Here Comes 2017!

As I’m winding down from 2016 and getting ready for a new year, I thought I’d get a jump start on the table setting for a New Year’s day brunch.  Last year I did a New Year’s Eve get-together and … Continue reading

A Room With A View

Leaving Newark and coming to the quaint southern town has been a rewarding decision for Bernie.  Ever since we finished her boudoir, we’ve been busying ourselves getting her warm humble abode ready before the holidays approach and I have to admit … Continue reading

Happy Friday!

Hey Guys!  I guess you’ve been wondering what have I been up to – at least I hope I’ve crossed your minds. :-), if not, it’s cool.. I know you’re just as busy.  But your girl  has been quite busy, between finishing up the foyer refresh and gearing up for our town’s I2I  49 Miles to Shop Yard Sale – which has now been lengthened to 70 miles!!  Isn’t that awesome..!!!  If you remember me talking about it last year and how much fun it was – well this year is expected to be even more fun.  My sister is headed down to join in on the fun again and we’ve got lots and lots of stuff to sell.  By taking on my Living Room makeover, the Budoir Refresh, and now the Foyer, I’m realizing it’s time to let go of some stuff.  I’m really trying hard to minimalize my hoarding.   It’s something when you remove items to begin a re-decorate project, how your thought changes and you somehow are able to let things go that you’ve not thought to get rid of.  That’s where my head is now.  It’s great because I just recently won first place in a de-clutter contest that was hosted by Goodwill_SC.  Along with gift cards, I also received the book “The Life-changing magic of tidying up”  – perfect timing right??!!!



closet contest

So needless to say I’ve got boxes all around the house and just dumping stuff and I’m vowing to price this stuff to sell because I have to let it go.  I want to have less stuff to dust, less stuff to store away and less stuff in the way.   Wish me luck on this process because it’s not easy.. trust me.. it really isn’t.  But..moving along.. I’m really happy how the foyer is coming along.   No major big renovation (because hubby ain’t having – just painting and changing the light fixture.  I love how just doing those two items made a big difference.  I pulled an item out of storage to replace the table  you see here.  I had no love for the table, but it held “more stuff” that I wasn’t using.. I mean really – why did I still have the last 5 years of telephone books in there.. smh.  I found candles that I should have been burning, papers, receipts  and just – stuff.


It’s not a big space so I wanted to minimize the items I had in there to make it appear more spacious.   I had a rococo style mirror and console table to sell, but the buyer decided not to take it.  I was going to put it in the yard sale then I took another look at it and decided to use it in my space.  Reason #1 – no drawers to hold “stuff”  and reason #2 – I love it.   Here is the before:foyer

Isn’t that a sweet looking mirror.. I’m not feeling the black or the shabby look of it though..


This is the console table.  Black did nothing for this piece not to mention the beautiful rose tone marble top that was on it.   They both got a new look with my faithful can of spray paint.  I’ll show you the after next week.  I want to finish up the foyer and then surprise you  🙂

That’s all for now, and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I’ll see you next week!  Oh and if you’re wanting to travel to the Yard Sale, hop over to the website and read all about it.  I’d love to see you there.  But in the meantime.. Happy hunting..   Smooches




$2.00 Tuesday

Good morning .. Remember me!!  ?  Hi everyone! I know it’s been a while but, your girl had to take a hiatus from typing, blogging and thinking.. etc..   It’s so funny because I looked at my horoscope and it read: “You may find yourself in a dreary mood, Libra, with little ambition for getting things done. This may be your spirit’s way of letting you know that you need to slow down, take it easy, and take some time for yourself. You need to heed this feeling, because once you allow yourself some personal time and space you will begin to heal from this recent bout with melancholy. Yes, things are about to get better, and you need to recognize that even the most difficult times can get better.”  And truthfully speaking, that’s been my feeling for the past couple weeks.. Just feeling kind of dauncy.. a bit of ho-hum-ness.  but that’s ok.. I think we’re all entitled to that feeling.  I did make great use of my time by clearing emails, reading so many wonderful blogs (which I’ll be introducing them to you) and getting re-inspired – which is always a good thing!  So, thank you for bearing with me and following along.

I did muster up some desire to stop in Goodwill.  I needed to find a blanket for Ms. KoKo.. (I dare not buy one brand new – I always hit up Goodwill for her blankets and stuffed animals.. they’re only $0.25- $1.00.  I came across two cool items for my $2.00 Tuesday post..

mail holder9

A cute vintage mail holder for $0.75

and a basket planter for $1.25  – Two items.. total $2.00

The metal mail holder had a few rust spots, so I gave it a quick touch up with metallic gold paint



It’s a perfect organizer for the mail…

mail holder5

Not bad for 0.75 cents right?

mail holder6

And a planter always comes in handy.. actually I was needing one for my tropical plant.. (I’ve just been pussy-footing around going to get one… so this was perfect timing..)

Since I was painting, I decided to give it a quick new look..  I only had white and gold paints so I used them.. who knows, maybe I’ll change it later.. but not bad for $1.75

mail holder3

mail holder4

mail holder7

Remember… It’s not how much it costs, but its how you style it.. These items were definitely worth $2.00. Have you found anything you’d like to share..?  Don’t forget to hashtag #Urthriftygirlfinds so I can peep you out.  Until next time darlings!  ? Happy hunting..


Monday Mix

Hey Everyone!!!  Once again, I’m wishing you a happy, healthy and wonderful New Year!  Thanks a million for following along in 2015 and I look forward to what 2016 has in-store for us to share with one another.  For my first post of the new year, I’d like to talk about being eclectic and venturing outside the norm.  So many times, we are stuck in the mindset, “things HAVE To MATCH”.  Well it may be true for 90% of our lives, but when it comes to table settings,  I think we can break the rule- well at least I’m going to break it.. and I’ll show you how.


Many times, I’ve gone to estate sales, thrift stores, garage sales and would see a plate, saucer, or cup and love the pattern but often times, it’s not a complete set.  So, I decided to mix it up!  I found different patterns that tend to blend and decided to create my own eclectic setting.  I started with these nicely patterned placemats I stumbled across at Walmart.  I’m glad I ventured to that isle and found them.


Not bad right?  At $1.99 each and having the perfect metallic gold finish, I figured they would pull the look together.  Modern placemats mixed with thrift score dishes would create a beautiful table setting.  Next I added gold crackled charger plates, which were $3.00 for the set of six at Goodwill. Then, I layered the plates and here is the finished look.


I love soft floral pattern dishes and by using pastel blends of similar looks I was able to mix pieces for a cohesive style.  The dinner plates were about $1.50 ea, the bread plates were between $0.50-$0.75 ea, the brass napkin rings were found at Goodwill for $0.59 each and never used.  The white linen napkins belonged to my grandmother.


Also featured in my setting are limoges bone dishes, which are rare items to find and they blend with the floral patterns.  Limoges is a delicate fine bone china made in Limoges, France and began being manufactured in the late 18th century.  You can read more about its history here.  At the turn of the century, bone dishes were used to hold discarded chicken or fish bones, because it was considered improper to allow bones to remain on your main plate as it appeared to be an unsightly mess (the Victorians were very neat), henceforth, the use of the bone dish.


I also found the crystal (dumbbell shape) knife rests years ago and purchased them from an antique shop.  Knife rests are rarely used these days, but they are very handy when eating.  They offer a more convenient place to rest your knife while not in use, instead of leaning it on your plate.  Lastly, the gold flatware was a wedding gift.  Hard to believe I’ve had them almost 30 years.


As you see, you can create a pretty, delicately balanced table setting using thrift store and estate sale finds by mixing patterns.


The cute little place card is made of porcelain and I found the set at an antique shop about 20 years ago, when I was hosting tea parties.


This is the complete set  –  Isn’t it the cutest.. Just use a sharpie to mark on them and wipe off with water..


I finished the look with depression glassware I inherited from my grandmother.  She had a complete service for twelve with water goblets and wine glasses, plus six smaller glasses (which I used for the children), along with the pitcher, salt & pepper shakers and two serving dishes.  It’s really a nice set, so I consider myself blessed to have it.


You see how mixing patterns, styles and eras could blend together to make a beautiful setting?   Not only does it look pretty, but it also adds a bit more interest.  Have you ever mixed patterns to create a table design?  If not, would you?  If so please share – I’d love to see it.

I hope this has sparked an interest and the next time you see a pretty plate, get it and build on it to create your own blend of tableware.


I hope you enjoyed my Mix It Up tableware?  If so, let me know….  As always, remember, beauty doesn’t have to be costly.    Thanks for reading and until next time..  Smooches!