Seasons Change

I know you’re probably thinking – “what the what”?  This post is a bit overdue, considering we are very well into the season.  But, yes, I seem to have fallen out of love for Fall.  It is not my favorite time of the year, but it beats Winter.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, I do love the pretty Autumn colors of the leaves and God knows, the break from the scorching Summer heat is quite refreshing.  The hydrangeas take on the pretty mint green blended with the rustic brown color, which softens their look for the new season… almost as if it romanticizes them..

I was able to gather a bunch before they completely turn on me to enjoy their beauty a bit longer.

But my yard looks like an ocean of leaves.. (good grief) and this is just a tip of the iceberg.. I walk up the path with tunnel vision..(and btw.. I found it very strange that the leaves are every where except this path.. hmmmm and nope I didn’t blow them away).   We use to try to keep them raked but stopped a few years ago (like right after the boys left for college to be – no one to dole out the chores to).  Now we wait until every single leaf has fallen, then get them blown away (sorry Mr. Landscaper).

All I see is one big mess… but oh well.. at least ms. koko got to take a nap in the coolness of the air… (what a life)

I thought we’d have a few more weeks of this “indian summer” so my green babies can get to enjoy the outdoor air just a wee bit longer.  However, boy was I was fooled.. the frost was coming fast and I had to scrounge around for windows and space, moving furniture around for them to come in.

Mother Nature had been so good to them all summer long and didn’t realize me buying a few more plants for the porches would eventually consume my indoor space.  The rubber plant (above) looks extremely healthy.  Right before I had taken her out for the Spring, the leaves had began to turn brown and dropping and I was afraid I’d lose her.  But some miracle grow and outdoor air really made a difference.   The pineapple plant is growing strong.. (still no pineapple and I had to tie the stems up because they were falling.  The macho fern was doing so well I hated to leave it outside, so I brought it in.  I grabbed an old table and hid it behind the chaise for a stand. Next to it is the umbrella plant and that plant has really amazed me.  It’s grown so much over the 3 years.

In the midst of our weekend outings, we’d stop and look at plants and my mother would say to me.. “where are you going to put it?” and I’d simply reply… there’s always room for one more.  Boy was I wrong – big time!  It’s pretty much looking like a greenhouse, aka in blogland, as “urban jungle” but I’m not complaining.  I’m just thankful to have them, helping add warmth and beauty to my space.  When you add plants to the equation of decorating, it’s almost like adding the cherry on top of a pretty sundae.  Of course in my case, it’s the jar of cherries on top…lol.  But, wherever I can find a beam of light glowing through the window, I’ll find a plant to soak up the rays.

I even added more plants in our bedroom.  It’s been said you sleep better with plants in the room because they help promote better air quality, (I’ll let you know if it changes mine) – Have any of you experienced a difference in your sleep with plants around?

Even my maidenhair (which I was suppose to chuck, but left it outside on the porch) got rejuvenated this summer.

I know this may be an odd post because, technically, I should have Thanksgiving on my mind, and pretty table settings, recipes, etc… but this year since it’s at my sister’s home, I didn’t bother with a place setting and all that jazz.  But I will say this, I am truly thankful for so many blessings I received this year (which I will share with you soon).  Something so minute as to having my green babies around to watch them grow and blossom brings me joy and peace.  Some people think nothing of plants, which is fine, but for those who really have a soft spot understand where I’m coming from.  It’s the small details in life that are so easy to be thankful for.  I know I said Fall is not my favorite but I guess I should re-phrase it and realize, I’m thankful because the season changing means I get to bring them inside to be closer to me.  In closing today, I pray you all have a wonderful and joyful Thanksgiving.  Enjoy your time with family and friends, be safe if you’re traveling and remember to kiss, hug and tell your loved ones how much you love them for tomorrow is never promised. Peace and blessings

“There’s beauty even in a slow dying bush ” Jamala

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