Le Boudoir

Some may think having vintage or antique bedroom furniture is boring, corny, or lifeless… Well I beg to differ.. In my latest video, I demonstrate how to add nostalgia to your bedroom without the dullness of antiques.   Before I read this book, Boudoir by Hillary Robertson, I had already established (in my mind) the look I wanted for my “boudoir” – hubby just goes with the flow.  I wasn’t a bit surprised after I read my personality reflected the Vintage Girl.  By definition, the vintage girl knows how to mix and match florals, stripes, checks and spots.  She would never dream of substituting blankets and sheets for a duvet and loathes the idea of everything matchy-matchy.   It’s so funny, because I was just at Goodwill and they had the prettiest floral bedspread – so I thought- I grabbed it and went to look for the size and saw the word duvet cover – I immediately put it back.. (nope don’t want that).  So moving right along and talking about decor personality – it pegged me to a tee…  The vintage girl has a rather ‘make-do and mend’ attitude to design; she enjoys the idea that she is recycling, cherishes faded, torn, much-loved junk and jumble and injecting it with new life – BINGO!!  That’s me…  As I continue to read on, it was uncanny how much I found my personality in that style.   However, I do have different styles in each room of the house,  and I actually found my personality in the boho style as well.   This book is for that special place in your home.. the bedroom.   If you’re struggling with a design style, this book will definitely give you some guidance and what to look for and how to create it. Keep in mind, it’s not just for vintage or antiques.  It covers the contemporary girl, the material girl, the boho style, the glamour girl.. so many design styles for all personalities.  I’m sure you’ll find your style in here.   Even if you’re not struggling, it’s really a fantastic design book to have in your collection or for your coffee table.

To order the book, you can head over to my favorite go-to site and order here.  There’s actually one listed for $0.75 (wow)!!!.  It’s really a fun guide and I love the illustrations and photography.  I did a previous bedroom tour a few months ago, but never did a video… so I decided to create one and of course it features another favorite House Music sound.   I hope you enjoy the tour and tune but most of all I hope you get inspired.


Until we meet again – As always-  Happy hunting while you thrift your house into a home!!



6 thoughts on “Le Boudoir

  1. I love everything about your vintage bedroom! It’s gorgeous!! The chest in the corner is so boho chic and beautiful!! Great design ethics and and style!!

  2. Doing this “movie style” really added to the whole feeling of the room! I would love to create a similar headboard for our master bedroom, but I’m just not handy/crafty/talented in that area. My patience=0!!! You’ve done beautiful work in there, and it’s nice your husband just rolls with it.

    • Hey there Alycia!! Thank you so much…it’s not easy creating these videos.. (i wonder how people knock them out so quickly – my brain takes days to make them..lol) I’m glad you enjoyed watching it..

    • Thank you Linda! I’m glad to hear that…i definitely believe you’ll appreciate this book… it’s one that you’ll want to sit back relax and enjoy the read type books…

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