Subtle Changes

Since the Living Room just recently given a makeover, I made some subtle changes.  When I completed the makeover I had only one lamp in the room.  It was a peacock  (which I have a fettish for) but actually I’ve been eyeing … Continue reading

Freshened Foyer

I’m on my minimizing kick and next up was the foyer.  I’m taking my time going room by room and completing this task.  I had hoped to have it completed by the time the i2i YardSale happened, but I couldn’t accomplish it.  One thing for sure is I’m happy that I’ve at least began making every attempt to do this.  Letting go is always the hardest part and I’m realizing  that once I’ve gone through a space redecorate, starting with a clean slate was easier for me to weed out what I no longer wanted.  Such is the case with the foyer, living room and dining room.  I wanted the color of the foyer to flow into both those rooms so I chose Sherwin Williams “Morning Fog”.  It’s a bit of a grayish/bluish/lavenderish color..

morning fog

When I saw it in this picture, I thought it was a bit too gray,

morning fog1

Contrare to my thought, it was actually what I was looking for.  I finished painting the rococco console table/mirror and it looks a thousand times better.  If you recall it was shabby black which did nothing for it.



Initially I thought about metallic gold, but then I loved the Rose Gold I used for the living room mirror, and decided to go with that color again because the console table has a mauve marble top.


This mirror was a royal pain in the toosh to paint.  All the swirly edges made the task of painting it was even harder.  (as much as I papered and taped, I still got overspray on it, but nail polish remover took it right off.


This is a closer view of the details that were on the console legs.  Here is how it looks inside with the new wall color



Major difference right!  Looks a lot more elegant!  I also changed the light fixture and decided on the Jamee chandelier at Joss & Main


I loved the chandelier, but I didn’t care for the crystals it came with because – 1) I had to assemble them and 2) they weren’t real crystal.  I had a bag of antique crystal prisms I had been saving and decided to switch them.  The longer crystals did a bit more justice to the beauty of the fixture.



This small space has 5 doorways, and i felt it’s best not to put a bunch of items in here.  I’m satisfied (for now)


I haven’t decided on an area rug yet, and I’m not rushing it either.. I’ll take my time and enjoy looking at the openness of the space.  By not having a lot of items the area actually feels bigger.


I’m so glad I chose to keep it because now I’m forced to not keep a bunch of “stuff” that was filled in the drawers of the table.


I styled it simple with a set of Ikea Blomster candleholders that I picked up at Goodwill for $3.00, another one of my favorite female busts (which was a yardsale find $1.00), a bit of greenery and my favorite pic of hubby and I.





When the chandelier is on at night, there’s a soft glow of the reflection


and the rose gold changes the hue


On the other side of the wall, I brought in the bench from the bedroom.  I needed a space to drop my handbag and workbag and thought that would be great place for it.  I finally hung the birthday painting.


Another vintage swan (which I use as a planter) is perched right next to it


I’m definitely sure I appreciate the new space.


Although the sale of the console didn’t go through, sometimes things happen for a reason, because I truly am happy I have it and I love the new look.  The foyer has been freshened up and I’m patting myself on the back because I was able downsize a few items.

To take the look of the foyer from this …


to this look


It’s a winner for me.  The total cost of my new look was $150.00 ( with the bulk of it being the cost of the chandelier).
As always, it’s not how much it costs, but its’s how you style it.  Happy hunting while you thrift your house into a home.





Boudoir Refresh


Hey all!  I hope you’re doing well and feeling great! I’m so happy Spring is here and I’m almost  complete with my indoor projects because it’s time to be outside.  So I’m working on two projects at one time..   The Foyer and the Master bedroom.  The bedroom refresh is complete.. I chose not to paint because I painted about 3 years ago. (Besides, I don’t want my brother to strangle me…lol).  But, I will say just changing a few items and rotating two pieces of furniture not only gave me more space, but I was able to add two more pieces and the room appears more spacious. Hubby thought I took something out.. (Chuckles, Goes to show how much he really pays attention.. Smh).  Since this stuff doesn’t phase him much, I hope you’ll sit, relax, sip and enjoy the view of our vintage suite (a girl can dream right ?)


Everytime I think about switching our furniture to something more modern, my inner being just can’t part with this set.  I love the bed plus it was custom stained for me. I spotted it in a pile of unfinished work and it had been stripped and a few of the embellishments were missing.  My dear friend Joyce was the craftswoman behind this creation.  I brought her the drawer of my nightstand and asked her to match the bed stain.  When she finished it I’ll never forget how excited I was to see how beautiful the bed looked.


So,  that’s my bed story, it’s been with me for almost 20 years and I dont’t think I’ll ever change it.  Now moving along, it was an extremely bold move to choose white as my scheme, because my husband is an auto mechanic..(eeeeek..). But when I snagged the crochet coverlet at an estate sale (for $30.00.. what a deal)  I knew I wanted to accent it with white.  I later found the fur bedspread at another estate sale for $20.00.


I found the the perfect white pillows at HomeGoods, except the purple one.. That’s my special pillow (read here), which is why I chose to paint the headboards purple, because that pillow will always sit on our bed.



Last year I had them monogrammed, but they hung on the wall as window toppers..(see here) Well I’m super excited because they’re actually cornice boards now. Me and my upholsterer worked together and crafted the ends to extend the width, then attached to more wood.  This was not a hard project, but it did take time.  (kick me in the butt for not taking pics along the way, but you can see some below

image image image

I picked out a fabulous champagne color satin fabric for the panels and she made the pleated panels and we attached with Velcro.  The sheer panels are equally beatiful., they are embellished with a satin circular pattern.  They are on extension rods inserted inside the cornice board.  I knew the design I wanted and working with her, it was awesome to see we the accomplished look and I honestly love them.  So, if you’ve got or saw some cute twin headboards, here’s a DIY project, designed by yours truly.


(You see why I have the purple pillow)


Sheba came in here for hubby’s dressing  corner.



The satin panels are so soft, they actually feel like a designer ball gown.  The lucite bedside lamps were purchased from HomeGoods.  They were marked down to $25.oo and were perfect for my “vintage glam” design.


Do you notice the beauty of the crochet coverlet..  I still haven’t found the right nightstand, so the hat boxes still serve as nightstand/storage.


I made up my mind to not keep my dresser cluttered.  It took some time, but, I actually went through all the jewelry I don’t wear, got rid of receipts and the other “stuff” I tend to throw on there.  I want to keep it simple.. This vintage candy dish has always been a favorite of mine. My grandmother (and I’m sure many of yours) had one on the coffee table,  and I  always liked it.  I chose to use mine as powder puff jar.. It fits perfectly



Yea, I kinda feel like a starlet when I use it.. (Giggles… Hey I’m still dreaming)


A picture of my besties stay close by too.. The french ladies chest was another antique find I purchased from my friend Joyce some 20 years ago too.  I can’t say enough how she had so many gorgeous pieces.  This holds the organized jewelry clutter (gorgeous piece isn’t it) .  The antique brocade slipper chair was a sidewalk special.. You can see the before/after here.


My vanity (which I call glamour girl station ) adds to the vintage glam feel of the room.. After all, there’s one in the boudoir of all the Turner Classic movies – so, I have to have one in mine ☺️


When my nieces visit, they love playing dress up in front of this, I have to keep my eye on them or they’d have the room lit up with perfume.  The vanity chair got a new look as well…


For a girl with a chair fettish, I came across this cute little lighter and was nice to have just for show – (not a smoker).  The only thing I’m still contemplating is taking down my dolls. I haven’t found anything to replace them so, I just decided to keep them out a little longer.



Our room doesn’t have a certain era of furniture pieces, but they’re all blended.  That’s mostly the advantage of working with antiques.  I’ve never been the matchy-matchy kind of person, so, this allows me to use Victorian, French, Art Deco, midcentury and new items to complete the look of the Vintage Glam bedroom suite.  I hope you enjoyed the “fresh” new glam look.


 You see, there’s beauty in vintage and I truly adore working with them.  If you ever decide you want to incorporate a bit of vintage into your decor and feel stuck.. Feel free to ask me for a bit of advice.. I’d love to help.


I found the right mirror, so, the doll has been retired.


 As always .. beauty doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Happy hunting and enjoy thrifting your House into a Home


 Thanks for stopping by!  Smooches


Living Room Makeover

After Saving Grace, and getting excited about her new look, I decided it was time to make a few changes in the Living Room.  I initially was going to put her in the foyer, but realized #1 she’s too big … Continue reading

A Few of My Favorite Things

As we countdown for the holiday festivities to begin, everything begins to feel like its crunch time – such as, making sure the house is clean, gifts are wrapped, fridge is stocked and the barcart is set for guests to arrive .  Now that the grand opening is over, I stopped stressing and can now digress, relax, do a couple of makeovers and … oh yea.. bring in the New Year.  Your thrifty girl has been busy catching up with emails, blog hopping (which I looooove) and planning more make-overs.   But before the year is over, I just want to share with you a few of my favorite things..  Through my blog-world I’ve met so many inspiring women who continue to amaze me with their extraordinary talents and it’s such a pleasure to be amongst their cyber/company.  I hope you follow along with me to visit these wonderful women and see a part of their world that they so graciously open their doors to share with us.

Linda over at LindaG Loving Home  is by far one of the best seamstresses I’ve ever met in my life and her exceptional designs mixed with impeccable taste demonstrates how to sew beautiful custom accents for your home.  Her blog is all about creating that special touch and loving your home.  Look at this beautiful quilt she made and used it as a table cover. It’s just one of many stunning designs she created.  For a burst of inspiration, hop over to her blog and get ready to be inspired.

I’ve always admired a beautifully set table, but Alycia over at Tablescapes at Table 21,  is a woman who surpasses the description of beauty. The first time I ventured on her blog, I think I spent at least 8 hrs just oooing and ahhhing over each and every design she created.  Her bubbly personality, mixed with a keen eye for details and descriptions while creating the perfectly well-dressed table is definitely one to follow.  As I told her, as soon as I hit it big- I’m flying her in to design the big bash party..(this girl can dream big can’t I…but never know)..

Next, there’s Ginene over at Fox and Finch Antiques.  Ginene is my kindred shop mate.  She and I share the same love of all things beautiful and vintage.  She has been such an inspiration by maintaining her lovely shop, while also painting beautiful pieces she restored for shop merchandise.  From reading stories about her walks through her neighborhood to offering tips on cleaning vintage clothing, her blog is one that I love to read.  (isn’t this bed the absolute gorgeous!!)

I recently became acquainted with Ariene over at Dress My Room Interiors through Instagram.   I love her fab-glam style. She is definitely on point with her perfectly blended style of high fashion glam mixed with a bit of vintage.

Not only is she hitting Charlotte’s retail scene with her high style and fab interior designs, but she and co-founder Quintel Gwinn just recently launched The Olive Guide.  This is the best Go-To online guide for entertaining with style while also offering great tips on home-styling by showcasing other interior designers. If you like to entertain, whether it be large or small, visit the The Olive Guide for great inspiration.

So in closing, I hope I’ve given you a bit of inspiration and I especially hope you’ve enjoyed meeting these fantastic women as much as I have.   Peace and blessings —