Caesar Chicken Alfredo

Yum On that crazy night when you need something fast and delicious..It can’t get any easier than this creamy delightful dish.  Let’s get started with the ingredients Print Caesar Chicken Alfredo Tuscan seasoned chicken served with a creamy alfredo sauce.   … Continue reading

Chair Gone Wild

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a Monday Makeover and I’m rested from my Girlfriends Vacay bliss, I figure I’d show my latest chair fettish makeover.  It’s funny when you have a chair fettish, you always see a chair you need in your life… except once you get it, you have to find a place for it.  So, I’ve decided it’s time to sell one in order to make room for another.  It was a tough choice, but I’ve decided to sell a wing back I’ve had around for about 15 years.   I hope it sells soon..  So, moving right along.. here is the latest chair that needed my attention.

I know you’re probably wondering- what’s up with all these chairs….right???  Well, this chair has a history also.  You’ve heard me talk about my friend Joyce.. I bought this chair from her about 20 years ago as is..  Like I said, I have a chair fettish.  She would always ask me, “how could a person with a small butt need so many chairs… Lol”  but she understood my obsession.. Chairs are such an easy piece of furniture and if you have an empty corner somewhere, you can always fit a chair in it to fill the spot.  When I saw this one,it was a “gotta have her” moment.  It’s a club chair and I didn’t have one.  If you’ve ever sat in a club chair, you know how comfortable they are.  This one was the perfect size, not too big and yet had a dainty appeal.  Sort of like a ladies club chair.

This chair was manufactured by H. Lauzon Furniture Company located in my home state Englewood, NJ.  Happy to know this chair was a Made-in-America piece (which is one of the perks of vintage items).  I love a chair with chippendale legs

Okay, so you feel me with this chair?   I’m going to name her Sheba…which I think is a perfect name for a chair that walks on the wild side.   You remember Kittra, well, I couldn’t help myself.  I wanted more of the cheetah print so, I decided to go all the way with Sheba.  Here is her new look:

I’m in the (slow) process of making a few changes in the living room piece by piece, and she’ll fit right in. But in the meantime, she’s here, making herself at home


I made the black velvet ostrich feather pillow years ago and it’s  great match for my furry friend

The rich color of this fabric is stunning and makes a big impact on her new look.


Yes!! I’m wild about this chair!! As you see I have so many plants in this room, which is partly the reason I’m making a few changes.  Thankfully, majority of them go outside during spring, summer and partly fall months.

I think this chair deserves a roaring cheer ☺️….  What do you think of Sheba?  Until next time lovies, I hope everyone enjoy their  Christmas and have a safe and blessed holiday season.



Girlfriends Getaway


Bon dia, Bon dia!!  Hopi tempo sin wak bo, conbai cubo? LOL!!! Ok, ok let me stop… I just said Hello, hello, long time no see… how are you?  Yes, it’s me and I’m back from my glorious GG vacation.  This year we ladies vacayed to the paradise island of Aruba.  It’s been a couple years since we’ve taken our – what use to be- annual trip, so this trip was well deserved.   If you’ve been to Aruba, you know what I mean, if not.. please go.. it’s one of the most beautiful islands with the best beaches.

Sand in my feet, breeze blowing softly and music in my ears.. ahhhhhh .. Here’s the story of my travel therapy to One Happy Island.


This year it just four of us who went: Me, Amina, Sharon (my sister-n-law), and Ethel (my aunt who I featured on the blog here)

Our days were filled with sun, sun, sun, and more sun… along with music and drinks!


Our mornings started with a delightful breakfast we enjoyed at Aromi D’Italia..  We were pleased to find a restaurant that served turkey bacon (woo-hooo)!

Walking along the white sandy beach while gazing into the crystal blue waters really takes your stress away and allows your mind to be at peace.


After our first day there, Amina realized she left her sunglasses, so we went out shopping that night to find her a pair.  The next day, she was all set.. here she is striking her “check out my new shades” pose heeeeheeee..


On our breaks from the sun, I had the most delicious fish sandwich.  It was grilled grouper with lettuce, tomatoes, red onions and the most delectable aioli sauce..(I fell in love with it, so much so, I had the chef give me the recipe – now I’m on the hunt for aji mojido – which is what they used to mix with mayo)


On another day, we had massages done at Etnika Spa, located on the Holiday Inn Sunspree Resort


I immediately fell in love with the decor.. it’s so Zen-like (I wish I could have brought this little guy & basket home with me)


The earth tones were so calming and soothing…


Here’s the outdoor sitting area located next to the spa


For playful times,they had these giant outdoor board games for chess and checkers players.



Or if you wanted, you could shoot a game of pool on the outdoor pool table..


and of course beach volleyball was a given.  How could you not enjoy a good game with this backdrop


At a restaurant where we dined, these two men serenaded us with the lovely tune “Hello” by Lionel Richie (awwwwww… how lovely)


On another night after dinner, we stumbled upon an Outdoor Club “South Beach Lounge” and the DJ was pretty cool.. He enjoyed giving us Jersey Girls a shout-out!  We danced our meal off that night – chuckles..


Another day out and about, here we are exploring the town.  We had so much laughter going on.. I loved, loved, loved my time with these ladies.




We ventured into town for a day of shopping.  Pookie was quite happy with her purchases..heeheee..


Even though she blamed us for the purchases….. Yea Right!! I told her to blame it on the boogie-  LOL

Meanwhile, I found a  cute kitchen accessory, that pretty much described my struggle.. So it had to come home with me..


How many of you feel me with this– lol…

I couldn’t resist taking a picture of this stunning window design at Dolce & Gabanna


While there, I learned a neighborhood friend was there as well, so we all got together on our last night and had a wonderful dinner.  The evening was filled with more laughter, joy and good times.


This vacation was absolutely fantastic and I look forward to our next Girlfriends Getaway.  I treasure these moments, because having my sister and girlfriends in my life is definitely something I need to maintain a good balance and times like these are essential to my continued well-being.  It’s so funny, because as I sat there, thinking about life and filling my head with dreams, I opened my eyes and saw this cap sitting in the sand and said to myself “WOW”  that’s me.. I’m always a dream-chaser.


I’d like to believe you enjoyed reading about my Girlfriends Getaway and hope it inspired you to gather up your besties and hit the road for a getaway.  Until next time, I’ll chat with you soon.. Smooches!!


I have to give a big thank you to the Marriott Stellaris for such impeccable accommodations.  You can learn more about Aruba – One Happy Island by watching the video clip.


Joined at the Hip

Throwing it back two years ago, this was one of my favorite posts.. I hope you enjoy reading or re-reading it and the House music tune “Special”

Thrifty Finds

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving and had a gobblin’ good time!  As for me, I totally enjoyed my time.  I visited my family back home in New Jersey and after the big turkey day, while everyone was mall dashing,we spent our day thrifting.   My sister had been telling me about a new spot (new to her) she stumbled on located in Hillside, NJ, it’s called Kathleen’s Closet. She has made this her go-to spot to check out the goodies.  Well, if you’re ever in NJ, you may want to check out this spot.  Here are the goodies I found while there..   This mid- century coffee table wasn’t a bad deal at $25.00 (I could imagine seeing this piece with a fresh coat of paint and shiney gold paint for the leg’s brass fixtures.

The rattan shelving units were $20.00 (I would remove the bottom doors because of the hole and replace with baskets).  All in all, not bad a bad price!!!

This rattan table base was only $10.00 and was still sturdy.  Although finding a glass top would be difficult, but in the meantime, I would use it as a plant stand, by placing several different pots and create one big display (and of course paint it)

Not my taste, but this plaid chair wasn’t a bad price either for $15.00- no holes, tears or stains.

Leather top side table $10.00 (can you believe this??)  In great condition


Spotted this wooden bar cart –  Oh the possibilities with this  and do you see the price – yes – $10.00

Other than missing the door handle, (easy fix) there was nothing wrong with it.  This baby came home with Amina, and I can’t wait to see what she does with it.

Spotted this brass and smoked glass lamp for a mere $5.99 – and YES! it came home with me.  Just needs a new shade and I have a beautiful new lamp.

This mid-century china cabinet was a cheesey $45  (smh) can you believe that.. and it lights up!  Solid wood from Drexel Heritage Furniture.

Last but not least.. this double mirror Thomasville dresser – swallow hard-  $40.00 –I’m ready to pass out!!

I can’t F-N believe this!   All the hardware, all the drawers, nothing and I mean NOTHING was wrong with this piece.. the only thing that was really wrong —- IT DIDN’T COME HOME WITH ME!!!!!

Boy did I wish I had a U-Haul

Now here’s the clinker… You see how low the prices were, but if you were there on Black Friday, you got an additional 50% off your first 5 items.. So can you imagine… all these good pieces would have been even lower.  They had several other nice pieces but these were the ones I wanted to share with you.   Although we didn’t partake in the Black Friday frenzy, we did support the ShopSmall Saturday, which was equally appreciated.   I know I’m a bit behind with this post, but I’ve experiencing some hand issues again.. and have been resting my hands from the computer.  This week, I’m headed to the sunny island of Aruba for one of our Girlfriends Getaways – Yaaaaayyy… so I’ll be sunning and funning .  When I get back I’ve got another goodie makeover to share with you.. in the meantime,  have great week!  Smooches!