I Heart Art

Hello everyone!  I hope you all remember to set your scales back before the wonderful Thanksgiving feast you’ll share with your family (I know.. wishful thinking right??) lol… The holiday shopping season has officially begun but I’m determined to stay away from the stores as much as possible.  I enjoy shopping on the internet for certain items for the home, such as art.  If you’ve been following me.. I’m sure you realize how fond I am of art, which is why I was ecstatic when I found the site, Invaluable.Com and decided to design a room around one of their paintings.  Ok, so you know how much I loooooove music.. when I saw this piece I flipped over the beautiful painting of Aretha.  I was in a daydream mode and thought I’d toy around with how I envisioned a room with this painting would look.  Invaluable has a vast array of art and believe me, it was a tough decision.  If you’ve not heard of them, Invaluable is a premier online auction offering art, jewelry, antiques and collectibles from all over the world.  The piece I chose is from their mixed media selection of Fine Art called Aretha by French Artist Jef Aerosol.  The starting bid is – eh hem –  (swallow hard)  $2000.00 (yikes- my husband would kill me) Mind you this is truly my dream piece..

Isn’t she gorgeous!!  The artist captured the early days of the “Queen of Soul” which to me, was her best work.  The vintage appeal of this painting is what caught my eye.  Of course this would make any room look stunning, but here’s the room I designed around this magnificent art work.. I imagine entertaining, while listening to Aretha and all my jazz favorites, while enjoying good company, delicious hors d’oeuvres and fine wine… and of course, admiring my fine art.



A girl can dream – “Can’t I??”  🙂

Adding the right art to your room is like choosing the perfect accessories for that fabulous outfit.  It’s easy to design a room around art and Invaluable could be your One-Stop art shopping place.  I hope you all enjoyed my fantasy room as much as I do.


Grand Opening Coming Soon!

Hello, hello, hello!!  I hope all is well and you’re staying warm…brrrrrrr… I can’t believe how cold it’s gotten.  I’m just popping in to share a quick sneak peak at the shop.  The countdown has officially started, I’m excited and nervous.  November 29 at 11:00 we will be cutting the ribbon at “Pieces of Time” new location.  I’ve got my fingers crossed that all goes well.  I know trying to make everything perfect is hard to accomplish (mind you – in my imperfect world), but yet I’ll try to make it as close as I can.  I really wish you all could join us with the ribbon cutting, but I’ll take pictures and share the big day with you.  Thank you all so much for the encouragement, it really means alot.  Between cooking Thanksgiving dinner and “moving this, cleaning that, hauling this, staging that” it will be one big crazy week coming up” but it’s all good.  Totally happy that my magnificent other half- partner in crime- my ride or die chick- Amina, will be coming down for the holiday and event.  I don’t know what I’d do without her.   So you guys remember where I started with the shop:

(I hope my landlord don’t be mad – I got him in this picture.. ooops – heeeeheeee)  🙂


Yea, pretty bad, but workable…


Here’s the entry now:


Still more to show.. but I’ve got postcards to write.  I’m wishing you all a very blessed and Happy Thanksgiving.. Be safe in your travels and enjoy spending time with your family.  Smooches!


Leaves me Alone!

Hey everyone…it’s been quite some time since we’ve spoken.  Fall is dreadfully upon us  (and I’m still trying to figure out where did summer go?)  I love reading all the blog posts about Fall and the beauty of the colors and warm tones this season is filled with. But for me all I see is this!


Leaves!!!!   and more

Leaves, leaves, leaves… too bad they can’t leave me alone.. lol… but that’s a big wishful thinking.  Needless to say, I just walk past them with blinders on until the last one has fallen..  We had someone come blow them but a couple days later – it didn’t even look like he was here..  So in the meantime I get my joy looking at all the beautiful posts everyone is doing to make me appreciate the beauty of Fall. My neighbor, Cassie, who is also an online DJ hosts Soul of the Blues posted some beautiful Fall pictures to try to inspire me to get into the Fall spirit.  I really enjoy listening to Cassie’s station.  You can check her out here.  She’s on every Thurs, Fri, Sat & Sun.  So join us, she’d love it.. and she’ll give you a shout out too – just listen and log on to Facebook to let her know you’re on.  Tell her Kim sent you  :-).


I enjoyed seeing all the Halloween costumes people were posting..  My little munchkins looked so adorable…

Anytime you say “picture time” to Ms. Ava – the hand automatically goes on the hip – chuckles… what’s up with that???

The painting of the shop has been completed and the light fixture has been hung..

Things are moving along pretty well.  I lucked up at the fabric store and found the perfect fabric to hang at the window.  I’m so glad I kept my old dining room curtains.. They were perfect to hide the back area (which will be a small storage area)

Pulled out the Brothers to get the window curtains done… (how do you like the fabric? – I thought it was a perfect match for the chandy)

With so much bamboo in this area…. I used a piece of bamboo for the rod  (I’m no way near a bonafide seamstress – so panels are always the easiest).  I used the same fabric for the front and back because I couldn’t decide which side I wanted to face the outside..

I hope all you seamstresses out there aren’t cringing because I used a black thread (which is noticeable up top)  but I kinda like it.. (forgive me) but I can take constructive criticism (tell me if it looks REALLLLLY bad).

Our small town had  some excitement that took place .. I know some of you might know the show American Pickers..

Well guess what –  they came to Whitmire!!  Yes, we all were very happy about that.. They came picking in our town.. 🙂


Steve can be a bit of a flirt..chuckles..  but it’s all good.. We were happy they came…

Too bad my shop wasn’t open – but at least I got a picture with him standing in front of it .

The grand opening is scheduled for Nov. 29th.  So wish us luck for a successful event.  Oh and a big THANK YOU to American Express for sponsoring ShopSmall Saturday and sending of all the materials to make it a great event.


We’ve also been approved for  Neighborhood Champions – which means Pieces of Time is listed as a Neighborhood Champion in South Carolina on their site.  Yipppeeee!  This is a great start..  and we’re excited.

I hope all of you are doing fantastic and since you probably won’t be hearing from me until after Thanksgiving.. I wish you all Happy Thanksgiving and may God bless you a wonderful time spent with your loved ones.   Smooches and Hugs…