Pattern Cut

I really appreciate you following along with me on this slow process.  After cleaning the excess cotton attached to the fabric, it was time to lay the fabric and cut the pattern.  That was easy enough for me.. (given I still have a problem cutting a straight line).   I had plans to start the year totally organized making plans, setting goals.. but the truth is.. I can’t devote every Friday to this project, so I pushed it back to every other.  But.. good news is ..  she assured me we should be finished with the chair in about 3 more classes..( I was like WOW!!)..



You’re getting a glimpse of the fabric.. (I hope you like it… )

I left there with a bit  more enthusiasm and with another baby step toward an accomplishment.  Linda is an excellent teacher… her patience and understanding is really terrific.  She even handed me my first upholstery book, the staple gun she started with, staples, and guide sheet..

I’ve got studying to do.. and this is about to get real interesting (to me)… For now… Tah-tah!

4 thoughts on “Pattern Cut

  1. Kudos to you!!! Baby steps now but it will surely be worth it. The closest I’ve come to re-upholstery is de-constructing and making cornices. So hats off to you. Like Ginene stated, this is a craft most people have no idea the work behind the beauty. It’s going to be beautiful… Love the fabric!

  2. I am impressed with the project and I salute you for learning this craft. It will change everything for you as a shop owner. I wish every customer had a basic idea for how long this takes and the amount of work that goes into it. I’m starting my own project and just finished taking three layers of fabric from a chair. Millions of tacks!

  3. We have found the easiest things to reupholster are the waiting room office chairs. You can do these chairs in about 1 hour. My computer chair we recently did and it was somewhat a pain. We have a club chair I want to do something with to match my new office. I think I might attempt the new upholstery spray paint. Have you tried it?

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