God Bless

Happy July 4th to all my readers.  May God bless you and your family with safe travels, fun times, good food, and good health.   It wouldn’t be the 4th without me hearing one of the greatest singers ever lived to sing the national anthem.  I truly love how Whitney does it….

Your vintage girl has been busy with family visiting this week and just hadn’t taken the time to create a little “somethin’ somethin'” for the occasion – I know – shame on me.  However, I did see a cute fb picture posted by my newest community acquaintance Judy.  Judy is a local artist who does fantastic paintings on – get this –  feathers — now you guys know how much I love feathers.

Well look at what she did with an old corn crate..

She dissembled it

And created this..   Kudos to Judy for being so creative…..

Of course I couldn’t end here without letting you see her feather paintings….Look at the beautiful pieces she created..


They say big things come in small packages— Our town may be small but like dynamite that comes in small packages..it’s big on talent.  If you’re interested (like me) in purchasing a hand-painted feather .. feel free to contact  Judy – send me an email and I’ll forward her the information.    I look forward to showing you what she made for me.. until then – Ta-Ta..   🙂

2 thoughts on “God Bless

  1. What a talent Judy has!!! On feathers??!?!?!! Wow…That takes a super steady hand, I’m sure! Hats off to Judy!

    And hats off to you, too! Have a wonderful, safe, and fun 4th! “See” you next week!

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