Thrifty Finds

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving and had a gobblin’ good time!  As for me, I totally enjoyed my time.  I visited my family back home in New Jersey and after the big turkey day, while everyone was mall dashing,we spent our day thrifting.   My sister had been telling me about a new spot (new to her) she stumbled on located in Hillside, NJ, it’s called Kathleen’s Closet. She has made this her go-to spot to check out the goodies.  Well, if you’re ever in NJ, you may want to check out this spot.  Here are the goodies I found while there..   This mid- century coffee table wasn’t a bad deal at $25.00 (I could imagine seeing this piece with a fresh coat of paint and shiney gold paint for the leg’s brass fixtures.

The rattan shelving units were $20.00 (I would remove the bottom doors because of the hole and replace with baskets).  All in all, not bad a bad price!!!

This rattan table base was only $10.00 and was still sturdy.  Although finding a glass top would be difficult, but in the meantime, I would use it as a plant stand, by placing several different pots and create one big display (and of course paint it)

Not my taste, but this plaid chair wasn’t a bad price either for $15.00- no holes, tears or stains.

Leather top side table $10.00 (can you believe this??)  In great condition


Spotted this wooden bar cart –  Oh the possibilities with this  and do you see the price – yes – $10.00

Other than missing the door handle, (easy fix) there was nothing wrong with it.  This baby came home with Amina, and I can’t wait to see what she does with it.

Spotted this brass and smoked glass lamp for a mere $5.99 – and YES! it came home with me.  Just needs a new shade and I have a beautiful new lamp.

This mid-century china cabinet was a cheesey $45  (smh) can you believe that.. and it lights up!  Solid wood from Drexel Heritage Furniture.

Last but not least.. this double mirror Thomasville dresser – swallow hard-  $40.00 –I’m ready to pass out!!

I can’t F-N believe this!   All the hardware, all the drawers, nothing and I mean NOTHING was wrong with this piece.. the only thing that was really wrong —- IT DIDN’T COME HOME WITH ME!!!!!

Boy did I wish I had a U-Haul

Now here’s the clinker… You see how low the prices were, but if you were there on Black Friday, you got an additional 50% off your first 5 items.. So can you imagine… all these good pieces would have been even lower.  They had several other nice pieces but these were the ones I wanted to share with you.   Although we didn’t partake in the Black Friday frenzy, we did support the ShopSmall Saturday, which was equally appreciated.   I know I’m a bit behind with this post, but I’ve experiencing some hand issues again.. and have been resting my hands from the computer.  This week, I’m headed to the sunny island of Aruba for one of our Girlfriends Getaways – Yaaaaayyy… so I’ll be sunning and funning .  When I get back I’ve got another goodie makeover to share with you.. in the meantime,  have great week!  Smooches!


The $1.00 Frame

Good morning and Happy Thursday! For those who watch- it’s the season premier of Scandal – so Gladiators get ready  🙂  wooohoooo!!!  So I’m keeping this short and sweet.. I’m so satisfied with my $1.00 frame from The Big Grab last week and I wanted to share my art that I framed in it.

A few months ago I found this original watercolor painting on Chairish and purchased it.  The artist painted it on hot press watercolor paper and I simply fell in love with the soft hues, gentle strokes and not to mention, the sheer beauty of the woman she painted.  I have to admit, lately I’ve been eyeing watercolor art  and I was very pleased when I found this piece.  (Isn’t it amazing how our taste changes as we get older)…

$1.00 frame7

On the reverse side of this particular painting are tile patterns inspired by the Azulejo ceramic tiles the artist fell in love with on a trip to Lisbon, Portugal. So it’s like I got two paintings for the price of one.

I tested my art in the frame it was slightly smaller than the opening.. So it would need another matte.  However, I wasn’t prepared to take it to get a matte.  So I decided to spray the cardboard a glossy black to create the black matte.  I used two small pieces of double-sided scotch tape to adhere the picture to the board (I didn’t want to use glue just in case I want to switch it around) and here’s how it looks framed..

I think it looks pretty good in this frame with the color contrast

The picture really pops on the black backdrop.

One thing for sure, it doesn’t look like a frame you’ll get at the Dollar Store for $1.00 and it finishes off this area quite nicely.

Don’t you just love when good bargain works out perfectly – Now I wish I would have gotten a couple more.. Oh well.. I blew it.. But glad this one didn’t get away.

Now you all enjoy your day and have a wonderful evening.  See you back here in an few days!

Tah-tah lovies!

My Big Grabs


This past weekend was The Big Grab Yard Sale and I had the most enjoyable time looking for bargains.  There were soooo many vendors – people selling sooooo many things.. OMG!  I was completely amazed at what I saw.  I’m not going to go on about the sale, but if you ever get a chance, it’s worth doing.  I will show you the goodie grabs I saw and the ones I came home with (as if I needed more.. good grief.. my husband is going to strangle we just cleaned out the garage – aye yai yai…  :-/

Ok.. first off.. this was my big score. I was totally, totally happy when my eyes spied this set.  

I’ve been wanting a wooden salad set but they’re so I just gave up the desire, and made do with what I have..But NOW – I’m a salad making, salad eating happy camper.. If you remember, I lucked up and scored a salad spinner a few months back for $2.00 (Yippppeeee!) (and the best part, it was never used.. wow.) It was tagged for $15 but I got it for $12.00 (are you cheeesin’ like me?)

There was a vendor who had a box of frames with mattes and they were all $1.00, couldn’t let that pass me buy, so I got this one.

Mom got this one for her cruise picture.. (I put her picture in it for her – she couldn’t wait to get it in the frame 🙂 –  looks pretty darn good especially for $1.00

Next up.. I’ve been needing one of these too.. so for $5.00 – it came home with me.. (my next – do it myselfer fixer upper – to make it pretty)

I need these like I need a hole in my head.. more music..but I couldn’t pass these up.. 7 cds for $10.00 (there were so many to choose from – so I had to narrow it down)

A good score I picked up for my brother – $15.00 ( YES!! $15.00).  He needed a TV stand so badly (I dare not even mention what he had his flat screen on – all I could imagine was it falling over.. yikes!!),  but again – way too expensive in the store.  So, this here baby was truly, truly a blessing for him.

This cute frame was being thrown away..Luckily I was standing there when the woman said toss it.. I couldn’t snatch it quick enough.. (could you imagine.. )  this will make a really cute mirror and it’s a perfect size to put in my office..

This one house had a few chairs out and I just walked up and was was looking at them.  They were tagged for $5.00 – not bad at all for 5 bucks.. but I didn’t need another chair to work on.. so as I began to walk away, the guy said.. listen.. take both of them – I told him naww.. I don’t need another chair..he said “no – I mean take them.. you can have them..!  I was like – WHAT!!  are you serious…he said yes.. I’ll help you load them. OMG.. I shook my head.. I mean- really?? can I get this lucky with the lottery as I am with But anyway, I couldn’t get both in my SUV but I did get one.. this one..

I left this one behind… regretfully.. but oh well..- I feel like Ike in “What’s Love Got to Do With It”.. what I’mma do with one more chair..- lol


These pretty pink/green plates and napkins –  $3.00  –  they’ll come in handy for sure..

This planter was a whopping $0.50 cents.. How dare I walk away from this.. – unheard of

A lion’s head  – no way would I leave this behind.. yea it’s pretty beatup and rusted.. but so what..(that’s just a quick spray of paint for a new look)

And last but not least.. I spent my last $0.50 cents on this. The seller had a big collection of SL Cookbooks and was letting them go for  .50cents (I wanted them all but I did mention last $0.50 cents) lol… thank God for small favors..

S00000.. that’s all folks.. that sums up all my purchases for this fun event.. I can’t wait till next year..!

Now.. let me just show you a couple of good bargains I left behind..

I really liked these bird pictures.  They were matted in a black lacquer bamboo frame.. He had a set of 3 for $40.00.  (I’ll regret I left them later)

This desk and chair set was $20.00  – perfect for a dorm room

This USA pottery planter was $8.00 (I’ll regret this one too)

3rd regret…. this Beehive Pitcher.. smh… lift foot- insert kick..

So there you have it.. MY BIG GRABS at THE BIG GRAB..  If you’re interested in attending it.. they have this event every year – first Friday and Sat in September –  and remember the I2I-49 Mile Yard Sale is the first Friday and Saturday in June.  Hope to see you at one of them!  In the meantime.. go hunt and find your next big grab and don’t forget to holla at your girl and keep me posted!    Smooches

Friday Finds

The time is approaching again for our town’s 2nd Annual I-2-I 49 Mile Yard Sale and needless to say I’m excited about it.  Last week I had the privilege (as HE called it – WHAT EVAH!) to accompany the hubby on one of his annual golf tournaments in Tennessee.  I’d never been to Tennessee and thought it’d be fun to go thriftin’.. I mean let’s face it.. I have no real interest in golf – but I was totally excited to see what I’d find in another state.  So I googled the thrift stores in the area.. and LUCKED UP..  Too bad we didn’t bring a truck, because I’ve got some goodies to show you…here are some of the items I found..

Item #1  – This pair of wooden/rattan end tables… for a whopping $20.00


Item #2 – this vintage wooden lamp – $10.99  (WOW)


Item #3 – a vintage club chair.. $28.99  (What a Steal!!)


Item #4 – another chair.. this little find could use a cleaning, but no tears and guess what – $14.99


Item #5 – it must be chair season.. because look at this chair.. $48.99



Item #6 was this ultra comfy sofa in the most prettiest soft bluish grey color for $164


This was fun trip and I look forward to going again..(of course I got that “Oh brother” look from him – but do I care- NOPE!) I’ve got a few more items to show that I brought home and I’ll show those next Friday.

If you’re in the area.. Come on the thrifting trail at the 49mile yard sale.. You never know what you’ll find..

Now, if only I can get lucky with the winning lottery numbers and pick some good numbers I’d really be a happy camper.. In the meantime..



Friday Finds

The week has come to an end and so has summer.. but your thrifty girl’s finds are still going.  Me & Mom went thrifting in Columbia, SC at the Palmetto Thrift Store and here’s what I found during our journey:

A perfectly good leather club chair.. Price tag $35.00  – what a bargain  (if only I had room in the truck to bring it home – smh)

In the corner I  spotted this really nice mid-century lamp.. The teardrop base mixes perfect with the barrel shade (of course I would work a little paint magic on it.. )  However, they were asking $30.00 for it..  hmmmm… I’ll wait on that…

I also saw this kitchen chair, which I loved….Can you imagine how great it would look with new fabric!!  I wish they had three more..  drats!!  Do you see the price tag ????  Yes – $8.00

Unfortunately none of those came home with me.. but what did come home with me were these wonderful barstools!  We went to the grand opening of the new Salvation Army in Chester, SC and of course lady luck was with me…


They were $40.00 for the pair.. That was a big deal.. considering they still had the original store’s ticket price of $99.99 each stapled under the seat.   Although they came home with me but they left the next day to head to their new home..because weren’t for me.. They are for my son, Jamil’s place.. He told me he wanted some barstools and I told him be patient.. I’ll find some…  and so I did!!   Like I always say.. Patience is a virtue.. It pays to wait …  Have you all gotten lucky lately??  If so , please share…  I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and I’ll see you Monday with a new Makeover.    Tah-tah!!!