Herbal Cart

It’s Spring and time to tend to the garden.  The perennials that have been resting all winter has finally awakened and ready to come alive.  Your thrifty gal has been waiting to work on a simple project.  Fresh garden herbs are just wonderful to cook with and I love growing them (if you’ve never used them – trust me- make it a point to do it this year).  I caught Home Depot’s Spring Black Friday sale and bought several starter plants.   I spotted a utility cart at the yard sale I went to a few weeks back (when I bought all the seashells).  That day, not only did I hit the seashell jackpot, but I also hit the flower pot jackpot!  I bought the cart for $5.00 and the flower pots were $4.00 (for all of them – total count- 45), I know, I know, I’ve got a lot of planting to do   🙂 .   That particular yard sale landed me some great deals.


Well I figured this cart will make the perfect “go to” stand for my herbal garden which will be right outside my kitchen door on the deck.  Now of course it needs a major new look.. something that will be bright and cheery to make my herbs grow healthy.   I’ve been stock piling all the pretty spring colors of spray paint to work on projects this summer. I decided on the colors and went to work… first I cleaned the cart and the painted it a pretty turquoise.  Then I painted a few of the clay pots to plant my herbs in.  Here is my the new look of my Herbal Cart

This simple project took 2 hours to complete and I’m so happy about the new look

I colorful tape was a perfect accent to the colors I chose.


These herbs are going to give my summer meals a bold new flavor.. mmmmmm and the delightful fragrance smells so pretty when I walk past them






DIY Projects and Makeovers

Try a few of my DIY Projects or get inspired by my makeovers!  Click the picture to open the link!




antlertray3-11   coasters8-1    scrub

coasters  grace4-1   guest-room7-1  berniebedroom5-12

foyer9-11   sheba10  leopardtray1   gazebo6-11

mirror5 chair14    cabinet makeover1   herbal cart

planterabra-1  diva-chick1-1 metal-chair5-1   stripecandle4-1

tablerunner    stool9  tray table



Make Me Over Flashbacks

My old school jam Flashlight to listen to for Flashbacks!  Me, music and projects are like the three musketeers…

It’s Throwback Thursday as they say in FB World, so I figure I’d do a quick flashback review of  my “Make Me Over” projects.   I didn’t tear down walls, rebuild, or create drastic changes (yet – smiles) but these were simple projects using  paint and fabric and a bit of creativity.

I’ll start with the most drastic transformation of the lovely slipper chair.  I know call me crazy, but when I spotted this on “bulk trash day” I was ecstatic about picking it up.  Of course, I was told I lost my mind, but that’s okay.. because it’s one of the best chairs in the house.

Shortly after that came the sofa.  Dragged in from the streets – I paid $35.00 for it and paid $150.00 to have it re-upholstered.




The rattan high back chair was purchased for $20.00 at a garage sale.  Transformed for $80.00 (it’ll be transformed again)


Up next is the freebie I did myself:  This cabinet had a good structure but could use TLC.  It was being thrown away, but now it’s home with me.   My first intention was to use it as a bath cabinet but it was a tad bit too big.  However, it’s perfect in the foyer under the mirror.  Just 2 cans of Rustoleum metallic silver spray paint and a simple mirror cut ($12.00) to place on top adds a special touch.  This piece costed me $20.00 to complete:

Two other freebies I created were the doggie beds for Ms. Koko.  Using the boxes from Costco, old pillows, paint and few embellishments these were too simple not to do:

The footstool was another freebie.  The store was going out of business and it didn’t have a price tag, so the guy said – take it… so … I took it.   I love the green/copper combination.

Dumpster dive freebie was this – I guess- bar stool bottom.  It’s been transformed into a plant stand for less than $5.00.  I used Valspar white spray paint and brushed the tips with Martha Stewart metallic gold.  The tile topper was caught on sale at Lowes.

The transformation of my office was really a blessing for me:  I needed my  own work space and without building or taking away a room, this proved to be an asset to the home.

Using an unused tray table, a picture frame and chalk paint – a new welcome station is used in the guest room:

The revamp of the Martha Stewart wastebasket was a winner:

Then there’s this corner table.   I used Valspar Ivory Bluff spray paint to freshen up the look.  I know some would cringe about  painting wood, but I really wanted a brighter look for it.

A simple, easy-peasy project was to create an earring holder from an antique mirror.  Just hot glued a piece of  screen, used Krylon nickel spray paint to freshen up the look.  Total cost $0.50 (lucked up & got the paint at a yard sale)

Outdoor projects like the diva chick was a blast.  In fact I won 1st place in a garden contest with it…. yipppeeee!

The herbal cart and bistro set were featured on Hometalk.. I was very happy about that:

Scrap fabric was used for the outdoor furniture cushions update:

Added a bit of whimsy to the garden with this firescreen purchased from Goodwill:

Be creative with objects and re-purpose them.  The rusted plant stand makes great use in the bathroom.

Or this rusted light fixture used as a plant holder – There are lots of things that could be multi-purposed….

Last but not least – paint and stencils gave the outdated wine rack a new look


and my sister did this chair for her daughter with just paint and fabric.  The power of paint, fabric and creativity goes a long way.  So, the next time you come across something, take a second look and use your imagination.  You’ll be surprised what you create.

Always remember to crank up the music to the get the project party started.  You might even find yourself doing a dance or two to keep the rhythm going.. it really makes it all the better!  I hope you enjoyed my Flashlight-Flashback!   Happy Thursday!!!




Break Time

Hey Guys, it’s been a minute since hearing from me.  I took a break to play catch-up with a few things I needed to take care of.  Today I decided to say “Hi” and remember me (smiles)..  One chore I had, had, had to take care of was cleaning out my fridge.  I always dread this chore because I have to take out the glass shelving (which is a pain in the you know “what”).  There was spill and needless to say – time to get it done.  I purchased  some large placemats from Goodwill a while back for $1.00 and decided to use them on the shelves therefore, if there’s another spill – just simply take out the mat – wipe it down and replace.  Makes my job easier.   I even like the tropical color it adds to the fridge.


I had some leftover so I decided to use them on my herbal cart too – to add a bit of extra protection from the rain

I found these cute little tags at Michael’s and used them for the herbal pots ( I have to get more)

Our town had a Mother’s Day Sale and I set up a table to sell a few things (which wasn’t a big success).  Trying to offer something unique and different, I was hopeful the candle wick dippers would sell.  As the old saying goes -If I was paid for every compliment, I’d be rich 🙁

The Wick Dippers were hand-cafted by LindaG of A Perfect Day to Dream.  These exquisite one of kind pieces sell for $10.00.  It is a perfect elegant accessory for candle lovers.  You can view the collection along with the Bohemian Butterfly Suncatchers on her site www.aperfectdaytodream.wordpress.com.  If you’d like to order one for yourself or as a gift, feel free to contact me or LindaG.

Aren’t they beautiful!!!

By using these, save your breath and there’s no smoke after putting the candle out.

Then I had the house power washed.. The dark stains on the porch were nerve wrecking.

It really made a difference –  looks a lot brighter.

(I’ll re-arrange it later.. I ordered a pretty rug to brighten up the space).  I’m changing the door color and I’ve narrowed my search to these two colors.  I’m pushing closer to the darker teal.  I’m feeling that color alot.  (Decisions, decisions)  Luckily I’ll only need a quart so if I don’t like it.. just move on to another color.  (What’s your opinion?)

The deck was finally stained.  I was nervous about the dark color but I actually like it.  I’ll be working on decorating it in the next few weeks.  I’m excited about that.  One thing for sure is – it’s going to be colorful!

I planted more flowers in the blank corner of the garden.  This week I’ll put mulch down and it’s finished.  This is the space before:

I filled in these pots and took them from this

To this:


And in the midst of all this, I’m slowly getting my Chill-Out Rest Haven together.  I  can’t wait to sit back, relax and enjoy the summer.,

Lastly, I still want to show you my brother’s house.  It’s coming quite nice and he’s getting excited to be moving in there.

I also used this down time to blog search, catch up with email and find other inspiring pictures which I will soon share.   So, what have you been up too?

Weekend: Music and Projects

Hello everyone, it’s been a few days and yes, your thrifty girl took a break from posting. But unfortunately not a break from home-work. Chores, chores, and more chores..  but it’s all good.  The hubby was away at a golf tournament for the weekend and that meant I got to play my music all day and as long as I like..yipppeee.. (he’s a TV person so I always respect him and either turn it  down or off when he comes in to relax) because I tend to turn the volume up when the music’s getting good.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous here – I couldn’t decide whether to do indoor or outdoor projects.. So.. I did a little of both.  I got up and chose the music for the weekend and Lou Rawls was first to go in the carousel (and I chose 4 more that consists of compilations of all old school r&b)  but I’ll stop there because I could go on & on about music.  Lady Love was one of those treasured songs between me & hubby and it stuck with me.  Of course over the years many more have touched our hearts but this was on my mind this weekend.   Besides there are so many good songs on this entire cd – I love it.

First on the list… laundry and the Laundry area.. Pet hair – everywhere.   Time for Diamond to keep her big butt outside.. diamod

Got that area swept and cleaned up and it’s back to normal


Next on the list – Front Porch – sweep the winter away along with the pollen and cob webs.. and begin prepping it for pretty.  Took time to paint these items to give them a fresh look.  The sedum in this pot grows so nicely.  The little black table became copper and the flower pot has a pink/copper new look



It’s fresher look is most welcoming


Old man winter did it’s damage to my Agave plants.. I’m really upset over losing them.. I’ve had them for quite a few years, but I guess they couldn’t hang in there.   Well have to say good-bye to them – sniff sniff.  🙁


I did a quick look around at the flower beds and everything else is coming back beautifully – so it didn’t too much damage.  Weeding the beds are my next week projects.. but they are looking quite good for me to not have done anything to them.  Thank God for perennials.

Next on the list was to finish potting more of my herbs.  I bought a variety of them and need to get them potted.  The herbal cart turned out very well and I needed another stand for some more pots.  I found this inside my storage area

And decided to revamp it with some spray paint as well, along with more flower pots.  I’ve got more herbs to have cooking fun with

Last but not least, my  back door needed a fresh coat of paint real bad.. The scuff marks were “not” coming off.  So, I gave up scrubbing and pulled out the paint brush.   I’m so glad I did it because it looks much better.


Well (in the mere words of Bugs Bunny) that’s all folks!   I hope you had a wonderful and productive weekend too!  Feel free to share your story with me.. I’d love to hear about it.  I also hope you enjoyed listening to Lou.