Outdoor Ottoman

The weekend is here and I can’t be more happier!!  I’ve had quite a few projects going on at the same time and now I can start sharing them.  Phew… believe me …. all along I was getting excited. This project was totally inspired by LindaG and her fabulous pouf pillows.  Mind you, everything she makes has me wanting to head to the fabric store, but when I saw her hexagon pillow – after my mouth dropped- I immediately knew I had to have one.

.. so – off  I went shopping to the fabric store – low and behold I found these two yummy patterns.  They had summer written all over them.. (kinda reminds you of sherbert – right??)

I had no clue as to where I was going to put it at the time nor did I have anything to match it… but I’m notorious for doing that.. In my mind – it’ll all come together ( and it usually does).  By the time I left the store I had this combination ready to work with

I contacted Linda and she graciously sent me a pattern.. (A THOUSAND THANK-YOUS TO LINDA).  I commissioned my friend Jan to handle this project.  Again I’m good at pillows and panels, but something on this degree is definitely above my talent/skills.  We laid the fabric down and placed the pieces to cut.   That’s the extent of my doing (keepin’ it real).

Trust me – I know my limitations – and I try not to even attempt to push myself when it comes to sewing with patterns.  For some reason, my mind sees one big puzzle.  However, I do consider myself pretty good at mixing fabric patterns.    Meanwhile, while I’m working on the cobblestone path, Jan was working diligently on my pillow and my mind is racing trying to think.. where the heck am I going to put it not to mention (match it with WHAT???!!)    A few days later I get a text pic of my finished project and I can’t be more pleased!!

It came exactly how I pictured it in my mind.. Ain’t she pretty!!!!  LOL!!!!   But again.. my dilemna.. where am I going to put it.  Linda’s pillow is on top of a base ottoman.   Naturally that was the next step.  Since mine will be outside on the deck, we decided to create a wood base.   So off to the fabric store (to cover the base) and Lowe’s for some wood.  The finished look became the color inspiration for my deck’s new look.  (Believe me – it needed a new look).

We added some feet to raise it

I can’t be more pleased with the look.  So tell me.. are you inspired to create your own as well??  Thank you Linda for all your inspiration and support in helping me create my pouf ottoman.  This was truly a fun project to work on.  

Hope you enjoy your weekend and I’ll be back soon!  In the meantime, happy hunting while you thrift your house into a home!!



6 thoughts on “Outdoor Ottoman

  1. Hi Jamala :),

    It’s been so long since I’ve spoken to you or visited your amazing blog. I did get your email and I apologize for not getting back to you sooner. But enough of that, I am so in love with these colors. And that leopard print, girl you know how to make me smile. These designs are absolutely gorgeous. I’m so happy to be back here on your blog.

    • Welcome back KIA!! You’ve been missed.. thank you so much for your compliment – I appreciate you visiting it and glad to have you back!! (all is forgiven – i truly understood – smooches and hugs to you)

    • Trust me…i wish i was on the skills level of Linda! Lol.. but I’m striving to get there… I’m glad to hear you enjoyed this project and sparked an idea!

    • Thank you Linda! I was totally inspired by you and thank you for being that inspiration that sparked me. Love ya!

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