Friday Finds #3

Thank God  it’s Friday and I’m pooped out.   Having Monday off is really going to come in handy.   But moving right along to the subject at hand.  It’s Friday and time to show you the Friday Finds for the week.

Item #1

I had a feeling it was going to be a good week when I spotted the salad spinner.  I was very happy to have found it at Goodwill for $2.75.  Right now Target sells it for $21.99

Item #2

A chandelier for my brother’s house.   Picked this up at a yard sale for $10.00, and guess what.. it was never used

It was still in the box taped up –

Item #3

Picked up at a yard sale for $5.00 –  Found by Amina – I’m sure you guys remember how fun it was to have these chairs in our rooms as teenagers.  And guess what…the cheapest you can find them now is at Target again for $57.09 – $72.99 ( Great Find Amina!!!)

And last but not least.. another terrific bargain

Item #4

This was found here in town at our local thrift store Lighthouse.  It’s our town’s Goodwill.  Items are donated and the shop is ran by volunteers.  My mom is the thrifty gal behind this find.  She paid $40.00 for the vanity and bench.  I was shocked by it being perfectly intact.

As you see.. it’s in the blood… chuckles.. A generation of Thrifty Gals…

Well that’s all I have for now.. Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your “BBQ” .

$2.00 Tuesday #10

Yes! I’m happy to be able to post another $2.00 Tuesday.  It’s good knowing there are still items floating around worth $2.00 to decorate your home with.   I have to give credit on this find to my twin – Amina.   She found this chair on the curbside.. sitting lonely –  helplessly waiting to be saved from the dumpster (poor ole chair just looking for a home).   She held onto it for a while until she realized her daughter needed a small chair for a corner area in her bedroom where she practices her guitar.   She pulled the chair from the attic and decided it was ready for a makeover.  Here is the lonely little chair:   I know, pretty drab right???


She already had the paint for another project but changed her mind. However, it was the perfect color to brighten up the chair to give it a funky  new look that really pleases my niece.   So the chair was free, but the fabric is what cost $2.00.  She found it on the remnant table.   The chair has a new home, a new look and a new attitude…    So … “How you like me now!?”

Kudos to Amina!! For contributing to the $2.00 Tuesday.  If you find an item and would like to share, please let me know – I’d love to feature it.  Have a wonderful week!



Break Time

Hey Guys, it’s been a minute since hearing from me.  I took a break to play catch-up with a few things I needed to take care of.  Today I decided to say “Hi” and remember me (smiles)..  One chore I had, had, had to take care of was cleaning out my fridge.  I always dread this chore because I have to take out the glass shelving (which is a pain in the you know “what”).  There was spill and needless to say – time to get it done.  I purchased  some large placemats from Goodwill a while back for $1.00 and decided to use them on the shelves therefore, if there’s another spill – just simply take out the mat – wipe it down and replace.  Makes my job easier.   I even like the tropical color it adds to the fridge.


I had some leftover so I decided to use them on my herbal cart too – to add a bit of extra protection from the rain

I found these cute little tags at Michael’s and used them for the herbal pots ( I have to get more)

Our town had a Mother’s Day Sale and I set up a table to sell a few things (which wasn’t a big success).  Trying to offer something unique and different, I was hopeful the candle wick dippers would sell.  As the old saying goes -If I was paid for every compliment, I’d be rich 🙁

The Wick Dippers were hand-cafted by LindaG of A Perfect Day to Dream.  These exquisite one of kind pieces sell for $10.00.  It is a perfect elegant accessory for candle lovers.  You can view the collection along with the Bohemian Butterfly Suncatchers on her site  If you’d like to order one for yourself or as a gift, feel free to contact me or LindaG.

Aren’t they beautiful!!!

By using these, save your breath and there’s no smoke after putting the candle out.

Then I had the house power washed.. The dark stains on the porch were nerve wrecking.

It really made a difference –  looks a lot brighter.

(I’ll re-arrange it later.. I ordered a pretty rug to brighten up the space).  I’m changing the door color and I’ve narrowed my search to these two colors.  I’m pushing closer to the darker teal.  I’m feeling that color alot.  (Decisions, decisions)  Luckily I’ll only need a quart so if I don’t like it.. just move on to another color.  (What’s your opinion?)

The deck was finally stained.  I was nervous about the dark color but I actually like it.  I’ll be working on decorating it in the next few weeks.  I’m excited about that.  One thing for sure is – it’s going to be colorful!

I planted more flowers in the blank corner of the garden.  This week I’ll put mulch down and it’s finished.  This is the space before:

I filled in these pots and took them from this

To this:


And in the midst of all this, I’m slowly getting my Chill-Out Rest Haven together.  I  can’t wait to sit back, relax and enjoy the summer.,

Lastly, I still want to show you my brother’s house.  It’s coming quite nice and he’s getting excited to be moving in there.

I also used this down time to blog search, catch up with email and find other inspiring pictures which I will soon share.   So, what have you been up too?

Friday Finds #2

Hey there! It’s Friday and I have a 3-day weekend – so you know I’m HAPPPYY!! Clap along if you feel like that’s what you want to do! Hey!

Chuckles.. just thought I’d throw that in – so you catch my drift..

Today’s Friday Finds were not found by me but by a friend.  I was visiting my friend Elizabeth Claytor who owns a Bed & Breakfast in Chester, SC.  I love her big historic home.  You can view the lovely Inn Upon Moon River Plantation Bed & Breakfast  here, and if you ever plan to visit SC, by all means this is the perfect place to stay.  Elizabeth and husband David are the best hosts and you feel the warmth of their home and personality soon as you enter.  Elizabeth is another thrifty shopper like myself.   She made a few changes since the last time I had visited her and when I complimented her that’s when she told me about her great finds.. I think she has me beat!!   Take a look at her Fab Finds –

She stopped at the Goodwill Outlet (I never knew Goodwill had an outlet) in Charlotte.. and that’s where she found her excellent finds.. So get ready to say OMG!!

She found this chair.. (as is).. for $2.00  LOL.. I just couldn’t believe it…WHATTTTT!!!!  She YES!!!!  $2.00 whole dollars..


Really!!! look at this chair…  $2.00 — smh…



Then she found this entertainment cabinet for $4.00  — GeeezzzzLouise—- I’m floored… WOW!!! Is  all I could say….


For $4.00  … heck I’d like the natural wood look too!


Then she found this  storage chest for another whopping $2.00…!!!!! All in one visit..    I was completely flabbergasted over her FAB Finds..  I think she just put me to shame..  But boy do I LOVE IT!!!    Like I said.. it’s the thrill of  hunt!

All three pieces ithis picture was a total of $8.00 .. Can you scream WOW!!!!!!!!!!      Like I did!

As they say birds of a feather flock together.. I met Elizabeth at my garage sale.  She was passing through town and stopped because she heard my blues music playing (I always play music during yard sales for my shoppers pleasures.. music and shopping is very therapeutic) and we began talking.  She asked to tour my house which I was happy to oblige and she loved it.  She began telling me all about her blues themed Bed & Breakfast in Chester and I got so excited – I went there and it’s been a wonderful friendship ever since..  I love those guys… .

P.S  If you ever want to plan a getaway to perfect small town big on southern hospitality – visit Chester and stay at the Moon River Bed & Breakfast… Tell them Jamala sent you  :-)…   (let me know and I’ll stop in to say hello, too)

And as David always  “Peace”

I hope all of you have an ABSOLUTELY PERFECT MOTHER’S DAY!!!!!!

A Lovely Day

Hello everyone!   I hope your weekend weather was as beautiful as it was here in South Carolina.  This weekend was just simply BEEE-UUU-TI-FUL! It forced you to go outside, love mother nature and simply be happy to be alive.   That’s the feeling your thrifty girl had both days.   I had to take advantage of the perfect weather and began weeding the flower beds…I really should have prepped my back for this.. I’m soooo like out of shape for this kid of work.. Over the winter you actually forget how much labor is involved in yard work.   Headed out to Lowes on a mission to get deck stain, brush etc.. because it was time to stain the deck and passed 5 – yes- 5 yard sales.. I couldn’t stop on the way, because I needed to get to Lowes and get back.  Well on the way home I HAD to stop.. the temptation got the best of me.  I stopped at two of them and spent $11.00.  I bought another chandelier for my brother’s house  – never used for- for $10.00 and this pair of wrought iron candle holders for $1.00.  (I’ll show you the chandelier on my Friday Finds post)

I started with this part of yard.  A few months ago we had the pile of lumber removed and it left this portion of the yard drab (and the soil rich)

I wanted to extend the flower bed down the fence, so I rocked the path.. and began there.  This table needed to be freshened up a bit- okay.. A LOT OF BIT.. chuckles..

I pulled this fire screen out of of storage.. (another Goodwill bargain for $6.00) since I was painting.  

I decided to use it in the garden.  It adds a bit whimsy to the space.  I think I like it.   How about you?


The bed is coming along nicely.  Once I add the remaining plants and mulch, it will look a lot better.

Time to take a break and on the way inside, I happened to notice my pointer finger.. rule #1  use rubber gloves to spray paint, I had a perfectly painted gold  finger nail.  Lucky polish remover worked.

I was very glad I made a pitcher of flavored water (strawberries and lemons) .. It was quite refreshing after being in the sun a few hours

I’ve made some progress but still have quite a bit to do.  Little by little I’ll be finished and back to relaxing  in my “Chill-Out” Rest Haven

Sooo.. how was your weekend?