Subtle Changes

Since the Living Room just recently given a makeover, I made some subtle changes.  When I completed the makeover I had only one lamp in the room.  It was a peacock  (which I have a fettish for) but actually I’ve been eyeing brass chinoiserie lamps ever since I scored this one at an estate sale for $10.00.  I only had one and didn’t want to use it in the living room (just yet).  First I had to find a new shade (I never liked the style of shade the lamp originally had).  I’ve patiently waited to find one (hoping I’d find one at a yard sale) but no such luck.  It wasn’t until I went back to Jersey and visited a girlfriend’s home and she had the shade I was looking for on one of her lamps.  She took me to Gallery of Lighting, located in Linden, which is where she purchased it.  I was looking for a black with gold liner but they were out of stock.  Although – they could have made me one (because they make customized shades) I didn’t order one because 1) I didn’t have the lamp or measurements and 2) I wasn’t visiting that long.  However, they had a tan one in stock so I bought that one.  Low and behold it fit perfectly and I love the new look.  The lighting specialist, Eddie Alewine, was extremely nice and well knowledged in custom shades (aferall lighting is his passion) and he gave us impeccable customer service.  If you’re ever in need of custom shades or exquisite lighting visit their showroom or website.  This is the lamp shade that came with the lamp

I think the rectangle shade accents the curve of the lamp much better.  The shade was on sale for $25.00

About two months ago I totally lucked up with the second lamp at Goodwill for $3.00.  I couldn’t freaking believe it.  You can best believe I snatched it up.   I found the shade at At Home Stores.  That’s when I decided it’s time to add them to the Living Room.

Even though they’re not a matching pair, I think they do fine in the same room.

The green family was growing nicely but was overpowering the beautiful Italian brass swan table, so I had to find them new homes.  Now the space feels a bit more open.

The peacock lamp came out but a pillow took it’s place on Clarissa


I’m still hunting for the right piece to house my sound system, because I really don’t like the rack look.  But in due time.. (I’m sure I’ll find something).  I guess there aren’t a lot of furniture pieces for this.  I still have my turntable and tape deck and use them whenever the urge hits me.  I love music and I’ve kept my vinyl and tapes because some things you still can’t get on cd.

I’ve added a couple more Murano swans to my collection, and decided to make them into planters.  This will be my last pair I’m buying because I have no room for any more.  I used them as planters to dress up the fireplace

Kinda colorful, but eclectic.. but it reflects my style.

The green family is now in the foyer.. patiently waiting for Spring so they can go outside to play (and grow stronger) – you see how big they’ve gotten.

So those are the subtle changes I’ve made for a quick refresh for less than $50.00.  Have you started refreshing your home?  We’ve had such a mild winter, so it’s like I’m getting a Spring-cleaning jumpstart.

This little lady was saved from a dying plant.  I’ve had it rooting for a couple months and decided to put it in dirt.  Fingers crossed that it does well.

I enjoy the evening low light coming from the room now.  Just a subtle change of adding lamps made quite an impact in the room.

I hope your new year started good and continues to be as such.. I’m gradually working my way room to room weeding items out and getting ready for the big yard sale.   In the meantime, just remember – Happy hunting while you thrift your house into a home!





8 thoughts on “Subtle Changes

  1. Amazing! I am loving it! You find thee greatest items. I agree with Marsha, and I must say your home moves me. It gives me a vibe that is sultry and romantic. My imagination is going wild. :-)… If you ever want to refresh again, I’ll take those lamps, etc..etc, etc…. 🙂

  2. I think the lamps and the shades are really great. I wish I could see, in person, two lamp shades, one with the inside gold leafed and the other one a white inside to see what that looks like. I think they have to be paper though. I love the square shade the best because it matches the square lamp base. I’ve seen those accordion lamp shades from the 1980s in thrift shops, too. Bad then, bad now! Just love the hall painting of the woman in the yellow gown. That is fabulous, Kim.

    • Thanks Ginene.. I thought so too… LoL.. you are soooo right.. they were never attractive. I’m glad to hear you like the new look..

  3. Jamala, I love your home! It screams “welcome” come sit a spell! These lamps are so gorge and to think you scored such a bargain missy! This paint color is beautiful, what is the name? Thanks for sharing.

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