The Making of a Chair

I have to laugh at myself because here I am thinking “Oh gee- it would be wonderful to learn how to     re-upholster- then I could do this as a side gig and create beautiful things -UHHH – YEA RIGHT!!   HELLO!!  and BABY BYE!!  LOL   This is one lesson learned and it only took one class to learn it – “SHYT AIN’T EASY!”… .. that I got that off my chest.. moving right along..  Let me refresh your memory of my forever project…

Looks simple right… (boy did this fool me)..  but..Ok.. I finally had a spare weekend to sand the base of the chair.. the wood was so scarred and needed some  attention.   My goal was to make it look like this


Dream on….dreamer…   Alarm clock went off and Time to wake up….

I sanded the best I could (I’ve got bad hands..)

This is a closer view of the wood

could you believe all these bangs and bruises. on this beautiful wood…  smh.. HOW???

Re-staining was my intent then I realized.. I’d have to do a lot more sanding… so I opted for a new look..

Why not go GLAM!

It was a bold move to do that, but after seeing it with the fabric.. I think it was the best choice.  I really like the new color and it’s going to give this chair a sleeker look and will enhance the fabric.  It’s almost done.. I promise it’ll be finished before Christmas.. chuckles.. sike… no it’s going to be finished next week.. Yayyyyy!!  So.. stay tuned….

Tah-tah everyone…

Garden Diva Chic

It’s been almost two years ago she became a Diva Chic.. It’s time to redress her.. but here’s a Tuesday throwback from her original look..   She’ll be getting a fresher look this summer.. Enjoy reading about her past

Today I finally decided to go to the nursery with this wire bodice I’ve had for few years.  She sat in my flower bed naked but nice.  I just had a good idea to cover her up with some plants.

I went to Wingard’s Nursey in Lexington because they had a complete potting area and very friendly staff to help with any questions I may have.   The first step was to put coconut fiber all around to hold the dirt.  I added the cordyline plant as the head topper

Next was time to be creative with plants.  I chose succulents and mostly hens&chicks plants because they’re easy to grow and require the least maintenance.

Once the plants were all in, I covered the fiber with spanish moss to complete the look.

This is the finished product of my Diva Chic (named from the hens&chic plants she’s filled with)

Can’t wait to see how she really looks when all the plants begin to really grow..let’s hope her hips don’t spread too much  🙂

Ugly April Challenge

Spring has sprung – yayyyy!  Getting the yard together is almost finished then I can sit back and relax and enjoy chilling in my Rest Haven.  I began to clean out my garage for two reasons: 1 – to find something that needed a makeover and 2- the 2nd annual 49-mile Yard Sale is coming.  Everyone is getting excited about.  You can learn more about the sale by visiting the website here.  When Serena at Thrift Diving announced the Ugly April Challenge I was determined to find something to make over (without buying).  If you live in the south -I believe you’ll find one of these on lots of porches or lurking around in backyards.  Well I found mine and dug it about a much needed makeover.. Yikes.. this chair is totally yucky :-/


Yea pretty bad!!  I also found this retro ashtray too!  Completely rusted just like the chair.

These two pieces will come in handy, because when I’m out working in the yard, I like having a couple of squatting zones. instead of walking back to the gazebo for a quick rest.  After sanding and sanding and sanding.. I got the surface as smooth as I can.. especially the seat part.  I decided to use some colors that will brighten up the space.  I used Rustoleum Pistacchio on the chair and Rustoleum Coral on the ashtray.   They look so much better now!  Retro Back To Life!!

Don’t you agree??

metal chair4

OooLaLa.. so refreshing with their new look!  The metallic gold handle gave it a glamour touch

Glad Serena did the Ugly April Challenge, because these may have sat out another year…

On to the next!!   Tah Tah Lovies!