Gardenia-Lime Sugar Scrub

To keep the momentum going, Dixie Crystals decided to give-away 3 tickets to next year Bloggers University 2017 and to enter you had to create your own sugar scrub.  So..  I decided to give it a try.  I love gardenia and wanted to use that in my creation.

It was so simple – and here are the ingredients:

  • 1 cup of Dixie Crystals sugar
  • 1/4 cup grapeseed oil
  • 6 drops of White Gardenia essential oil
  • zest of 1 lime grated

Mix all the ingredients and find yourself a nice bowl to keep in the bathroom ready to use


I used an antique silver miniature coal scuttle sugar bucket.  These are normally used for sugar cubes but I think it’s perfect for the scrub



The buckets usually come with a scoop but unfortunately mine didnt’, which is why I got it for $3.00.  I lucked up and had a baby spoon and it makes a good scooper.


This scrub has  the right blend of floral/citrusy smell and after you use it… the gardenia scent lingers on your fingers without being overpowering.


It’s a great alternative to liquid soap and leaves your hands feeling soft and smooth


So, go ahead, give it a try…you’ll have skin so-soft.


Scuttle buckets are  found at several estate sales and yard sales, but you can also find them here.

Until next time, happy hunting and enjoy thrifting your house into a home!




That Little Basket!

I was a kid watching Abbott & Costello, when I first Ella Fitzgerald sing this song.  Today, as I listened to her sing this kiddie, joyful song of her little yellow basket, it brought me to post about these once used tobacco baskets.  The tobacco basket was used until about 1980, to display tobacco taken to market. The crop is grown throughout North Carolina, primarily on family farms. According to the NC Dept. of Agriculture, North Carolina farmers today produce approximately 2/3 of the US crop of flue-cured tobacco.

After sorting and grading, the leaves were tied into “hands.” A hand of tobacco weighed about 1 pound if made of tips or lugs and about 2 – 3 pounds if made from cutters. A hand of tobacco is a group of leaves tied together at the stem end. The end is wrapped in another cured leaf.


The hands were then laid in the tobacco basket in a circle with the stem ends pointing to the outside. The baskets were then loaded and taken to the tobacco warehouse where they were sold at auction.  Today these baskets are used for more decorative purposes.

Placed neatly behind this lamp – it makes for the perfect backdrop


Very creative way to display the modern deerhead


The entryway was accented with the basket above the table flanked with candleholders


Here it makes for excellent wall art in this bedroom


A wreath made of cotton is attached to the tobacco basket and hung on the outside of the home


When placed behind the mirror, it gives the mirror more eye appeal


and the perfect accent for a country kitchen


Tobacco baskets are old and some are even broken, but they still offer an array of ways to decorate with them.  They may not be the type of basket Ella sings about but, it’s the basket I chose to write about.  However, if I found Ella’s basket I’d like to give her this and say “Thank You” for making a beautiful music.




$2.00 Tuesday

Good afternoon everyone!  It’s your thrifty girl and it’s Tuesday.  I’m here to show you that I’ve struck again and lucked up with a $2.00 find.   Today’s lucky purchase was from The Lighthouse, a local thrift shop in our town that’s ran by volunteers.   I took a much needed break from my dining room makeover.  I must say it’s coming along quite nicely and I look forward to showing it to you soon.

Today’s $2.00 item was this lovely vintage Samsonite suitcase.

They had them tucked all the way in the back and my keen thrifty eyes spotted them.  The suitcase was $2.00!!  I couldn’t believe it.  On top of that.. I found the matching train case for $1.00.  Wow!!!  I love vintage suitcases.  The train cases are so sturdy and have plenty room for all our toiletries.   I opened up the suitcase and it was never used..OMG!! I couldn’t believe how clean and pristine it was.. and the best part – no smell!!!!

Do you see how clean this is… wow…

Even the little side pouch was in perfect condition.  Realizing how bad the airplane crew damages luggage, I began using vintage ones because if they’re damaged I wouldn’t loose too much money on expensive luggage.

The train case was slightly used.. but nothing that a little awesome can’t clean

I like the fact they have my first initial (too bad not the W but I’ll look for a sticker  to fix that.

If only I could luck up with a plane ticket then I’ll be good to go 🙂

Well that’s all I have to share for now.   If you thrifty eyes have found any items, and would like to share,  post them on Instagram using hashtag #urthriftygirlfinds  and I will feature them.  You can also follow me on my thrifting journey on Twitter or Instagram where I’m posting pictures of my other fab finds.  Remember as always “It’s VivaLaVintage”!!

Bon Jour Loveys.. Smooches..

Make Me Over Monday -Part 4

Hello there!! I hope all is well with everyone…I’ve had a productive week and got quite a bit accomplished.  I’m in the midst of preparing for our town’s big 49-mile yard sale.. I hope the weather holds up because it’s going to be a lot to shop for.   So, if you’re interested.. by all means come pay us a visit.   Well, I have a fantastic makeover to show you today..I really like how it turned out..   I’ve had this bistro set for about 14 years.  I was going to sell it at the yard sale but decided not to – glad I didn’t.   Here is the table.. before

The chairs are equally bad.   The bad weather mixed with birds took its toll on them. The set is vintage wrought iron.  I adore scrolled wrought iron.. that’s what attracted me to the set.


I decide to paint the set and give it a whole new look.  I could’t make up my mind as to what color to paint so..I chose a two-tone color.

I was going to attempt to do the cushions myself, but I realize my short comings  and a seamstress – I am not- so I recruited my dear friend Sylvia, of  S&A Alterations, who happens to be the local seamstress.   She saw the fabric I chose and was excited about my selection.  She got right to working on them and by the end of the week she was calling to say she was finished.  She delivered them (talk about fantastic service ) and we both were excited how they came out.  All though she refused to take a picture.. I talked her into it.. Thank you Sylvia!!!   🙂    You’re the best!!

Got the cushions all screwed in and here is the finished new look!!  Get ready to get excited…    🙂   I think you’e going to like it..  as for me… I LOVE IT!!!


So you see why I chose two-tone paint for the chairs…


I’m sooooooo glad I chose to keep it..

So… what’cha think????    Holla at your Thrifty Gal – If you like it, let me know it – clap your hands !!!  “CLAP, CLAP”



A Lovely Day

Hello everyone!   I hope your weekend weather was as beautiful as it was here in South Carolina.  This weekend was just simply BEEE-UUU-TI-FUL! It forced you to go outside, love mother nature and simply be happy to be alive.   That’s the feeling your thrifty girl had both days.   I had to take advantage of the perfect weather and began weeding the flower beds…I really should have prepped my back for this.. I’m soooo like out of shape for this kid of work.. Over the winter you actually forget how much labor is involved in yard work.   Headed out to Lowes on a mission to get deck stain, brush etc.. because it was time to stain the deck and passed 5 – yes- 5 yard sales.. I couldn’t stop on the way, because I needed to get to Lowes and get back.  Well on the way home I HAD to stop.. the temptation got the best of me.  I stopped at two of them and spent $11.00.  I bought another chandelier for my brother’s house  – never used for- for $10.00 and this pair of wrought iron candle holders for $1.00.  (I’ll show you the chandelier on my Friday Finds post)

I started with this part of yard.  A few months ago we had the pile of lumber removed and it left this portion of the yard drab (and the soil rich)

I wanted to extend the flower bed down the fence, so I rocked the path.. and began there.  This table needed to be freshened up a bit- okay.. A LOT OF BIT.. chuckles..

I pulled this fire screen out of of storage.. (another Goodwill bargain for $6.00) since I was painting.  

I decided to use it in the garden.  It adds a bit whimsy to the space.  I think I like it.   How about you?


The bed is coming along nicely.  Once I add the remaining plants and mulch, it will look a lot better.

Time to take a break and on the way inside, I happened to notice my pointer finger.. rule #1  use rubber gloves to spray paint, I had a perfectly painted gold  finger nail.  Lucky polish remover worked.

I was very glad I made a pitcher of flavored water (strawberries and lemons) .. It was quite refreshing after being in the sun a few hours

I’ve made some progress but still have quite a bit to do.  Little by little I’ll be finished and back to relaxing  in my “Chill-Out” Rest Haven

Sooo.. how was your weekend?