Monday Makeover – Part 6

Good morning everyone.. I hope you had a fantastic weekend!  Today’s segment of Monday Makeover features this table  I came across at Goodwill last week.  It was marked $4.75.  I dawdled around trying to decide whether to buy it or not, but since it was Tuesday (senior discount day) that means 25% off which would put it slightly under $4.00.   So, what the heck,  I bought it.  (btw.. Mom was with me)



I found this tray for $2.25 a while back…  ( I love these trays)

I decided to revamp the table this weekend.. First I had to disassemble it..

small table2

The brass was tarnished quite a bit

small table1

These were the decorative backings on my dining room chairs.   After the makeover, (if you missed it click here to view) I decided to leave them off, but,  figured they’d come in handy for something else.

It pays to save things , because you never know.   My goal was to spruce up this bland table, perhaps add a little more pizzazz.

I chose Krylon navy blue and Rustoleum metallic bright gold to kick it up;  the ornaments added the perfect touch.    Here is the table’s new look


The bamboo tray was revamped with a new look as well.  I really enjoy working with trays and love how this one turned out.  I spray painted it with the brassy gold and of course, used more of the wallpaper samples (I have so much of it – I need to use them.. remember – as I said – I’ll be happy to share – just let me know)

My intention was to use it on this table top, however, it was too big..  But guess what?  It fit perfect in between the top and the little rack.  So, I used it as a makeshift drawer.   Here is the table now



Doesn’t it look a thousand times better!!


The black curly wrought iron plant stands didn’t match too well –  A quick spray gave them a brighter look

The gold gives them a more richer appeal (mind you I paid $5.00 for the pair at a yard sale about a year &  a half ago)



This tray went from Plain to Pretty

And the table went from Terrible to Terrific!

Have you recently given an item a new look?  If so, please share

Design Idea by :  JamalaWallace :  aka   UrVintageGirl

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Monday Makeover

Good morning all!  I hope you had a lovely weekend.  Today’s makeover is a DIY Tray Makeover..   I’ve had these trays for years, stored away and not being used.  After seeing all the lovely trays – I decided to pull them out and give them a makeover.    This project cost me Zero dollars because I already had the items around the house.  Time to put them to use with new looks.  I have four of them but this weekend I worked on two.

I had this wallpaper sample book stored away as well.  As an fyi.. no I didn’t sell wallpaper..chuckles.. but a friend gave it to me and naturally I took it..(they were such pretty samples) kinda figured they’d come in handy one day..



Spray paint to change the color…


Used modge podge to glue it down

Here’s the a new look for tray #1



This has definitely softened the look of the tray

Tray #2 has become a desk tray (of course I had to use the leopard print)

A quick spray of gold metallic paint to create the gold accessories


I’m pleased with the new looks and look forward to completing the other two!  BTW – If any of you care to make over a tray – let me know – I’ve got plenty of paper and would love to share it with you.   Just send me a message and I’ll send you pictures of selections.  All I ask is that you share your project with me 🙂




JMillz Place

My oldest son, Jamil, has officially moved into his new apartment and I’ve been searching for items for his bachelor pad.   As I reflect back on how time flies, he’s grown and on his own, a part of me was saddened, but the other part was happy.  He’s all excited about it and truth be told – I’m excited for him.

I’ve been challenged not to use “antiques”  chuckles..Oh boy ..  here we go… Jamil said “Mommy – no antiques..” okay, okay, okay… but it’s all good.. I’m having fun doing his place.  He knows I’m a thrifty shopper, so far I’ve gotten a couple things from a consignment store – like his dinette set – which was half off,  I got it for $198.00.  He loved it, in fact, had to give me a high five on that score.  It was perfect for his place with a contemporary look.

I also found a coffee table at the same place for $32.00 – He even liked that too!!  So now I’m getting a feel for his taste.

He needed something to hang on the wall where his dinette set would be.   I had the perfect item in mind. I’ve had this big round rattan object for the longest and just didn’t do anything with it.  It was given to me by a friend and she didn’t want it anymore.. it was lying around collecting dust.   So, you know I gladly took it..I knew eventually I’d use it for something..(that’s part of my hoarder syndrome 🙂  .

I really like how it was made  – it would make a really nice wall hanging.

So, I decided to make a mirror for him.  I bought a plain round mirror from Michael’s for $7.99.   To get rid of the “baskety look” I spray painted it a metallic bronze.  Attached the mirror with hot glue and edged it off with twine.  So here’s his finished mirror.


I’m liking it alot and since I’m so excited to show you.. I decided to hang it on a wall at my house to let you see it   🙂



I was contemplating adding a few feathers on it (you know  how I love my feathers).. but I had to keep in mind (it’s for a guy) so I left them off (but boy – oh boy- was I tempted.

I’m like… hmmmmm… hey should I pass this up????  Chuckles..  I told him.. “I think you might be beat – because I’m digging it”  He laughed and said “Oh really” but of course I’m going to give it to him..  I can’t wait to see it hung at his place.  I’ll be showing you his “pad” in a few weeks.    I miss having him around, but when I go to see him, it makes me smile.

I hope you guys like the mirror I created.. He hasn’t seen it yet, so I hope he does too..    See ya!  Have a great weekend!!




$2.00 Tuesday #8

Hey all!!!   If you’re just joining me.. I scored this week’s $2.00 item last week during my Goodwill Hunting.   It was the Martha Stewart wastebasket.  Yes, it had some bruises on it – but that’s ok.. it’s been transformed.. and I’m pleased with the finished product.  Remember it’s going in my office – so I wasn’t too meticulous about it.

Here’s the wastebasket before:           I know…  pretty bland.. right..(Martha Stewart huh???)


Well here’s your Vintage Girl’s version

Much better right!!!!   ( Please say yes, please say yes…    🙂    )

The teeny-tiny little bubbles occurred when I removed the tape..but again – it’s ok…  (besides they add texture )

Here it is inside my office…   It’s the perfect size…  and price   $2.00


It’s not Vintage – but it’s definitely Thrifty  –

I think even Martha would be pleased…  –

And as for the rest of the goodwill items.. here are some around the house..

Batteries added to the candles..  not bad for $2.50;  Pillows are washed and fluffed back up…$4.00


This pair of frames looks perfect with the print scarf draped across the wine cabinet

And my lovely ballerina niece looks adorable in this frame

Like I said.. it was a very good Goodwill Hunting  –  Well I’m off .. see you again real soon….

4poster Box Bed

Well today I set out to finish up Ms.  Koko’s bedroom bed..  Thank God the weather was beautiful because I really wanted to get these projects done…. So here we go.. gathering up all the items needed.. (not that it was alot) and we’re headed outside..  Here’s the box we started with

KoKo  is nearby probably wondering what’s going on….

If she guessed a new bed…. SHE’S RIGHT!!

Remember this one will go in our bedroom so I’m have to make it match the room… (don’t want a sore thumb sticking out).. I painted the box and started thinking what else.. hmmm, tap,tap,tap, hmmmm ahhhha I got it!  When you have a yard full of these why not use a few..


So I got four and a couple of sticks to decorate the box with – first let’s do something with the color..  a touch of gold paint did the trick..I used the sticks to create the letter “K”


The box is all dry – now it’s time to decorate.. I added more bling to the box with the crystals I got previously and from Cassie…   I’m very pleased with her 4poster box bed    🙂

It matches the color of the chair it sits next to… “you can see that rags to riches story about the lovely chair here.”


But the real test is to see if KoKo approves… let’s go get her…  “Ooohh KoKo – come here girl..”

Yes!!!  I think she definitely likes it!!

I guess all this hard work has made her sleepy….. time for her nap