Avalon Bay Eco Wash Product Review

This post has been sponsored by New Air. While I received my Avalon Bay Eco Washer for free, all content and opinions expressed here are my own 

There’s no secret how we all love our pets, but I do have a confession to make.. I strongly disapprove of washing her blankets in the family washing machine.  I normally take them to the laundromat (along with my rugs) for washing.  When the folks at New Air asked me for a product review of their new Avalon Bay Eco Washer – I jumped at the opportunity.  That meant no more going to the laundromat.   Koko loves being under layers of blankets – (she’s always cold) so keeping her blankets clean is a must.

When I received the box and opened what look like a puzzle, my brain was scrambling as to how am I going to put this together.  “Yikes!”..was my first thought.  Usually my son is around to do these kinds of tasks, because he’s so good at it.  This time I had to swallow down my thoughts and go to work.  To my amazement, it was easy to put together and it actually took less than 45 minutes to assemble.  Once it was together, it was time to give it a whirl.  The unit is very lightweight and portable, in fact, it’s small enough to use inside near your kitchen sink, but since the weather is beautiful, I chose to use it outside.   Here’s a quick video for inside use:

I gathered both of her blankets and was happy to see they both fit inside the tub.

Added some laundry detergent  and  hot water

Closed the lid and twirled it around for a few minutes.  I rotated starting front to back and then back to front.  Next I drained the detergent water and added clean water to rinse.

Gave it a few more twirls and drained the water again.  I did have to ring out the excess water lingering on the blankets.  Here’s a peek inside and you could see the dirt that came off the blankets – so the unit actually did clean the blankets.

Afterwards, since I was going to be outside doing some needed yard work, I just hung them across my fence ( I don’t have a clothes line) to let them air dry in the sunny breeze.  I was amazed how portable the washer is and so easy to use.  I could definitely see using it for delicate items or if you’re going camping, this would be great to have.

Having the Avalon Bay Eco Washer will save money and time by not having to go to the laundromat and I couldn’t be more pleased about that!  I’m so happy to have been able to test this product. So if you want the convenience of your very own Avalon Bay Eco Washer, well good news!!!.. New Air is offering my readers a 25% discount until May 31st .  Just use promo code ECODEAL to order.  Remember, Father’s Day is right around the corner and this would make a great gift for the camper Dads!!

Now Koko can enjoy her clean blankets and get off my white rug  🙂

I hope you take advantage of the savings and order yours.

Another way to Be Clean and Go Green!! I hope you enjoy having your Avalon Bay Eco Washer too!







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