All Apart

Hi everyone!  The first session of my new venture consisted of taking the chair apart.  I have to admit, that was pretty interesting.  First we marked the chair’s fabric for where each piece goes,because once we take it apart, that becomes the pattern.

Taking it apart was not an easy task.   It was all tacked together.  Not one staple was in this chair.  You can imagine the million tacks we pulled out.

blue chair12

Lot’s of tugging and pulling to get the seams apart, while preserving the cloth.

Those hole pluggers were some tough cookies to get out..

Almost finished… I always wondered what kept the buttons tucked in.  Well – here was my answer.

Tacks, tacks and more tacks…..

All apart.. and this is what we are looking at… Ready to cover him up…

The frame goes home with me to sand and refinish…

So goodbye to the old Don look…..

I’ll keep you posted on the next step… Thanks for following me on this re-upholstery journey.


Lovely Lavender

Although it’s not Pantone’s color of the year, I’ll say that Lavender remains one of those soothing colors that makes any year a good color for me.  With hues that reminds me of the aromatic scent of wisteria, it simply entices the eyes and create a relaxing effect.  Through its gentleness – it packs a powerful statement in a room.  The softness makes it versatile and blends with almost any color.  When my mom asked me to help her decorate her living room, that was the color that immediately came to mind.  It simply reminds me of her personality.  My mom is a gentle woman who doesn’t speak in high tones but her volume speaks through her softness.  This post showcases her lovely, lavender living room, designed on a dime…featuring vintage re-styled furniture.  Welcome to Mommy’s house…

The furniture pieces are vintage french provincial items that have been loving restored.   All of which came from yard sales, thrift stores and roadside finds. The pair of chairs were purchased from a moving sale for $40.00.  I had them re-upholstered with this lovely lavender damask fabric.

The upholsterer did an absolutely a fantastic job making them new again.  Completely tufted and well cushioned, these chairs are so comfortable.

Her sofa, purchased at the same moving sale for $50.00, was upholstered in an ultra-suede deep plum. This sofa was a true bargain (the cushion is 100% goose down feather stuffed)  and completely comfortable.

With catching fabric on sale, buying the furniture and paying the upholsterer, her set was under $500.00.  The frame for this artwork was a flea market find for $25.00.  The lithograph by artist Ellen Powell-Tiberino, was professionally matted.

The ottoman – another yard sale find for $5.00 – reupholstered using leftover fabric from another job was an added bonus with the complete set.

Her coffee table – found as is – on the street…(it was great night of bulk day hunting treasures) $0.00

It was a miracle finding all these pieces (made of fruitwood) in such great shape but at different times.  You know my motto – Patience is a virtue..  eventually it’ll turn up..

The space is accented with vintage crystal candy dishes, thrifted candle holders and other thrifty finds to create the finished look.

Visiting mom is always a joy, and her living room gives everyone a welcome feeling.  Her heart is just as sweet as the candy she keeps the candy dishes  🙂 .   Since I welcomed you into her home, I’d like to introduce you to my Mom… (picture taken 2 years ago when we celebrated her 75th birthday and I love this picture- she was so surprised)

By looking at her, do you think her living room reflects her style….   🙂





Time for Lessons

I hope your new year has been going great.  I pondered doing something and finally decided to take heed to some advice that my dear friend Joyce gave me years ago when we first opened Pieces of Time.  She always said.. “Honey, the only way to make money in this business is to learn to do it yourself”.  It was procrastination at it’s best.  Well the procrastination has ended and the lessons will begin.  My upholsterer who did Clarissa – has graciously said yes to teaching me.  When I asked her about it.. her reply was not what I expected..she said “Sure, I would love to teach you… because someone taught me and I’d love to pass it on”  Wow!  Honestly speaking, I thought she would say “No” for obvious reasons and I’m very grateful about that. This is going to be a long process and I’ll share what I’m going through along the way.  I hope you’ll follow along.    This is the chair we are working on for the first lesson.

It has a small tear in the fabric and needs to be re-done.  The simple lines along with a sleek look is perfect for a starter lesson.  The style is mid-century modern Eames chair  and reminds me of something you’d see in Mad Men – doesn’t it?


Very similar huh??


blue chair

It’s a very popular style and I can’t wait to see the finished product.  I picked a sleek fabric and will refinish the wood.  I think I’ll call this piece Don – Looks sleek and casa-nova-ish.. like DonJuan.

So everyone.. wish me luck, on this new venture I’m taking.  I just hope my hands hold up for the journey.

Chair Me Up!

Well I’ve had a good long weekend and it’s back to the ole drawing board.. as the DD commercial says.. it’s time to make the doughnuts” as I drag myself out of bed.   I always reflect back to when I first saw this piece of art that reminded me sooooo much of myself on Monday mornings.  It’s called Blue Monday by Annie Lee.  You can see more of her artwork here.


I hope I’m not the only one who has this feeling on Monday (Tuesday, Wednesday,Thursday & Friday) mornings.. chuckles..I’m just kidding …   Ok, ok… moving along… It’s been a while since I’ve posted something for my Monday Makeover and I’m excited to show you this one.  Over the years, I’ve met quite a few chairs that I hold dear to me and this is one..well… was one that I’ve waited quite a while to do anything with.  When I first saw Clarissa.. (that’s the name I gave her… means gentle) – I know – call me crazy.. but I’ve come quite attached to some of the objects around the house and I figure since they’re in the family then why not name some of them.. chuckles..  My husband just shook his head when I said meet Clarissa..( in other words.. I’ve gone coo-coo for coco puffs..) LOL!!  Well if an artist can give his paintings names.. then how come I can’t give my furniture names.. right??  Ok.. now.. when I first saw Clarissa, she was a poor lost soul – very gentle and delicate.  She had been left unattended and stripped of her cloth baring her insides waiting to be covered up.  I could tell she was once a beautiful creature, gracing a lavish home (at least that’s what I imagine).  Her curves were none like I’ve ever seen in my travels and I really wanted her.  She belonged to a dear elderly antique dealer/friend name Joyce,  who kept her for a very long time waiting to get her repaired.  Joyce had so many beautiful chairs and she kept saying she’ll have it done eventually.  Well sad story is that Joyce never did have her done and unfortunately she’s ill and would not ever see her again.  I held onto this chair since her illness tucked away in my storage.  I finally decided to take her out and bring her back to life ..   Here she is ..

Just a s shell of her was all that was left.. I can’t imagine how someone could mistreat such a beautiful object.

Judging by her stuffing – of cotton and horse hair – she was made in the early 1900’s – so this chair has been around roughly 100+ years.

But I guess considering her age, it’s a blessing she’s still standing.. (God knows I probably won’t be standing at 100 years – chuckles).  I pulled her out of storage and made up my mind to finally get her done.  It is her time to shine again and grace the home of a loving owner – ME!   And here she is.. Meet the NEW Clarissa

I tried to save the bird fabric on the back but it was too damaged and dry rot.

I even searched for a fabric with a bird backdrop but couldn’t find anything pleasing to my satisfaction.   I just decided to go with a patterned back and a solid ultra-suede (although it was velvet on her before)

All in all – I’m very pleased with her new look

If chairs really had souls – I think she’d be smiling at her new look and pleased to feel back at home

Welcome Home Clarissa!!

Glad to have you join us!  I’m sure if Joyce could see her she would love her.  I hope you all are pleased with Clarissa’s new look as much as I am.. and if so.. holla at your girl!   Happy Monday and enjoy the rest of your week..  Smooches

It’s Your World!

I hosted a NYE party for the first time since living here and as I was preparing the table and foods, I had the music playing to get the vibe flowing through me.  As me and my mom danced around the kitchen to “house music” this song came on and I said – I must share this with you.  Even though the words are pertaining to a relationship, it doesn’t matter because the meaning of the title says it.

It’s 2015 and guess what…! It’s your time to shine, It’s your time to make it happen and it’s your year to do You! because guess what – It’s your world.. As we ring in the new year filled with new beginnings, we reflect back on the mistakes we’ve made and learn from them. We think about what brought us joy – and we keep doing it more..It’s all in what we call the book of life.  We are born and then we die.. the dash in the middle is what me choose to do to make it our world.  Of course there will be moments where you’ll second guess yourself, that’s natural, but guess what, if you mess up.. just do it over.. and over and over again until you get it right.

As Steve Jobs quoted:  Your time is limited – don’t waste it living someone else’s life.  Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living the result of other people’s thinking.   Don’t let the noise of other’s opinion drown your own inner voice.  And most important – have the courage to follow your heart and intuition, they somehow already know what you truly want to become.  Everything else is secondary.

Live your life to the fullest, let your loved ones know how much they mean to you and remember to create a world around you that makes you happy.   You’ve only got one life to live.. Make it count!  And in the process, remember to dance – dance and dance… even if you get sore (like me), then praise God thanking him for making it all possible.

As for me and resolutions, I don’t make them because the reality is.. I don’t keep them.  However, every year I promise myself to make each new year a little bit better than the last.  Some how, some way, every little bit helps.

Now — let me share my little creative moment I had while preparing the table.  Remember the vintage glass swan collection.  I needed some dip bowls and looked at them and said “hmmmmm”…why not?  Here they are..

I was totally pleased with how they added a little touch of elegance to the table.

I plucked some magnolia tree leaves and put them in a vase of water (also featured are pink faux roses) added some floating star glitter candles

And this folks is a part of my world, that I love sharing with you.

The evening was simply fun filled with my family, a few good friends, good music, and laughter.  I forgot how much fun Taboo really is..  🙂

Peace and blessings and again —- HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

I hope you enjoyed this song as much as did…(my knees still hurt from dancing — oooouuch)  LOL!