laundry sign to hang by the washer & dryer..(gotta do laundry)

And those who have a man cave – she’s got your rules written down in black & white..chuckles..

For the bird lovers, here’s some beautifully painted birdhouse

This desk and chair were saved from the dumpster and she restored and painted her paisley funky design that attracts the colorful eye.

and for the pastel lovers (like me) – I just adore how she painted the block pattern on these wooden chairs


Now, that you’ve seen all the wonderful designs created by Peggy, I have to show the lady with the smile who would greet you the warmest welcome when you come into her shop

or you can contact by email or phone if you see something you’d like to order

It’s a wonderful world and I love to see it through the designs painted by artists.  Supporting local artist and local talent is the core of what keeps America the beautiful.

Got my “W”s!!

I’m so excited,  I finally got  “W” monogrammed on the twin headboards- turned window treatment  that were above the master bedroom windows.   They’ve been plain for a while waiting for me to get my nerves up to try doing it myself.

A few weeks back our town had an auction and few people donated some items for the charity event.  There were a pair of painted Palmetto tree wine glasses donated for the silent auction.  They were really nice and I was told a local artist painted them.  Come to find out the talented artist has a shop right across the street from my house (duuuhhh)  boy did I overlook that hidden jewel.  I’m going to introduce you to Ms. Peggy Brickles very soon.   But moving along with my excitement.  I asked her if she does stenciling and she sure does!  So I picked out the letter and gave her a feel of how I want it to look.  Thank God she read my mind….   🙂    which I believe is part of the hidden perception of what artists do.. they visualize what you’re trying to convey and bring it to fruition.  OK –  So.. down comes the headboards (omg! can you say dust – chuckles…  ah-choo, ah-choo)  and I took them to her (dust free of course)  for her to work her artist magic on them.    A couple of days later I get a texted picture of the finished product and my jaw dropped..  PERFECT!!!!  It was exactly what I wanted… I couldn’t wait to pick them up.   This is how they turned out.



Didn’t she do a FANTASTIC job!   I applaud Peg for putting the cherry on top of my unfinished sundae (so to speak).   I got them home and up they went..


Even the hubby liked them..