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Well Good Morning Everyone!  The painting is all complete!! Yayyyy!!!   If you can remember last week I showed you some color swatches – which was big dilemma to choose from.  I wonder which color did you think I chose???  Take a quick guess… Well this is what I chose –


I wanted something that would be fresh and bright, yet have a hint of southern charm and Pantone Beach Glass was perfect!

I hope a few of you picked that color  🙂  then I won’t feel so alone..    I ventured into Lowe’s on Friday to pick out floor paint for my brother’s house (yes he’s still chipping away at it) God bless him, while in the midst of painting our shop and working on my mom’s floors, he’s managing to do them all.

While they were mixing the paint, I figured I’d do a bit of browsing to see what I might find on sale.  Low and behold… look what was on sale!!

I couldn’t believe it.. for $24.97. So naturally that was a “Gotta-get ‘er”  Perfect for the shop.  I REALLLLY (in my Vanessa Williams M&M commercial voice) did not want to have to settle for  that old fashioned ceiling fan fixture that was in the entry way of the store, but I was going to make do until…..

How lucky was that!!

Kinda reminds of – Breakfast at Tiffany’s Theme  🙂

Well that’s a bit more progress made!  Still finding deals to make things happen.   I’ll be touching base with you again.. I hope all is well and that you’re following along with me on my VivaGram journey.



10 thoughts on “Shop Progress

  1. That’s Vanessa Williams???!?!?! I didn’t know that! I’ll have to listen more carefully next time the commercial comes on!

    GREAT find on the light fixture! That is really going to make a great impression when people first enter the store! I’m so glad your browsing yielded something terrific! Just goes to show what you can find if you just open your eyes and look around!

    The paint color is brilliant! I’m looking forward to seeing it in its home!

  2. The lights are really, really pretty. Just what I would have picked. I would love to remove the out-of-style ceiling fans in my shop but I don’t have air-conditioning. I want them out so bad! The shop is going to be beautiful.

    • Thanks Ginene ..girl I forgot the energy it takes to get a shop up and running while trying to work a 9-5er. It’s exhausting and fun.. I’m still trying to figure out the florescent lights on the other side… Yuck, but they throw off so much needed light..

      • Kim, I had the same issue in this building. I still have florescent lights in the old bank vault. This building is on the north side of the street and it is dark. In a way it is good because it is cooler in the summer. I have five of those old-fashioned floor lamps, you know the kind with the large 3-way bulb on the top and the three smaller bulbs below the large one? After all the things I’ve tried, those still work the best because I can move them around. I can get these floor lamps inexpensively at auctions and sales because no one seems to want them. I rewire them myself if they need it and clean them all up. I try to make my shop homey and old-fashioned, so they work in my space. Even the music I play is from the 1920s through the 1940s. Anyway, if you have any of those lamps, they can be updated with modern lampshades. I put a big 150-200-300 watt bulb in those floor lamps. They throw off some light! At night, I can turn the big bulb off and leave only one little bulb burning of the three on the bottom. I really commend you because I did the same thing for the first five years I had the shop (worked full-time and opened the shop on weekends). I was all fired-up! We get the energy from the drive to do this. I know this is going to be a big success and the more feedback you hear from people and the more sales you have, the more energy you will get. You seem like the kind of person who has to have a creative outlet. Like me, my regular job wasn’t creative enough.Life passes by and the time is now!
        Your pal,

  3. Love the color. I kinda thought you’d pick that color since that was the color on top. :-). And with that lamp…Perfect ! I’m coming to your grand opening dressed just like Audrey Hepburn in that picture…pearls gloves and all!!! Yes, Darlin, you know I will.

  4. WOW! Great find at Lowe’s on the chandy! I love it! I think I need to stop in Lowe’s once a week just to walk through & look at big sale items. Hopefully I will get as lucky as you! BTW, I’m loving your color choices 🙂

    • Thank you @alittletex.97. I hope you get lucky too!! Yes it’s good practice to pop in because it’s the manager specials that are not advertised, which is how I usually luck up with catching good sales..

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