Make Me Over Monday – Part 5

Hope you had a fantastic, happy dance weekend. I worked on another project for Jamil’s apartment. I had this old wine rack with a butler’s tray that’s been needing a bit of TLC. It was one of those “you never know purchases” from a yard sale ions ago. Can’t recall how much, but one thing for sure.. it wasn’t much.


I figured he could use it for his place….(better off there than in the garage collecting dust.. )  then I googled the cost of some them – wow.. I’m really saving him money..(but happy to do it)





Of course I used good ole spray paint to bring it back to life.  I chose antique gold as the color of choice.. besides it’ll go better in his apartment.

Added a stencil on top…

I’m passing his great-grandmother’s vintage shot glasses on to him.

along with the gold-dipped glasses I made a few months ago

Of course I had to start him off with a bottle of wine for his first toast … chuckles..

All in all….   He liked it

I’m happy I was able to move one more item out the building :).   Have a wonderful week my friends..










7 thoughts on “Make Me Over Monday – Part 5

  1. Such a great makeover! I love it painted gold. The stencil was a nice added detail. I’m sure your son will get a lot of use out of it.

  2. Great job….What did he say about the Sparkling Welch’s…. :-). and I noticed that red vase/planter in the background, niiiice….It caught my eye! 🙂

  3. I hope Jamil realizes just what a great Mom you are! You are really putting together some great things for him! That stenciling on here is really cool!!! You and that paint…what a pair you make! You REALLY brought this wine rack back to life!

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