Stripe it Out

Hey Y’all!  Real quick question—  Have you noticed how much stripe taper candles cost..  Geez louise… look here and here..  and  World Market  has them on sale for $3.00 but that’s for a pair.  Well, remember the yard sale I went to a couple weeks ago .. I also found 3 boxes of tapered evening candles for $0.50 a box with 5 candles in each box.

You know I snagged all of them.  I knew exactly what I wanted to do .. Stripe them out!!   It was so quick and easy and I love how it gave them a bit more elegance.


All I did was tape them up and gave a quick spray of metallic gold.  Let dry and now I have a pair of striped gold candles.  I saved a few dollars by getting vintage candles from the yard sale and doing it myself.  The best part is I’ve got several candles to make different colors and styles with at a fraction of the cost.

So the next time you’re at a yard sale, a thrift store or even Goodwill.. get those candles!  Every little bit savings counts.


Another thrifty idea by your Urvintage Girl!  Tah-tah!!



Inspired by “LindaG”

In this blogging world we all come across others who inspire us to try a project.  Such is that with Linda over at LindaGLovingHome.  Linda is so talented with creating beautiful things for the home and she has really blown me away with her many table runner designs.  When I saw her Fall Harvest runner, I became instantly inspired to try to make one.  She was kind to send me a pattern so I gave it a whirl.  This is the inspiration design I absolutely adored.


Simply gorgeous, and I love how she mixes pattern designs while adding a few detailed touches.  You can see all her other beautiful designs here.  It’s worth taking a visit to her blog.  After I finished my dining room makeover, I realized this table could use a new runner.  I’ve had this runner for years and think it’s time to give it a rest.

Now -I’m by far- no means a seamstress,just at the beginner stages when I made this table runner

I finally had the opportunity to go fabric shopping – (I was a kid in the candy store – wanting everything)

This is my new runner:

I made it a bit longer just in case I want to use it for the dining table.  I really love the color and pattern which brightened up this area


I goofed big time on the scalloped end.. (don’t ask how mine came out in this totally different

But all in all – I’m pretty happy about the outcome.

Instead of using regular lining, I used the back of the fabric so I have the option for another look when I flip it over.

Ok guys.. I’ve tried my luck at this, next up is a bed runner..- she makes fabulous ones.. so I have to give that a try..   Thanks Linda for the inspiration!   Fingers crossed.



Texas Red Wings


Is your stomach growling or mouth watering..?? Good, because that what I had hoped..  – Mission Accomplished.  Ok now.. Who doesn’t like wings??? duhhhh   Nobody!!

This is the most simplest recipe that has so much flavor.. the kind that makes you lick you lips and say mmmmm..smack,smack, mmmmm..

4 Ingredients:  Vegetable Oil  (2 tblspn)    Wings    Garlic Powder     Sea Salt                               Victoria Seasonings Texas Red Seasoning  (click here to order)

Preheat oven to 375.  Wash and clean wings.  Season wings generously with garlic powder, sea salt and Texas Red Seasoning.  Pour vegetable oil on top of wings.  Here’s where it gets messy (but it’s worth it)  Rub each wing with the oil and seasoning, massaging thoroughly making sure they’re nicely coated.

Place in lightly greased baking dish and bake uncovered for 30 mins (or until done).  Then broil on for browning, the last 15 mins.  Turn and brown the other side.  The skin will become slightly crisp.


Remove and serve hot..

Pudding Parfaits

I know I’m being devilish with this treat, but I’ve been wanting to make these for the longest.. and now that I did – I can’t figure out what took me so long!  Talk about a chocolatey treat–boy–oh-boy- I felt like a kid again when I ate this!   Who’d thought five simple ingredients could be so scrumptious…and the hardest part was crunching cookies.. (yea right –  like that’s  hard chuckles..)

Ingredients:    1 large box of chocolate instant pudding      3 cups of milk (I use 2%)   cool whip                                                 whipped cream   Oreo cookies

In a large bowl mix pudding and milk – set aside and let get firm (about 10 mins).  Add half of cool whip to the pudding and stir to form a mousse like consistency. Dump cookies in a large Ziploc bag and crunch into pieces.. I used a rolling pin  Once all crunched  add a layer of the cookies then a layer of pudding, next a layer of cool whip, then repeat and top with whipped cream.. Next – dig in!

Don’t they look mmmmm….

Perfect to make with the kids (or for the kid in you)

So don’t wait as long as I did.. go ahead.. give them a try!     Spoon anyone????



$2.00 Tuesday

Hey Lovies… It has been a looooong time since I’ve posted a $2.00 Tuesday.  I haven’t had much luck finding anything worth posting about.  But low and behold…I found something.  Now bare with me on this, it’s not a DIY or a makeover, but simply a great find that I was very happy about.  If you’re like me.. you get a hold of some comfy slippers and you dog them till they’re falling apart.. Well I’ve had that pair.. I kept saying.. Kim..get rid of them and get a new pair.. They weren’t special slippers, but I just wore them in so well and simply didn’t let go.

I know, I know.. pretty bad… give them up right.. LOL!! (please don’t think bad of me)…

Then, I went looking for slippers and was sticker shocked.. Like Charlie Brown says…”Good grief ” 🙁 – look here.. The price had gone up.. so.. back to my trusty comfy  I went..

This past weekend, there was a yard sale in town and I ventured in to see what I’d find.. and guess what!!

Yes.. Slippers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yayyyyyyyy!!!  Not just one pair.. but 2 pairs..double Yayyyyyyyy!! See the that’s $1.00 x 2 =$2.00..LOL… I couldn’t ask for better luck..  Two pairs of never-used vintage embroidered slippers.

And —– MY SIZE!!!!!

I couldn’t wait to get them home and try them on…..

Ahhhhh…… perfect fit    🙂

I’m totally satisfied!! –  and the old finally put out of their misery… LOL.. may they R.I.P..