Farewell Summer

Hey everyone!! Remember me ???  I just want to touch base with you and say Hi and let you know all is going well.  It’s so hard to believe that Summertime is over and  Fall has begun.  I’m already missing the beautiful summer days, lounging around and enjoying the easy living.  I’ve always loved this particular song and the way Sylvester sings it- just moves my soul.  ( I know you’re probably saying – this girl and her music – and you’re right.. this girl and her music is her life) ..  I’d be a lost soul without it.

Well, we are finishing up painting the shop.  Boy, it’s more work than I thought, but it’s worth it.  Just thought I’d share a few before pictures of the shop and what I’m working with.  Please don’t be too critical, because it’s been vacant for months and TLC is all it needs.  We’re pretty excited about it.

This is the beginning stages of “Pieces of Time” Antiques & Home Decor Boutique.


Of course we’ll be adding some curb appeal too! Perhaps a window box and of course some planters.

We were pleased to have the display cases which will come in handy


I thought picking out paint colors would be fun, but it’s actually very challenging but these were a few selections I came home with..

Considering the size of the space we are working with I had to narrow down the selection to one color.  It was a tough decision, but  I think you’ll like one I chose.  I also have to tell you about my good luck fortune.   Sometimes, God works in mysterious ways and he’s really blessed me with finding things.  I was extremely happy when I found these brass shelving units which would be perfect for the shop and the price was $35.00 for each, but the gentlemen let them go for $30.00 ea (talk about insides screaming – yippeeee).

Then I came across a lady selling paint.  Could you believe this!!  She had a 5 gallon bucket of Behr flat white paint – never used or opened.. for $5.00.  I just couldn’t believe it.  All I could say was-  “Thank You God” for your blessing, because he knows I’m working on a shoestring budget.    Well that’s all I have to share so far.  Like I said, I just wanted to touch base – and hoping all is well you.  Have you found any goodies lately or done any projects?  If so, please share, I’d love to hear all about it.  Also, don’t forget to follow along with me on my VivaGram and Twitter.  If you find goodies and like to share, use hashtag #urthriftygirlfinds so I feature them on my Friday Finds.  Until next time – ta-ta.. smooches,




$2.00 Tuesday #2

Hey there, last week I started a $2.00 Tuesday post.. I’m going to continue with them as long as I can find $2.00 items.. and you know something.. I think it’s kind of fun, too,… knowing I can actually get something so cheap that I could really make use of.    I found this week’s item at the thrift store here in town.   I usually don’t get to visit it because they’re closed on Saturdays ( not good).. but I lucked up because they’ll be open on Saturdays until Christmas  (GREAT!)

Well, here’s what I found tucked in the back…. chuckles…. I know what you’re thinking… “Good Lord – I haven’t seen those in years” LOL…  but guess what… they’re sturdy and I know could use them.    Here’s the clincher .. all three for $2.00.  Last week I was happy with the one plant hanger… so you know this week I’m freaking ecstatic  🙂   YIPPEEE!!!!      (don’t mind the leaves in the backdrop.. they’re everywhere..sooo tired of raking leaves..sigh)  🙁

The solid beige one was .50 cents and the other two.. .75 cents (chuckles..)   can’t beat it… RIGHT!  I’m not too fond of the colors or the big fuzzy ball at the end

but  since it’s Fall.. and they are Fall colors – it’ll work for now.    I’ll decide later whether to change the colors (of course spray paint would do the job) or not.    I gave them a try and put a couple of plants inside them.. (just to show for the post – but tomorrow I’m headed to the nursery to get a few plants to put in them..   Here’s how they look with a plant inside..

They are absolutely perfect for outside hangers.. the cording is extremely durable..



After seeing them… I think I really LUCKED UP!

The Chill Out Spot Addition

Just when I thought my little Chill Out – Garden spot was complete, ..  It was a rainy day and it had been a while since I visited this little consignment shop near my job, so I figure I’d give them a visit.  And came across these two carts…


The thought of having a Bar Cart to accommodate long days of sitting in the garden sanctuary would really be nice.  They were both really cute but I had to decide which one I like the best.. The vintage cart came home with me at a steal of a deal for $38.00   (and to think I was happy because the sticker said $45.00) but the dealer said he’ll take $38.00 ( WOW! even better)

Along the way out the door, my eyes caught another little addition (why couldn’t I just stop looking- and keep going).. but this little sign came home too… for $5.00… oh well.. it was a perfect addition for the Chill Out Spot..   Don’t you think so too???  🙂   I’m so glad I took the seat cushions from this to look like they do here..


The first time use of the bar cart was Wine & Watermelon..mmmmm….and the rest was haven (or shall I say heaven)


Oh,  the little candle holders were given a new look too..  the black was a tad bit dull so I painted them.. I may change the color again.. (maybe yellow…not sure..gotta see if the turquois suits me..)

DSCF1562 DSCF1563

One more change took place.  Had to change the netting because a few feathered friends enjoyed picking at it..  so it went from this:


To this…  Luckily I bought a replacement net last year when JC Penny had a season-end clearance on the nets.. $20.00 – as a just in case. My husband couldn’t understand why get one .. now he does.. (cause you never know)…

Even though it’s not beige, it does just fine..  Now back to my watermelon and wine.. .. Tah-Tah.. until next time…. Ahhhhhh…..