Summer Breeze

Hey there!  Today was an extremely “stay off my feet day” and do little as possible. The 49-mile two day yard sale we had was a great success and everyone looks forward to next year.   My twin sister, sister-n-law, and aunt came down for the for event and we had a wonderful time.. busy, but wonderful.  I’ll post pictures of some of the items we had for sell.   After everyone left,  as I sat back, kicked my feet up to relax in my “Rest Haven” I conjured up the desire to share my down time with you.  It was a beautiful day, the weather was perfect and made me think of the Isley Brothers -Summer Breeze when the sweet smell of jasmine passed through my senses as the wind blew gentle breezes to break the heat.  I thought back how my pallet project was well worth the sweat that day.  The summer chill-out spot went through a slight re-do.   Last year’s rainy weather made me realize I need to lift my set off the ground.  I searched for inspiration pictures and found this:

Of course having this type of flooring requires professional installation.. so I used the thrifty way to accomplish my look..  Pallets!! Free Pallets!! at that.   I laid them to fit the space, purchased a few luan boards and nailed them down to create a flat surface.

Got the boards hammered down and began to re-decorate the area.  It’s time to take a tour of my “She Rest Haven” … sit back , relax and enjoy it with me, while imagining the sweet smell of jasmine in your mind.

I found decorative  hanging tealight holders at Ross for $6.99 and they add a special bohemian touch to the space.

I painted the Rest Haven sign because I realized it just wasn’t feminine enough for me –  see it here.

Did a bit of re-arranging of the furniture

The palm tree plant gives it a more tropical feel.  The glass hurricane was a Goodwill find for $6.50 and the rose balls, I had for years, added the right pink palette touch to the table.


I used the last bit of seashells from the yard sale find to create my seashell “K”

Using scrap fabric to make accent pillows kept last year’s re-do very cost effective

I love mixing animal print with flowers

The bar cart is getting ready for drinks

The candle holder – a forgotten item packed away-was going to be sold at the yard sale.   I’m so glad I decided to keep it..  I wanted $8.00.. The person offered me $5.00 – I said for $5.00 I’ll keep it.. – so .. I kept it.. found my animal print candles for it and voila … love it..


A warm sunlight glow is always perfect



Ahhhhhh…….. do you feel the relaxation here????

The $0.50 painted wine glasses will be used to serve drinks outdoors

The raised floor really makes the space feel more like an outdoor room.  Just a few more touches to the surrounding area and this baby will be finished and ready for the Chillaxing to begin!

Thank you for tuning in to join me with my summer breeze – I hope you enjoyed it and look forward to your summer breeze moments..  See you soon   🙂

Peace…  Love… and Bright Moments …

Make Me Over Monday -Part 4

Hello there!! I hope all is well with everyone…I’ve had a productive week and got quite a bit accomplished.  I’m in the midst of preparing for our town’s big 49-mile yard sale.. I hope the weather holds up because it’s going to be a lot to shop for.   So, if you’re interested.. by all means come pay us a visit.   Well, I have a fantastic makeover to show you today..I really like how it turned out..   I’ve had this bistro set for about 14 years.  I was going to sell it at the yard sale but decided not to – glad I didn’t.   Here is the table.. before

The chairs are equally bad.   The bad weather mixed with birds took its toll on them. The set is vintage wrought iron.  I adore scrolled wrought iron.. that’s what attracted me to the set.


I decide to paint the set and give it a whole new look.  I could’t make up my mind as to what color to paint so..I chose a two-tone color.

I was going to attempt to do the cushions myself, but I realize my short comings  and a seamstress – I am not- so I recruited my dear friend Sylvia, of  S&A Alterations, who happens to be the local seamstress.   She saw the fabric I chose and was excited about my selection.  She got right to working on them and by the end of the week she was calling to say she was finished.  She delivered them (talk about fantastic service ) and we both were excited how they came out.  All though she refused to take a picture.. I talked her into it.. Thank you Sylvia!!!   🙂    You’re the best!!

Got the cushions all screwed in and here is the finished new look!!  Get ready to get excited…    🙂   I think you’e going to like it..  as for me… I LOVE IT!!!


So you see why I chose two-tone paint for the chairs…


I’m sooooooo glad I chose to keep it..

So… what’cha think????    Holla at your Thrifty Gal – If you like it, let me know it – clap your hands !!!  “CLAP, CLAP”



Weekend: Music and Projects

Hello everyone, it’s been a few days and yes, your thrifty girl took a break from posting. But unfortunately not a break from home-work. Chores, chores, and more chores..  but it’s all good.  The hubby was away at a golf tournament for the weekend and that meant I got to play my music all day and as long as I like..yipppeee.. (he’s a TV person so I always respect him and either turn it  down or off when he comes in to relax) because I tend to turn the volume up when the music’s getting good.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous here – I couldn’t decide whether to do indoor or outdoor projects.. So.. I did a little of both.  I got up and chose the music for the weekend and Lou Rawls was first to go in the carousel (and I chose 4 more that consists of compilations of all old school r&b)  but I’ll stop there because I could go on & on about music.  Lady Love was one of those treasured songs between me & hubby and it stuck with me.  Of course over the years many more have touched our hearts but this was on my mind this weekend.   Besides there are so many good songs on this entire cd – I love it.

First on the list… laundry and the Laundry area.. Pet hair – everywhere.   Time for Diamond to keep her big butt outside.. diamod

Got that area swept and cleaned up and it’s back to normal


Next on the list – Front Porch – sweep the winter away along with the pollen and cob webs.. and begin prepping it for pretty.  Took time to paint these items to give them a fresh look.  The sedum in this pot grows so nicely.  The little black table became copper and the flower pot has a pink/copper new look



It’s fresher look is most welcoming


Old man winter did it’s damage to my Agave plants.. I’m really upset over losing them.. I’ve had them for quite a few years, but I guess they couldn’t hang in there.   Well have to say good-bye to them – sniff sniff.  🙁


I did a quick look around at the flower beds and everything else is coming back beautifully – so it didn’t too much damage.  Weeding the beds are my next week projects.. but they are looking quite good for me to not have done anything to them.  Thank God for perennials.

Next on the list was to finish potting more of my herbs.  I bought a variety of them and need to get them potted.  The herbal cart turned out very well and I needed another stand for some more pots.  I found this inside my storage area

And decided to revamp it with some spray paint as well, along with more flower pots.  I’ve got more herbs to have cooking fun with

Last but not least, my  back door needed a fresh coat of paint real bad.. The scuff marks were “not” coming off.  So, I gave up scrubbing and pulled out the paint brush.   I’m so glad I did it because it looks much better.


Well (in the mere words of Bugs Bunny) that’s all folks!   I hope you had a wonderful and productive weekend too!  Feel free to share your story with me.. I’d love to hear about it.  I also hope you enjoyed listening to Lou.




Progress Made

In the midst of clearing papers, I came across some old photos of my yard.  Boy have I made some serious progress over the years. When we first moved into the house I really knew nothing about gardening.  I was a city girl and loved looking at beautiful landscapes but while living in Jersey, I didn’t do any yard work.  When we moved to S.C.  the yard had a clean slate and I figure I’d let my imagination take over.  I have to admit – I’d forgotten how dull and lifeless the yard was, but after looking back at all the hard work put into it, these pictures made me realize how much progress I really made over the years.   Perusing countless garden magazines proved to be worthwhile in helping to inspire me.  Just thought I’d share my progress made with you…   (try not to laugh at the before too much).  My husband preferred it that way because it was easy to cut the grass (mind you he hated moving what little objects there were..)












By gradually taking each section at a time progress was made.. so you know alot of gardening therapy took place out here.  The back breaking agony I went through was all worth it.   The best part about the beds is they’re 80% perennials.  Yes,  I learned real quick over the years to get garden smart.  🙂   So much progress was made and yet – more to still make.  Thankfully I have you to follow along with me to share the journey.   TTYL,

Porch Dreaming

There’s something special about a porch. As I sit and watch the cars ride by, people taking strolls, sipping on the beverage of the day, thoughts just pondering in my head. Sometimes, I’ll have music playing and other times, just sit and listen to the nature sounds. A butterfly may whisker by, a bee my come buzzing, but I have to realize, I’m sharing their space so I’ll leave them alone as long as they leave me alone :). Creating the perfect outdoor space can have my mind flowing in so many directions. My porch is the next outdoor space I’m working to create. Summertime is approaching and that means the porch is getting some attention. I found some inspiration photos to get the ball rolling in my mind. Hope theses help you to create the perfect porch for you.

I like having the outdoor curtains flowing in the air.. They bring a bit of softeness to the porch..

The painted floors on these porches give them an inviting look


Deciding on a bench or rockers is always tough, but these two lovely porches makes a bench hands down as an easy pick