Sign of Jazz

When Creator’s Studio announced the “What’s Your Sign” contest, for the heck of it, I posted this picture of a sign I took while I was in New Orleans. I took the picture because I wanted to create one for myself, so a picture would help me remember.  Who knew I was going to be selected to receive a kit to create my sign.. YAY-YAY moment.

I couldn’t wait to get started.  They sent everything I needed to make my sign.

I drew the shape of the sign and cut it out.  I also had some spare wood and made arrowed edges.  After cutting I used a torch to burn the wood to give it feathered look

Stained the wood using the Varathane Weathered Wood accelerator

Afterwards, I used a rag and to finger paint the wood with sporadic brush strokes using the vanilla and gold paints.  Then stenciled “Jazz Lounge” in black.  Here’s my new outdoor sign for the Rest Haven.

Sitting outside on these Autumn Days while enjoying some cool Jazz in definitely in the making.

I’ve been wanting a flag to hang on my rod all summer long, but couldn’t find anything that caught my eye or reflected my style.  But this sign, is definitely me… and it’s even better because I made it.


Now when I sit outside, watching the leaves fall, sipping on a glass of wine, I’ve got Louis Armstrong, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Stanley Turrentine, Yusef Lateef and few more of my favorites keeping me company in the Jazz Lounge… makes me think of Billy Holiday singing Autumn in New York

I hope I’ve inspired you to create your sign as well!  Until next time – Happy hunting while you thrift your House into a Home!





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  1. I love,love, love your rest haven aka jazz lounge. With a cozy blanket and a glass of vino, I’d be in heaven. The sign is made by an artist named Jamala and the video is icing on the cake. Awesome job.

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