The leaves are gently falling and MotherNature says it’s time to let summer go…I on the other hand say, “What happened to Summer.. did it have to come and go so fast?”.  Here comes another season for us to look forward to.  Music is such a important aspect of my life and my home.  It motivates me, it encourages me, and it inspires me.  Sharing it is something I love doing because I feel it’s part of who I am and since I share it with my friends and family at home, then why not share it with my cyber friends , followers and family.  This is a special month – as I mentioned in the “Stand for your Cake” post – It’s My Birthday.  So come shopping with me for some subtle changes for the home:

I’m not one to change the decor of my home every season, but I do like subtle touches of it here and there like something for the table:




Or maybe even a new piece of artwork.. In fact..I think I’ll  introduce you to one of my favorite artists:  I truly admire the artwork of Frank Morrison.  His art is unique and will make a statement that you simply can not miss. The exaggerated body parts and flowing motion of the characters depicted in Frank’s art work are his signature and provide us with a glimpse of his endless creativity and talent. – See more at: .  These are some of my favorite pieces:

This one is called “Take Five”  –  I love how he depicted the couple as needing a break after creating a little music of their own.


She is “The Boss”  – and ready to rule the world..


“Swagger”  is who he goes by and he defiitely has it!  This man looks like he invented Swag


Meet “Red Sugar” –  ain’t she sweet.. the warm red tones in this art will definitely warm your walls this season

red sugar-1339684048

The sultry look of “Harlem Blue” is a stunning showstopper:

“Sax Serenade” will add the pefect music flare to your wall


Meet “Chanel” – I love the 70’s flare of her style – She’s fierce yet sexy  and definitely unstoppable. I truly love it but it’s sold out  🙁


Luckily, I was able to purchase “Dream Catcher” .  This was destined to be mine because I’m opening my arms to catch my dream.


I also visited my favorite Home Goods store and found these items to add as well.  The coffee table base has a woderful warm tone and the glass top is pefect to add one of these lovely vases.  So, as you see, you can bring in Fall and it doesn’t mean you have to fall short on color.  Just add a few pieces without breaking the bank.


Thank you for joining me on my shopping spree and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did… It’s September – Lets Fall in love with Autumn and oh — Happy Birthday to ME And My Twin!!

Vanity Affair

Think about older times when furniture was made with a sense of style and purpose.  As I watch American classic movies, I find myself paying close attention to the furniture than the actual movie at times, too busy watching the Hollywood starlets beautifying themselves in front of a gorgeous dressing table, lovingly known as the “Vanity”.   Nowadays, when one speaks of a vanity they’re usually referring to the bathroom sink base.  However, the true form of a vanity is the total opposite.   Originally created for the budoir for women to call their own private grooming space,  they  are indeed a breathtakingly beautiful piece of furniture that was magnificently structured and finely detailed for the lady and her essentials.  In vintage bedroom suits, the vanity was essential part of the suit, but today, they’re hardly ever made with the suit.  Trying to find one to match modern furniture requires an effort. But since style repeats itself, I’m sure one can be found to blend with any bedroom set. As a woman sits to her vanity while she embellishes herself in front of the mirror, there’s the inner feel of an enchantress that reigns deep within her soul.    Posessing traits that can be described as a woman, the vanity is beautiful, curvaceous, stunning and even graceful – because it was created with her style in mind.  They invoke a thought of mystery yet beauty and quite simply, can be considered a seductive work of furniture art.

I say it’s time to bring back the “Lady Days” and realize the beauty of sitting in front of your exquisite dressing table to beautify yourself and not in the bathroom.  When purchasing my vanity it was a very difficult decision. There were so many styles and designs that spoke to me.  In this article I pay homage to the long forgotten object of my desire and want to share some of my favorite styles and, of course, the one that found its way in my heart.

This vanity is almost exactly like the very first one my sister and I found on the street. With a fresh coat of white paint it became the beginning of our love of antique furniture.  Notice the delicately curved mirror (this is so pretty).



The French style of this piece was the lucky winner of my heart

A rare find that belongs to a dear friend

Notice the beauty of the wood grain


This style has a full length mirror


Spotted an Art Deco piece while “thrifting”  for only $100.00

These are so lovely.  Only if I had a house big enough to have more bedrooms, I’d put a vanity in each room.


I hope the styles of these vanities have inspired you to begin your search of your very own exquisite piece to complete your budoir space.