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Writing for a magazine was an unspoken dream I use to have while flickering the countless pages of Southern Living, Essence Magazine, Country Living and a host of others.  Realizing the opportunity of being able to work for one is NOT gonna happen, the “ding” went off in my head.  I decided – why not do one myself… create an online magazine.  I’ve been holding off telling you about this new project because of my own insecurities.  I pushed it aside and tiddled around with it, and after realizing how many months had passed since New Year’s (which is when I actually started working on it..) I came to terms that I had to either (excuse the expression) $#it or get off the pot—lol– and you see- I chose to drop it like it’s hot.


You all know how much I love the thrill of the hunt and live the lifestyle of the “Thrift and Famous” – I decided to create the online magazine to reflect the joys of thrifting.  I don’t have a forecast of plans for it, but as of now it’ll be a quarterly snippet of living the vintage lifestyle, decorating on a budget, introducing collectibles and inspiring you to CYOC “Create Your Own Chicness” using vintage, antique or modern pieces.  It’s all about having fun with your BTB – “BestieThriftBuddy”, while seeking those hidden jewels .  I’ll offer advice from seasoned thrifters, interior decorators, appraisals and a host of other exciting ideas.  If you’re wondering if this will take the place of my blog.. NOPE!  I love having my blog but this is just another venue to express creativity along with having a host of others who’ll help inspire you. This is just in time because Garage Sale Season ( yard sales, estate sales and the clean-out mode) begins, you’ll be ready to incorporate your finds into your home’s decor to decorate or re-decorate your space on a budget.



If you’re a beginner at the thrift game – here’s an article that will help get you started.  It won’t take long before you become hooked and find yourself among the thrift aficionados   If you’re not new to the game and want top notch decor inspiration – check out The Olive Guide.  All in all folks – it’s my hopes that you’ll  click the pages, enjoy reading the content, and get excited about living the lifestyle of the “Thrift and Famous”!!


!! Oh, last but not least,  meanwhile this happened  🙂  How awesome it is to be a part of this amazing group of  talented women!!





Friday Finds


Every wander in a store and find an item at a great price and then see “why” it was a great price?  Well that was the case with this 9″ brass pineapple.  It was a misfit, but for $6.00 I had no problem bringing it home with me. I guess someone thought it’d be useless because it’s missing a couple of tips.  Well given the fact I know I’m not perfect and got a few broken wings myself, I figured it’ll be fine for me.. who am I to judge right?? One thing about me.. I’m not the perfectionist type (and please know, by no means, I’m not knocking anyone who is).  My home is filled with vintage items, so I’m used to things not being “perfect”.     I’ve been looking for a bigger one (without paying $80 to $120 for it) and they’re extremely hard to come by.  Even though it was badly tarnished,  I knew my trusty “Barkeepers Friend” could handle that part, especially after seeing how it brought the coat rack back to life.   However, the broken stems.. oh well.. can’t do anything about that.


After polishing it and setting it out.. I think it’ll do just fine


With it being shiny and clean, the two broken stems aren’t so noticeable




The brass crab was another find at a yard sale for $3.00.  Ever since I saw this one I’ve been wanting one.  The only difference, mine is a trinket box (which is larger) instead of a bottle opener.


When I created my Antler tray I knew I’d have fun styling it.  My motto “patience is a virtue” (plus the mere fact of re-directing my spending habits) really pays off.


I’m definitely satisfied  🙂 with the style of the tray.


I also found this brass candle holder for $5.00 at RestoreHabitat


Which looked great on my Thanksgiving table (I wish I had polished it before – but again it was a last minute decision)


Another find – which I showed on Instagram (because I couldn’t wait).. and was also excited about was a black panther planter.  I saw this during our Mountain trip, but it was actually a light, and it was $60.00 – I was very tempted, however, I really didn’t need it as a light fixture, but it sure was fierce!  It was the first I’ve ever seen.


And then this cat crept in my life… for $4.99


I haven’t picked a plant to use in it just yet, or I may not put one in at all and use if for something else, but one thing for sure is I’m glad I found it!


That’s all I have to share for now.. I’m sure you’re out there shopping for holiday gifts, but in your travels and hunts – if you score a terrific find – don’t forget to share using hashtag #urthriftygirlfinds to be featured on the next FridayFinds.  As always – Happy Hunting while you thrift your house into a home!







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