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Hey friends! It’s Friday and it really feels like this week went  fast to me.  I came back from my visit to Jersey – still on my “Goodwill high” and needless to say I’m all “chaired up”  – from the ghost chair  I found while there to this exciting new one I’m showing you today.   The urge struck me to visit my favorite Goodwill in Columbia and as soon  as I stepped in the door ” BAM!!”  there she was…   !!!!!!   Scream with me please!!!


This was confirmation that the Goodwill Fairy does exist and has become my guardian thrift angel.  I immediately snatched that ticket off and ran to the register.  Ok.. here’s the “to die for” moment… the chair was tagged for $22.75.. I was freaking ecstatic – but when the  she said I can get a senior discount (my aunt – I haven’t quite reached the age limit yet) – get ready to pass out… because I was actually faint after she rang it up with the discount – $18.00 YES $18.00…     You’re probably like me – wondering what’s wrong with it…. well I’ll show you..


….a small wear on this arm – yea – whatever — really?? ..that is definitely a “no big deal”er .. See the name of the maker..  It’s the Mindy chair which retails brand new for $1099.00  which you can view here to see for yourself.

Ok… time to call Jamil with my frantastic -(no typo – frantic and fantastic) good news.  Why doesn’t he get excited like me – I’ll never know- but he was happy about it.

I took it to his place and was happy to see it matches his bedding perfectly


His bedroom is coming along… slowly but surely – piece by piece.  Once we get everything together.. I’ll show you his place.   Remember my motto… “Patience is a virtue”.

Oh and I also found this long bed pillow for $6.99  (4.00 after disct) which I added to his bed.  He’s not feeling it because it’s kinda girly .. but I disagree… but I figure I’ll show you..


Do you think it’s too girly???  We’re still battling with it..chuckles…  I told him..he’ll thank me later- because it’ll come in handy when he wants to sit up in bed.   Well – that’s it for this week’s Friday Finds .. I hope you have a Grandtastic weekend!   Ciao!!






7 thoughts on “Friday Finds

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  2. I’m hoarse from screaming along!!! My goodness…that is THE buy of the century!!! What a magnificent chair. That little ol’ flaw can be easily covered by tossing a throw over. No problem! What a coup!!!!!

    I don’t think the pillow is too girly, but if he thinks so, maybe he can put a different pillow cover on it. Maybe a plain color instead of a print will make him feel better about it. I hope so because I agree with you…it’ll make sitting up in bed a WHOLE lot more comfy!!!

  3. I love that chair, too. I bet if you emailed them they would send you a tiny piece of fabric to repair the arm! You could just slip stitch it on and no one would know it was fixed. You have great taste! But, I know your brother is never going to like the bolster!

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