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I’m sure by now you know bar carts are all the craze …this trend has everyone hunting for their own special style and the market is hot right now.   Ever since I scored my Culver Hollywood fab barware from Goodwill, I’ve been so happy styling the dining room cart.  Luckily, I scored mine years ago before they made their big comeback.

When I scored this one I was going to sell it, but then changed my mind real quick after seeing it was perfect for the guest room.  It’s been styled and sits lovingly waiting for guest to arrive.

I’m actually wanting one for my sons’ room (eventually it will become my office space – no time soon) and the living room has the family heirloom wine cabinet.

So with all this love of barcarts and barware, I partnered with Erica Scott @theflywon to create a new hashtag #iheartmycart.  Erica, a fellow thrifter,  scored some beauties as well!  She, like the rest of us have a fettish for these home accessories and love styling them.

Her latest score was this beauty.  I nearly fainted when she hashtagged this one… talk about love at first sight!!

Once she styled it – I could clearly see the “deep in love”

Her barware is a killer!  Definitely one for a fly-girl!

So we invited everyone to join the fun showing us how they love styling their barcart/bar area/bar cabinet and here are a couple of the hits we received:

tasteflyak stylish bar cabinet definitely has swank appeal with its MadMen mid-century sleek look

Interior designer WhitneyJ shared her stylish bar area

I love the vibrant colors she used for the glam effect.

The lovely Arod shared her Easter-inspired barcart and as you see the love of Spring is styled all over it

and lastly another Hot FIND from the Flysnest

For the love of barcarts- these stylish and swanky carts are exactly why we “iheartmycart” and can’t get enough of them.  So join in and show us your style and swank – hashtag your cart for the next feature.  They’re out there – so as always- Happy hunting while you thrift your house into a home!!





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  1. My mother purchased a bar cart when she and my father purchased a fabulous home. I always thought it was so chic. Now I’m on the hunt for one. Thanks for the inspiration. Always fabulous!

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