On the Porch

Hey Guys!  Summer is here and I’ve been doing a few things around the house.  I have project I can’t wait to share with you, but first I’d like to share my summer porch style and how I accomplished a … Continue reading

Weekend: Music and Projects

Hello everyone, it’s been a few days and yes, your thrifty girl took a break from posting. But unfortunately not a break from home-work. Chores, chores, and more chores..  but it’s all good.  The hubby was away at a golf tournament for the weekend and that meant I got to play my music all day and as long as I like..yipppeee.. (he’s a TV person so I always respect him and either turn it  down or off when he comes in to relax) because I tend to turn the volume up when the music’s getting good.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous here – I couldn’t decide whether to do indoor or outdoor projects.. So.. I did a little of both.  I got up and chose the music for the weekend and Lou Rawls was first to go in the carousel (and I chose 4 more that consists of compilations of all old school r&b)  but I’ll stop there because I could go on & on about music.  Lady Love was one of those treasured songs between me & hubby and it stuck with me.  Of course over the years many more have touched our hearts but this was on my mind this weekend.   Besides there are so many good songs on this entire cd – I love it.

First on the list… laundry and the Laundry area.. Pet hair – everywhere.   Time for Diamond to keep her big butt outside.. diamod

Got that area swept and cleaned up and it’s back to normal


Next on the list – Front Porch – sweep the winter away along with the pollen and cob webs.. and begin prepping it for pretty.  Took time to paint these items to give them a fresh look.  The sedum in this pot grows so nicely.  The little black table became copper and the flower pot has a pink/copper new look



It’s fresher look is most welcoming


Old man winter did it’s damage to my Agave plants.. I’m really upset over losing them.. I’ve had them for quite a few years, but I guess they couldn’t hang in there.   Well have to say good-bye to them – sniff sniff.  🙁


I did a quick look around at the flower beds and everything else is coming back beautifully – so it didn’t too much damage.  Weeding the beds are my next week projects.. but they are looking quite good for me to not have done anything to them.  Thank God for perennials.

Next on the list was to finish potting more of my herbs.  I bought a variety of them and need to get them potted.  The herbal cart turned out very well and I needed another stand for some more pots.  I found this inside my storage area

And decided to revamp it with some spray paint as well, along with more flower pots.  I’ve got more herbs to have cooking fun with

Last but not least, my  back door needed a fresh coat of paint real bad.. The scuff marks were “not” coming off.  So, I gave up scrubbing and pulled out the paint brush.   I’m so glad I did it because it looks much better.


Well (in the mere words of Bugs Bunny) that’s all folks!   I hope you had a wonderful and productive weekend too!  Feel free to share your story with me.. I’d love to hear about it.  I also hope you enjoyed listening to Lou.




Perked-up Porch

I hemmed and hawed about my front porch.   The cement is so badly stained and I just haven’t decided what to do.  Should I paint or should I clean it with some type of harsh chemical to get it looking new.   In any event, my hopes were to get it to look as pleasing as the ones I posted in my  “Porch Dreaming” post.  But that’s later to decide, because summer is here and I need to spend some time on it, ..so in the meantime I decided to perk it up.  FIrst, I needed to wash the siding.. so 2 hours later with a bucket of bleach & water I washed it.. and suprisingly it came pretty good.  I started with the Off My Rocker chairs.

I had this vintage trunk that I decided to paint and use it on the porch.   I painted it white and used a leftover purple-ish color for some stripes ..  DSCF1324and used it as a plant stand DSCF1438 DSCF1439

I found this chalkboard frame and decided to use it as a “Welcome Sign”

Next came time to dress it up with plants.    I had this vintage crate and decided to use it as a planter, so I outlined it with plastic bags to protect the wood.   Placed it on top of a folding seat and it becomes a pretty little showpiece for the plants.

        Found a piece of caribbean art to hang

Used a thrift store find table ($3.00) for some additional plants


The sedum planted in the chair added some additional color.  Since I had so many in the garden, I just dug some up and placed them in the pot last year,


I picked up this vintage wrought iron candle holder for $5.00 at a flea market and it became a planter instead

So, in the meantime, until I decide to paint, I think my little “perks” made a big diffence to the look of the porch.  So, if you’re ever in my area just know that guests are always