I Heart My Cart

Hey Everyone!  It’s entertainment season again and I hope by now you’ve got your bar cart styled, staged and stocked.  If not “Shame on You”.. but no fear, here’s some inspiration to spark your motivation to get the party started.  … Continue reading

New HashTag In Town

  I’m sure by now you know bar carts are all the craze …this trend has everyone hunting for their own special style and the market is hot right now.   Ever since I scored my Culver Hollywood fab barware from … Continue reading

Sip Appeal

It’s that season to hang out with your friends and do some outdoor entertaining and the bar cart is the central station for hosting that event.  After all, that’s where you’ll find the drinks.  All these carts featured here are perfectly styled for hosting that afternoon soiree to have a few “toast it ups” for the day.



And so are the ones here:


Remember the bar cart I bought here?  Well, that poor little darling has taken a bit of a beating over the past two years.  It suffered slight weather damage and I’ve been trying to decide if I want to paint it or refinish it.

The wood is discolored and the brass is very dull.  Dilemnas, dilemnas, until the generosity of my blogger/friend Ginene, over at Fox and Finch Antiques introduced me to New Life Mask.  She used it on her beautiful Edwardian child’s chair.  Not only was the upholstery fantastic, but the wood was refinished beautifully.  So, I figured I’d give it a try on this bar cart.  See how bad the wood was discolored.

Ginene was right about how easy it was.. (ubelievably easy).  Apply the mask on the wood and rub in, let it sit about 5 mins and wipe off.  Then follow up with the moisturizer.  Do you see the difference it made so far..

I was like “OH YEA!!”… this is my kind of refinishing.   Then I used Rustoleum brass spray paint to make the brass shine again. And now the bar cart is back with complete Sip Appeal!

I can’t get over how easy this project was.. by far was one of the quickest.  The hardest part was taping.

I think it looks better than when I first bought it.  And to think I was dreading another tedious project..  Ginene, I can’t thank you enough for your kind heart and generosity.  This bar cart is finished and back to having Sip Appeal

Just in time because my girls are here for the big yard sale and we’ll have a little chill time after our day is over.


Have you gotten your bar cart ready for entertaining??  If not… get ready because Summer is here!





Herbal Cart

It’s Spring and time to tend to the garden.  The perennials that have been resting all winter has finally awakened and ready to come alive.  Your thrifty gal has been waiting to work on a simple project.  Fresh garden herbs are just wonderful to cook with and I love growing them (if you’ve never used them – trust me- make it a point to do it this year).  I caught Home Depot’s Spring Black Friday sale and bought several starter plants.   I spotted a utility cart at the yard sale I went to a few weeks back (when I bought all the seashells).  That day, not only did I hit the seashell jackpot, but I also hit the flower pot jackpot!  I bought the cart for $5.00 and the flower pots were $4.00 (for all of them – total count- 45), I know, I know, I’ve got a lot of planting to do   🙂 .   That particular yard sale landed me some great deals.


Well I figured this cart will make the perfect “go to” stand for my herbal garden which will be right outside my kitchen door on the deck.  Now of course it needs a major new look.. something that will be bright and cheery to make my herbs grow healthy.   I’ve been stock piling all the pretty spring colors of spray paint to work on projects this summer. I decided on the colors and went to work… first I cleaned the cart and the painted it a pretty turquoise.  Then I painted a few of the clay pots to plant my herbs in.  Here is my the new look of my Herbal Cart

This simple project took 2 hours to complete and I’m so happy about the new look

I colorful tape was a perfect accent to the colors I chose.


These herbs are going to give my summer meals a bold new flavor.. mmmmmm and the delightful fragrance smells so pretty when I walk past them






I Copied!

I saw a post from Home for Now featuring Gold Dipped Wine Glasses.  So your “girl gone crazy with paint” decided to give it a try.  Guess what?? I did it and liked it.. I used some $0.50 cents  glasses – just in case I goofed – I would’t feel so bad..  But I actually scored because they turned out great…They actually match the ice bucket I’ve had for years …..

It was quite simple.. I taped them.. sprayed two coats of metallic gold paint..(let dry between coats) and sprayed with a clear polyurethane.. let dry and hand washed them..


Here are my pair gold dipped glasses

I decided to use a 3rd one to create a glitter glass candle holder    

This was my first time working with glitter spray .. I think I started something.. because I like it  🙂


They all look pretty elegant – so much so, that I think it’s time to open the bar and show you my family heirloom – a vintage “Creme de la creme” wine cabinet.   This wine cabinet is a rare find.  I have to pay homage to my dear sweet grandmother, we lovingly referred to her as “Mother Dear”.   Mother Dear had this cabinet covered with a tablecloth for years.  I never knew what was underneath because she had plants sitting on top.  After she passed, we cleared her belongings, I removed the cloth and found the hidden jewel she had been hiding for many years.  I asked my father if I could have it.. and he said “yes – of course”.. I was so happy to have gotten something of hers.  I brought it home, had it professionally refinished (it had some type of paint on it) to restore it to its natural beauty and it’s been a cherished item ever since.

See the beautiful wood grain

I’ll show you what makes this unique… It’s how it opens and closes..  The top lifts up and the inside moves up and the top lays flat

To create a serving area

The top stores the glasses

The bottom stores the liqueur

The gold-dipped stemware and the glitter-glass candle holder looks fab here

Mother Dear picked a beautiful time piece.. because this baby will never go out of style.. (In fact, I bet there will be a replica made of this someday)..

So I thank  you Mother Dear – Every time I look at this – I smile and reflect on the fond memories of her and how much I love her.