Office Flip

As the old saying goes, “the quiet before the storm” meaning all is quiet before the storm hits.  Well, for this post, I’m flipping that quote because of my sister’s office makeover.  It was literally the storm before the quiet. … Continue reading

I Heart Art

Hello everyone!  I hope you all remember to set your scales back before the wonderful Thanksgiving feast you’ll share with your family (I know.. wishful thinking right??) lol… The holiday shopping season has officially begun but I’m determined to stay away from the stores as much as possible.  I enjoy shopping on the internet for certain items for the home, such as art.  If you’ve been following me.. I’m sure you realize how fond I am of art, which is why I was ecstatic when I found the site, Invaluable.Com and decided to design a room around one of their paintings.  Ok, so you know how much I loooooove music.. when I saw this piece I flipped over the beautiful painting of Aretha.  I was in a daydream mode and thought I’d toy around with how I envisioned a room with this painting would look.  Invaluable has a vast array of art and believe me, it was a tough decision.  If you’ve not heard of them, Invaluable is a premier online auction offering art, jewelry, antiques and collectibles from all over the world.  The piece I chose is from their mixed media selection of Fine Art called Aretha by French Artist Jef Aerosol.  The starting bid is – eh hem –  (swallow hard)  $2000.00 (yikes- my husband would kill me) Mind you this is truly my dream piece..

Isn’t she gorgeous!!  The artist captured the early days of the “Queen of Soul” which to me, was her best work.  The vintage appeal of this painting is what caught my eye.  Of course this would make any room look stunning, but here’s the room I designed around this magnificent art work.. I imagine entertaining, while listening to Aretha and all my jazz favorites, while enjoying good company, delicious hors d’oeuvres and fine wine… and of course, admiring my fine art.



A girl can dream – “Can’t I??”  🙂

Adding the right art to your room is like choosing the perfect accessories for that fabulous outfit.  It’s easy to design a room around art and Invaluable could be your One-Stop art shopping place.  I hope you all enjoyed my fantasy room as much as I do.